Tulsi Gabbard not likely to make third Democratic debate

Tucker Carlson – Aug 23, 2019

2 responses to “Tulsi Gabbard not likely to make third Democratic debate”

  1. Just like Ron Paul, the truther candidate is being pushed aside and buried by the Jewish controlled political machinery. If you don’t kiss Jew ass you’re OUT.

    If Tulsi wants to stay in the race she needs to repent of her sins and go to Jerusalem, put on a kippah, get on her knees and beg the holy chosen ones for forgiveness.

  2. Is Tulsi Haggard a big loss?

    She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations…

    “Since 2010 the Council on Foreign Relations has acquired about a thousand new members. Their Membership Roster is now online. One notable new member is Tulsi Gabbard, described as “a decent and honorable anti-war presidential candidate”, who might possibly become President one day, if the U.S. in its ongoing quest for peak insanity does not self-destruct first.”

    The Council on Porn Relations

    The probable purpose of this demon-stration is to promote the idea, that even someone as meek and mild as Tulsi Haggard is to be considered a threat to (((THEIR SYSTEM))).

    They are shoving their bullhorn down everybody’s throat.

    Truth seekers, whistleblowers, dissidents, patriots, monetary system reformers, activists and many others are being conditioned to accept ( “nudged” would say Cass Sunstein) that they risk being targeted, demonized, demonetized, terrorized, marginalized, criminalized, penalized, sanitized, neutralized, paralyzed, hypnotized, and otherwise cannibalized. Of course, we are all to assume that (((They)) are the Almighty Chosenites….{{{ rolling my eyes }}}

    Are there any limits to a liar’s insanity? Hypocrisy? Evil?

    Evil grows with chemotherapy and vaccines
    Evil grows with chemtrails, opioids and fluorine
    Evil grows in dirty nuclear power plants
    Evil grows in Genetically Modified plants

    Evil grows with big techs
    Evil grows with big checks
    Evil grows with big government
    Evil grows to our detriment

    Evil grows from big banks
    Evil grows in stink tanks
    Evil grows in the Rot
    Evil flows from the top

    Evil grows in the Vatican
    Evil grows in repuglicans
    Evil grows in the demonrats
    Evil grows in the tecnocrats

    Evil grows in the FBI & the NSA
    Evil grows in the MI6 & the CIA
    Evil grows in the MOSSAD & Tel Aviv
    Evil grows into 9/11 to deceive

    Evil grows into a colossal police state
    With meals at one hundred thousand dollars a plate
    Evil grows and steals all, at extremely high cost
    Evil grows into a nuclear holocaust

    The Death of the Pacific

    Where Evil Grows