Makow Epiphany — I am an Egotistical Person — Aug 13, 2019

The recent death of an acquaintance due to cancer made me ask, “why couldn’t I have been her friend?”

by Henry Makow PhD

Marijuana is legal in Canada. It gets me out of my ego. Last night, I had an epiphany:
I talk the talk but I don’t walk the walk. Not sure I want to. 

Not Pat

When I published my first collection, Cruel Hoax – Feminism and the NWO in 2007, a “Pat Oliver” from Toronto sent $20 for a copy. She was the first person to buy the book and it meant a lot to me.
I wasn’t sure whether this was a man or woman. Turns out “Pat Oliver” was a tiny Chinese woman in her late 70’s.
Pat got into the routine of correcting my articles — typos and spelling mistakes etc. To thank her, I would take her out for dinner whenever I was in Toronto. Often we’d end up in a noisy Chinese restaurant on Dundas St. and I could hardly hear her.
My spellcheck got better and she wasn’t needed as often. I asked her to proofread one of my books but she haggled over the hourly rate, and I decided not to bother. I think she was sore about that for a while.
She had had a storied life in China and Malaysia. Worked as a secretary in Montreal. Moved to Toronto. Heavily committed to traditional Catholicism. Followed the conspiracy. Tried to wake up her Jewish doctors and friends without much success. Liked to attend the Jewish film festival each year.
She lived alone. Not sure if she ever married or had kids. Early on, she said in an email, “You’re nobody unless somebody loves you.” 
She came down with cancer. Last May, I was in Toronto and emailed asking if she were well enough to dine out.  She wasn’t. I asked if she needed anything. It was a cold rainy day and I didn’t really want to go to her apartment in the sticks. She said she had provisions, and she and her apartment were a mess. I would have gone had she asked.
She was near the end of her road. It’s amazing how lacking in compassion toward the aged we are considering we’re all going to be in that difficult position. Maybe that’s the reason. We’re all grains in the sands of time.
A few weeks later, she said she was going to the hospital. I wanted to say, I will always remember you, but did not want to diminish her hope. I haven’t heard from her since and assume she died. She would have been about 87.
I wonder if she had any close friends. Is there an agency that looks after her stuff and settles the estate? We just disappear and orphan our possessions.



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  1. I could not leave an Email on Henry Makow’s Site, I only wanted to say that many of us sometimes wish to comfort people that help us just as a way of saying thank you, But who in the Hell are we to make judgements either way of peoples character, There is only about a Handful of People in the World who are pure in mind Body And Spirit and Henry and Myself are not in that Group.