Another 911 anniversary accompanied by the sound of silence

Irish Savant – Sept 10, 2019

So yet another 911 anniversary is on us and the twenty ton elephant in the room continues to be studiously avoided.  Here are just two items of evidence which prove the official explanation to be utterly false and which shine a laser on the real culprits.
The ‘dancing Israelis‘. These were self-confessed Mossad agents who, in their own words, were present that day to ‘record the event’. Self-evidently this means that they knew it was going to happen. They knew it was going to happen. Yet they warned nobody.
WTC 7. No serious scientist or engineer believes that a few small fires could have brought this steel-framed building down in free-fall. Be that as it may, Larry Silverstein openly admitted in a TV interview that he gave the order to ‘pull it’ (a phrase synonymous with ‘demolish’ in the construction industry).Self-evidently the building had to have already been rigged for demolition.
There’s a mountain of additional evidence to fatally undermine the official report on the attacks but the two I cited unequivocally prove it to be false. Yet the ‘dancing Israelis’ were allowed return to Israel with no attempt ever being made to extradite them while Silverstein was never even pulled in for questioning about his bizarre admission.
What this demonstrates is the staggering and terrifying power of ZOG. The United States doesn’t have even the pretence of being an independent country.


2 responses to “Another 911 anniversary accompanied by the sound of silence”

  1. Yet many people believe Trump the billionaire crypto jew is on Americas side.
    Both Hillary Clinton’s daughter and Trumps daughter married Jews…..this tells you his “lock her up” election slogan was pure theatre.

  2. The massive central columns of the twin towers, {with steel members up to 5 inches thick} just vanished. There is a photo of the remains of the curtain walls standing around a space where the central column should have been.

    I have no idea how this was achieved, but steel is a ductile material. It will bend and stretch, but it will not fragment.

    The frightening speed with which the Patriot Act was drafted and enacted, we would be naive to not be skeptical of the official story.

    This event will be the subject of many history and engineering research theses over the coming years, and the truth will out.

    It ain’t over yet.