Scientist Proposes Cannibalism to “Save the Climate” on Swedish TV

Vigilant Citizen – Sept 11, 2019

Behavioral scientist Magnus Soderlund suggested that cannibalism was an answer to climate change. It’s another example of mass media rationalizing cannibalism to the masses.

The Stockholm fair recently held a “Gastro Summit” event which discussed the “future of food”. And the future of food sounds terrible. Indeed, the summit featured a seminar led by Stockholm School of Economics professor Magnus Soderlund titled “Can You Imagine Eating Human Flesh?” where cannibalism was promoted to fight climate change, greenhouse emissions, and to encourage sustainability. Some of the topics addressed during the seminar were “Is Cannibalism the solution to food sustainability in the future?” and “Are we humans too selfish to live sustainably?”
On the Swedish television channel TV4, Soderlund stated that climate change will ultimately force people to “try foods they currently wouldn’t think of eating” such as pets, insects, and human flesh. To truly take on the effects of climate change, Soderlund states that we must “awake the idea” of eating human flesh and that it should be discussed as an option in the future.

A screenshot from the TV4 broadcast featuring a disturbing image. Click to enlarge

While he believes that cannibalism is the “future of food”, he is aware that work needs to be done to address the “widespread taboo” against cannibalism and the “conservative attitudes” of the masses.
Soderlund believes that people are not cannibals due to “selfishness”. However, as an expert in behavior, he thinks that people can ultimately be “tricked” into “making the right decisions”. According to him, if people were gradually be exposed to cannibalism, the idea could become mainstream.
The scientist nuanced that he was not advocating “all-out cannibalism”, but simply the eating people that are already dead.
When asked if he would eat human flesh, he answered that he would be willing to at least taste it.
Soderlund plans to lecture more on the topic in the future. He is also looking to promote the most bone-chilling term in human history: “Mannisko-kötts branschen”. That means “the human flesh industry”.

The Cannibal Agenda

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4 responses to “Scientist Proposes Cannibalism to “Save the Climate” on Swedish TV”

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  2. Richard Fleischer’s “Soylent Green” movie tells the story of New York in the year 2022, when the population has reached a fantastic 80 million. The people live in the streets and line up for their rations of Soylent Green which is discovered at the end of the movie to be made from human bodies. It is always those who buy into Malthus and our so-called limited means to sustain ourselves, who ignore real scientific progress and who are really most anxious to reduce populations. They create one fake crisis after another to gain that control.

    It is not surprising that Sweden, which is another nation which has lost its mainly Christian-based culture and has so radically severed sexuality from marriage and child rearing, cannot even sustain its own population without massive immigration. It is also not surprising that bankster owned-and-controlled Sweden and the brainwashed Swedes will be used for yet another social experiment such as eating their own kind, and then used as an example of “progress” for other bankster-controlled Western nations to impose on us.

  3. It will only save the world and the human race; : if we eat from the top down,
    starting with the elite, then the Banking cabal, working on to, political parties and Zionists, —
    then the self proclaimed academic’s, and not forgetting the flat earthers,
    along with the idiot political correct brigade, and the clowns that believe there are more than two genders.
    Only then, Man and woman will be free from the idiots, and the human race will have been saved,
    but we must make sure, we have eaten all these creatures (who are not really human) into non-existence;
    For only then; humanity can prosper and be free, reverting back to living of the land -as God intended.

  4. The Socialism’s bug & the loss of a country’s soul
    Isn’t this a blatant demonstration of a country, like Sweden today, that since Socialism has been the philosophy [but call it under other names] of successive governments in power, since the’60, was the real cause of their loss of individuality, morals and ethics, In other words: Sweden lost its soul, and this thanks to Socialism [aka Communism].