Media promote Satan worshipers as ‘voice of reason and humanism’ against Christians

Natural News – Aug 17, 2019

A statue of baphomat that the satanic temple had wanted placed in the Oklahoma State Capitol grounds. Click to enlarge

The film industry and mainstream media are now openly promoting Satan worship as being admirable and heroic, and the documentary Hail Satan? is receiving glowing press coverage as a result.

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The Satanic Temple, with the assistance of lawfare from anti-Christian leftist special interest groups like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), has re-branded itself as a religion and now are aggressively intruding on the public square.

While Christians are told to bake cakes celebrating sodomites and hand innocent children over to degenerates against their religious beliefs, Satanists are allowed to proclaim their support for the dark lord in public spaces – as the complete inversion of the notion of religious liberty is at hand.The Guardian honors the satanists for their “prankster sensibility” as their organization attacks the foundations of civil society, and adds to the malady of what is already the world’s most persecuted religion.

“It became very apparent that there was a real need for what we were doing,” said Lucien Greaves, who works as the Satanic Temple’s spokesman.

“More and more, they try to whittle away the rights of others and define us as a Christian nation, to the extent that religious liberty applies to them alone. That’s just a scary circumstance for us to be in,” he added.

In actuality, more “rights” are being invented out of whole cloth than ever before by liberal bureaucrats and judges at the expense of the majority. The Satanic Temple is organizing to exacerbate that process, kicking Christians while they’re down.

As usual, the Satan worshipers claim they really don’t worship the dark lord as they attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting public.

“The metaphor of Satan is just as important to a lot of us as it would be to anybody who takes it literally because we grew up in a Judeo-Christian culture,” Greaves said.

“It really does speak to us in a very pointed and poignant way about our place in our culture and what our affirmative values are … and, of course, it defines what we oppose: these kinds of theocratic norms and authoritarian structures,” he added.

Greaves has made clear that his Satan-worship cult is firmly opposed to President Donald Trump, and his group is subverting his push to defend Christianity in the country that they originally made great.

“We’re obviously on the defensive now,” said Greaves, “and it’s a frightening state of affairs in the US when you have a clearly deranged theocrat like Mike Pence as vice-president and a buffoon like Trump in office, and they’re willing to pander to their evangelical nationalist base.”

He, as is typical of opponents of the President, played the victim despite his organization’s hostile assault on Christianity.

“What you don’t see,” he said, “is when I was walking up to the podium, there were a bunch of people with guns loitering about, and they wanted me to know they were there. I ended up speaking with my back to them, which was rather harrowing. I’m kind of puzzled as to why nobody did take a shot, but that was a very clear possibility.”

Hail Satan? will debut in the United Kingdom on Aug. 23, as the sick liberals of the fake news media give credit to these creeps for ” trying to stop” Trump’s dark age.

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3 responses to “Media promote Satan worshipers as ‘voice of reason and humanism’ against Christians”

  1. Jesus isn’t joking at John 8:44 in telling the Jews they are the children of the devil.

  2. Christians are portrayed as innocent lily white people. But what are they really? Most of them are sympathetic to Jews and Israel. Almost every Christian supports the state and the rule of law and in fact the Bible commands them so. So if you take a look at the modern state and how completely evil it is, then Christians are supporting evil. So why play this game that Satan worshippers are the evil ones. What about the Christians?

    Satan worshippers are just as bad, firstly they are supporting the concepts in the Bible like the devil Satan. The only place Satan is sourced is the Bible, so if you support “Satan” you are tacitly supporting the Bible God. Same for Christians, if you are a believing Christian who believes in “God” then you must also believe in the “Anti-God”. This duality, is, of course, just theological nonsense based on their conundrum of believing in a good god, so to explain evil they pin it on the devil. This convenient duality is how the west constructs reality.

    No one has ever told you that worshipping God is just as insane as worshipping the antigod. And it’s not like Yahweh is some good God, he is an evil warmongering psychopath. And if we add up the deaths in the Bible, God is dong nearly all the killing. God kill count is 2 million and Satan is like 10 or 12.

    Christians believe God to be good and Satan bad. This is simplistic nonsense since God created the angels that went bad, and since God is omniscient He knew it would happen beforehand. So if you think about it, God created evil with the act of creation. The Buddha says all life is suffering, so with that observation God created life that suffers. How evil is that? Why create life at all if it suffers?

    For us outside the insanity of religion, Christianity and Satanism are in the same boat. All religion is really about political power, and those people who support the state and law are enslaving us all with their beliefs. What right does anyone have in voting and then allowing the evil state to use force in enforcing the will of the rich?

    I suggest you all watch Larkin Rose famous treatise that voting is most evil thing you can do, and Christians are the biggest voting block.

  3. In the 1950s or before, when Christianity still had significant influence in the USA, murder, rape, robbery, violent crime rates, were only a tiny fraction of what they are now.

    Mass shootings, perversion, homosexuality, dirty XX movies, divorce, abortions, race riots, were rare or non-existent.

    The gross evil that has replaced Christianity since the fifties demonstrates with absolute certainty that Christianity is far better than the anti-christ alternatives.

    The claim that devil worship, atheism, and such evil that has replaced Christianity, is as good or better than Christianity is like claiming worst is best. It’s so absurd that no sane person can honestly believe it.