Israel secretly expanded its Iran fight to Iraq…

Introduction – Aug 24, 2019

Knowingly or not, Trump and his aides are setting up U.S. forces in Iraq for a “false flag” attack.
Israel recently launched strikes on warehouses in Iraq storing Iranian made munitions for its proxy, Hezbollah. A few minor adjustments and it could do the same with U.S. installations in Iraq.
It would only take a few Mossad agents dressed in Hezbollah uniforms or dressed in those of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and it could be made to look like an Iranian sponsored attack.
Iraqi commentators have already warned of just such a scenario.
While U.S. military commanders are reluctant to face Iran directly, an apparent Iranian attack on a U.S. military facility in Iraq would change that. And just like 9/11, clear answers about who was responsible might not emerge until months after the event. By which time, like stories about Saddam’s WMD, America and its allies might already be at war and it would be too late.
The following Business Insider article doesn’t use the term “false flag” or refer to Zionist efforts to lure the U.S. into a wider conflict. However, the underlying assumption that Israel wants to draw the U.S. into a wider Middle East conflict still applies. Ed.

Israel secretly expanded its Iran fight to Iraq… and it risks igniting a much larger conflict

Rick Peckerall — Business Insider Aug 23, 2019

Israel appears to have secretly expanded its fight against malign Iranian activities in the Middle East into Iraq, risking an escalation that could potentially ignite a conflict between the US and Iran.

Several weapons and ammunition depots controlled by Iraqi militias with ties to Iran have mysteriously come under attack in recent months. At least one of the attacks was carried out by Israel, a US official told The Wall Street Journal Friday, with multiple other outlets also confirming Israeli involvement. The attack is said to have killed two Iranian commanders.

Israel has launched multiple attacks in Syria and elsewhere against Iranian forces and their proxies to prevent them from setting up weaponry near Israel’s borders. The latest incident appears to mark the first known Israeli attack in Iraq since 1981, when Israeli forces destroyed the country’s Osirak nuclear reactor.

“Iran has no immunity, anywhere,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday, the AP reports. “We will act — and currently are acting — against them, wherever it is necessary.”

The US and Iran have been in a military confrontation that came to the brink of armed conflict in June, when President Donald Trump called off retaliatory strikes on Iranian missile sites that had downed a sophisticated US drone.

Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the deputy head of a collection of local Iraqi militias known as the Popular Mobilization Forces, warned this week that the US will “ultimately responsible for what happened,” and that they “have no choice but to defend ourselves and our bases with the weapons at our disposal.”

The fragile Iraqi government walked back the statement and explained that the situation is under investigation, but the parroting of a statement made by the US about Iran and its proxy forces highlights a growing danger in Iraq.

‘Any attacks on Americans in Iraq will be laid at the feet of Iran’

“The concern I have is that it is possible someone will react to these statements, that there will be a price to pay, that there will be a retaliation for this,” Douglas Silliman, the former US ambassador to Iraq, told Insider Friday.

“If PMF leaders decide that they have to punish the US for something they believe Israel has done, that puts a target on the American diplomatic presence, the easier target in Iraq, or on American and coalition forces on Iraqi bases around the country,” he explained, noting that this could lead to an increase in tension between the US and Iran.

“You have to look at the statements of the administration that any attacks on Americans in Iraq will be laid at the feet of Iran,” Silliman, who left his post as ambassador in February, said. “If it is conducted by a group that Iran has trained and sponsored and armed, this administration is likely to blame Iran.”

White House National Security Advisor John Bolton publicly warned in early May that “any attack” by Iranian forces or proxies on US interests would “be met with unrelenting force” while Secretary of State Mike Pompeo privately warned that the death of a single American at the hands of Iran or its regional proxies would be enough to trigger a military response.

President Donald Trump has threatened to “end” Iran and tweeted that “any attack by Iran on anything American will be met with great and overwhelming force.”

US lawmakers have previously expressed concerns about the possibility of escalation, despite the fact that both the US and Iran have stressed that war is not the desired outcome.

“Just because you don’t want war doesn’t mean you won’t get war,” Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy told Insider’s John Haltiwanger in May, saying that “all it takes is for one Shia militia to knock up against US forces outside Baghdad and we might be spiraling into conflict.



2 responses to “Israel secretly expanded its Iran fight to Iraq…”

  1. This could be the begin of the end of Israhell.

    Zio-Israhell is getting more and more confident in its aggression towards third parties in the world and in particular toward Iran.

    After setting up, training and instigating dead squads, drugs cartels, intimidating, chaos, wars, heinous dark local provocative actions either to steal or more power or both.

    Kaiser Nethanyahoo went lately to Ukraine, to inspect his NAZI-troops and to check the situation if they are prepared for his next move, the creation of chaos against Russian Federation. (LPR, DPR, Crimea, South Ossetia, Georgia)

    IMO, Status at the moment is:
    – destroying Iraq, Lybia and tried the same with Lebanon in the past,
    – genociding Palestinian people and steal the land and the world is sitting on the fence doing nothing then “Israel is defending itself”,
    – nuclear contamination in Japan/Fukushima with constantly dumping contaminated
    cooling waters into the Pacific Ocean, becoming an environmental disaster for the planet,
    – NATO countries under direction of Israhell try to steal Syria for their Greater Israel,
    – NATO carried out a coup d’etat in Ukraine in 2014, what a coincidance,
    – NATO declares, after her coup d’etat in Ukraine, Russia as “aggressive” and a threat to the West,
    – Israell created 25 years ago already tensions with Iran to start a war and it looks like it wants this war to let US do the fighting (Bolton, Pompeo),
    – chaos in Hong Kong,
    – a “trade war” with China,
    – Brexit for the UK exiting European Union,
    – an indecisive European Union, no backbone,
    – suddenly Japan vs Korea South disagreements,
    – pirating an Iranian oil tanker on the high seas.

    Zio-Israel is directing or and influencing these devilish action plans.

  2. So now the mask is off, it was Israel all along starting the wars against Iraq, AfghanIstan, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and now Iran. So let me understand this correctly, the Jewish Khazars moved from Eastern Europe, Poland, and Russia into already occupied Palestine, kicking out the natives and then to war against all the surrounding states.

    And why are they doing this? Are they completely insane? They believe in some words in some books. So why would any sane person leave a peaceful home state and move into a war zone? The only reason is religion.

    Obviously the Jews are insane religious zealots who can not get along with anyone.

    And they are making this long bet that the United States will continue to support them, protecting them from their aggressions. And this Trump lunatic character now says he the King of Israel.

    Somebody needs to kick Uncle Sam in the teeth and Yankee go home and then the Israelis need a taste of their own medicine. I look forward to the day Israel is bombed off the map.