Iran’s S-300 equivalent air defense system enters service (VIDEO) – The Syrian Reporters – Aug 20, 2019

A protoype of Iran’s Bavar 373 was first unveiled in August 2016. Click to enlarge

Iranian military officials have announced the deployment of the country’s locally-made S 300 equivalent air defense system for its armed forces – the so-called Bavar 373.

The events leading up to the finalized production and deployment of the Bavar 373, which has been nicknamed ‘the Iranian S 300’ has been some time in the making with an interesting story behind it all.

The Bavar 373 began being developed by Iran when it became suspicious that Russia would not deliver twelve S 300 systems which had been ordered and payed-for in advance (Russia citing an arms embargo on Iran).

Russia eventually delivered the ordered S 300 systems after Iran threatened to sue, however, according to some Iranian military officials, by that time the Bavar 373 was beginning its trials and the armed forces had lost their initial enthusiasm for the S 300 in comparison to their expectations for the new locally-made air defense system.

Iran’s Press TV news network has released a brief info-video on the Bavar 373, available to watch below.

Some Russian analysts have even argued that the Bavar 373 exceeds the capabilities of the S-300PMU-2 (the latest export version of the system currently available on the arms market) in certain area including stealth aircraft detection and tracking.


Bavar-373 Display and Launch Footage

IranGeoMil – Aug 20, 2019

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