Can the Bavar 373 Handle U.S. Airpower?

News Commentary – Aug 23, 2019

The Bavar 373. Click to enlarge

It has been a long time coming, nearly nine years in fact, but this week Iran unveiled the production version of the long awaited Bavar 373. Work began on the long-range air defence system in 2010, when it looked as if Russia might not deliver the S-300 air defence system, which had been ordered and paid for in 2007.
That dispute, largely caused by UN mandated arms embargoes, has since been resolved and the S-300 was delivered in 2016. Nonetheless, work on the development of the indigenous Bavar 373 continued. With long-standing adversaries, the U.S. and Israel, heavily reliant on advanced air power, such as cruise missiles and strike aircraft, Tehran desperately wanted an advanced air defence system.
While the S-300 was and still is very capable it has been superseded by the S-400. This explains why Iran continued to develop the Bavar 373. In the field of military technology no one can rest on their laurels without an enemy taking advantage, and according to Iran’s President Rouhani, the Bavar 373 is now “better than S-300 and close to S-400.”
We think that is a fairly accurate assessment. The Bavar 373 has a longer range than the S-300 at 300kms and a maximum effective altitude of up to 27kms. It can track one hundred potential targets simultaneously and engage six at a time.

Commander of the Aerospace Division of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Amir Ali Hajizadeh looks at debris from a downed US drone in Tehran on June 21, 2019. Click to enlarge

Readers will also have noted the U.S. drones that have been shot down recently by Iran or its allies. In June the Iranian Revolutionary Guards shot down a U.S. Global Hawk drone while a few days ago Tehran’s armed and equipped Houthi allies shot down another U.S. drone in Yemen.
Of course there’s a big difference between drones and cruise missiles and advanced fighter jets. Nonetheless, this all indicates a steady improvement in the capabilities of Iran’s air defences.
Furthermore, it cannot be stressed enough that Iran is not remotely like Iraq in 2003. Tehran watched the invasion and the West’s reliance on its total air superiority and ever since it has been working hard to remedy deficiencies in its own air defences.
The Bavar 373 is the result of that, along with numerous other locally developed air defence systems – long, medium and short range – together with a variety of different radar systems. Combined, they contribute to a national air defence network that would confront any Western air campaign against Iran.
Of course the billion-dollar question is: would it be able to repel a coordinated Western air campaign against Iran, like the one that brought regime change to Iraq? The answer to that is it already has, without firing a shot.
The U.S. has yet to launch a concerted air campaign against Iran. Largely, we suspect, because U.S. military commanders know they would pay a heavy price in men and equipment.
Sure, the U.S. could still launch air strikes on Iran and some might be successful, but only some. In the process the U.S. would probably suffer losses, maybe more than in Vietnam. This would sap the morale of highly trained pilots and take its toll of America’s sophisticated and very expensive warplanes.
This could easily blunt any U.S. air campaign against Iran and maybe even stop it in its tracks. Because without total air superiority any U.S. campaign on the ground or at sea would grind to a halt too. Meaning that any U.S. military campaign against Iran would end in stalemate, at best, or face the real possibility of defeat.

The Bavar 373 air defence system. Click to enlarge

America’s military commanders know this. That’s why we think they will argue against direct confrontation and press for the use of more underhand tactics i.e.: the use of proxies, sanctions, and economic leverage etc. rather than a direct military attack.
Whether Trump will still listen is another matter entirely. He’s not a soldier, he’s a businessman and he’s totally in the thrall of Zionist warmongers. Such as his closest foreign policy aides John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, both of who are pressing for military confrontation with Iran.
Of course, neither of them will be anywhere near the frontline should that happen.
America is on the path to war with Iran. It has been for years now, stealthily getting closer to Iran’s borders, building alliances with third parties or creating proxies like ISIS. Right now America is in the process of forming a naval coalition, ostensibly to police the Straits of Hormuz, although we suspect the eventual aim is to impose some sort of naval blockade around Iran.
That’s probably the next step in a Zionist instigated plan to increase pressure on Iran, incrementally, until it cracks. At least that’s the plan but things could still go badly awry. For instance, Iran could block the Straits of Hormuz in retaliation. Or alternatively, seeing impending confrontation with Iran looming America could back down. Readers will note that while Washington’s warmongers are full of threats and bluster, the U.S. military seems averse to direct confrontation with Iran.
Readers will also note recent U.S. moves against Iran have been tentative and exploratory. As if the U.S. military had lost its nerve for a full on confrontation with Iran.
In the meantime we suspect that U.S. military commanders are watching with dismay as Iran prepares for what many Iranians view as an inevitable military clash with the “Great Satan”. Even as Tehran forges stronger ties with Putin’s Russia.
All in all it’s a recipe for disaster, for both Iran and the U.S.

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  1. The Americans know this which is why mr pastry lookalike John Bolton was in london
    he offered the UK favoured trading nation status if we stand in the front line on the attack on iran.
    But British soldiers have already said they are very unhappy at fighting any more wars for israel.
    Another factor is the british people know that while the IRA was doing bomb attacks and shooting people at randon it was on american donated money, plus, more British soldiers were killed in iraq by american incompetence that those they were there to fight
    There was also the horrendous publicity over men being snatched off the street and subjected to vile treatment by the US/israeli torture program
    IN SHORT if israel wants this war so bad let them fight it themselves

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