Images show Iran satellite launch looms despite US criticism

Introduction – Aug 19, 2019

Satellite view of the Imam Khomeini Space Center

Judging from the language in the responses that follow – like “Gee” (a quintessentially American term) and references to weather satellites that “we” launched – many of the responses to this report are from Americans. That being so they reveal that readers are not buying the standard Washington/corporate media story regarding the U.S. and Iran.
In other words, Trump’s posturing over Iran is winning Tehran support in, of all places, the U.S. itself. We can only hope that this is part of a wider awakening although we suspect, for the time being, that it will remain fairly limited for now, at least. Ed.

Images show Iran satellite launch looms despite US criticism

Jon Gambrell – Associated Press Aug 18, 2019

Iran appears to be preparing another satellite launch after twice failing this year to put one in orbit, despite U.S. accusations that the Islamic Republic’s program helps it develop ballistic missiles.

Satellite images of the Imam Khomeini Space Center in Iran’s Semnan province this month show increased activity at the site, as heightened tensions persist between Washington and Tehran over its collapsing nuclear deal with world powers.

While Iran routinely only announces such launches after the fact, that activity coupled with an official saying a satellite would soon be handed over to the country’s Defense Ministry suggests the attempt will be coming soon.

“The Imam Khomeini space launch center is usually quite empty,” said Fabian Hinz, a researcher at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California. “Now we’ve seen pictures where you can see activities at this assembly center and something happening at the (launch) pad.”

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19 hours ago

Iran keeps developing advanced systems when under pressure. Trump has made Iran more powerful. When they sensed imminent war, their scientists refused to sleep. They’ve succeeded in developing a complete domestic defense system to protect their country. They have walked past UK and many European countries in a high tech. This is scary for their opponents but good for the region.

23 hours ago

FACT: Iran is the only country in the region and much of the world with (almost) complete domestic defense industry. It has made impressive advancements in nuclear, laser-guided, ballistic, cruise, sam, stealth, drone… technologies. Sure, it may not be state-of-art US-made, but the fact that Iran has mastered the know-how means it can upgrade, enhance, modify and mass produce. Something only a few countries can.

18 hours ago

Resolution 2231 which mainly supported the JCPOA DOES NOT state Iran should not undertake activity related to ballistic missiles. It merely states they should refrain from such activity.
1. Every country should be allowed to defend themselves
2. Iran could have had nuclear capable missiles that could hit the US by now. They chose not to.
3. As IAEA and the P5+1 and EU have said Iran is not seeking a nuke.
4. Trump nuked the deal and the P5+1 (minus US) are afraid of sanctions if they comply with the JCPOA. The deal is effectively dead.
5. We should be worrying more about North Korea which has nukes, and the missiles to reach us and has threatened to do so.

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the US *also* needs to remember that the peaceful use of space is a right guaranteed to all nations under UN treaty too. but hey, we *are* talking about Trump here, and he’s infamous for *never* reading *anything* that doesn’t please him.


we had thousands of satellites in orbit and we complain about them launching one

22 hours ago

Gee, if the anyone has a problem with them doing what is PERFECTLY WITHIN THEIR RIGHTS TO DO, then maybe they should stop supporting a president that walked out a deal that would have kept things in a better framework.


Good for Iran. I wish them the best of luck in their space endeavors, as I would for anyone else.


Good job Iran. You are setting a fine example for all freedom loving independent nations in the world.


Let me guess . This information was provided by our “good friends ” in Israel


good for Iran, communications satellite, good luck.


I liked when Iran was actually abiding by a deal made by an actual president.

21 hours ago

My fellow Americans,

1. The Trump administration screwed up BIG TIME, when Trump decided to withdraw from the nuclear agreement between Iran, Europe, Russia, China, Germany, France, Britain, UN, etc. . .

2. As it stands right now, the USA doesn’t not have a seat at the table NOR the right to talk or inspect Iran nuclear facilities.

3. It’s very clear that Iran has successfully mastered Ballistic missile technology and has successfully launched many satellites and space missions.

4. Since Iran has already enriched uranium to 20%:purity levels and Iran is building its own centrifuges, it’s clear that Iran is now UNSTOPPABLE if it wants a nuke… regardless of any sanctions that the Trump administration is making against Iran…

5. Obama and the Europeans knew that Iran has mastered the nuclear fuel cycle and decided to work with China and Russia and Germany and the UN to ,slow down the Iran nuclear ambitions in order to engage with the Iranians…

6. Let’s be clear: Iran has mastered the nuclear cycle. Iran has built some 19,000 centrifuges. Iran has money. Iran has 1000’s of smart nuclear scientists. Iran can buy nukes from North Korea. Iran has China and Russia helping them with technical details and weapons.

7. Most importantly, Iran has already mastered Ballistic missiles that can reach Israel and Europe…

8. Basically, Iran doesn’t give a flip what Trump, Israel, or Saudi Arabia dictatorship think…

9. So, anyone wants to volunteer to invade Iran and its 80 million Iranian citizens?

10. I heard that the Iranian people will greet the invading American soldiers with cookies, Falafel, Shish Kabab, Pistachios, and Scooby snacks while waving American Flags that say “We Love America”.. Military recruiters are waiting for you. College will be free…



There is nothing wrong with going to orbit. And remember: only great nations can do it, and Iran is one of them. So, folks, let’s respect great civilization!


What? Do you mean all of those ‘weather satellites’ we used to launch in the 1960s and ’70s were really just ballistic missile tests?



23 hours ago

Is space limited to US only?

22 hours ago

None of our business any more….


It’s not our job to continue spending Trillions and earning ever more enemies in wars and defenses of criminal and belligerent state of Israel. We’ve never gotten a cent in return, only claims by Israel that they’ve achieved military and economical successes on their own.


Irans CONSTITUTION says they must have a WELL ARMED MILITIA, so they can arm themselves with whatever weapons they want … Just like America.


America has no right telling other countries that they cant develop Rockets or Weapons.


2 responses to “Images show Iran satellite launch looms despite US criticism”

  1. That’s sad that the only why to be respected as a nation is if you have the weapons. If you have no defense it seems that you are open to invasion and your country will bent over backwards. Before people disliked Iran now that they have some big exploding dildos to ram up anyone’s arse they are respected. Well done Iran.

  2. Don’t forget that Moscow and Tehran have cemented their alliance in the War on Terror.

    Russia will take Hormuz and the Gulf, dominate the region militarily thanks to Trump

    Also, don’t forget that Plutonymus Maximus is supplying Iran with “Genius Bombs” to help them defeat the Moronican terrorists. According to horses, who asked to remain anonymous, this is a real game changer!

    Plutonymus Maximus Ready to Deliver Genius Bombs to Iran