The Wing Coven – Familiar Faces – Now called Spaces

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It is time for Christians to fully understand what and who is not only working against us but how well funded they are in this spiritual war. AND they have the PR machine behind them . . WAKE UP AMERICA.

The Wing article is a project that three investigators began several months ago. We independently came to the conclusion there was a significant plan by a known witches coven to go mainstream. And, not just ‘go mainstream,’ but to create a platform so big that it would take hold across the nation. And, bring millions of women into their fold. How?


  • Women empowerment
  • Business development
  • Fellowship
  • Academia
  • Creative Arts
  • Hip, Slick, and Cool
  • Educational
  • Informative


  • Effect change for future elections
  • “Since 2016, The Wing aims to carry on the traditions, values, and spirit of the women’s club movement. We stand on the shoulders of the women who paved the way.”
  • Networking at the highest level of politics, Hollywood, fashion, business
  • With 75million in new funding chapters are opening up across the U.S. in time for the 2020 elections *investors include Valerie Jarrett AND Megan Rapinoe . .
  • IMPACT: The Wing is committed to living our mission through partnerships with local non-profits, and a scholarship program that offers free memberships to individuals whose work supports the advancement of marginalized women and girls.”
  • The Wing provides a platform for elected officials at the local, state, and national levels to connect with members and discuss key political issues. During election cycles, our spaces host community town halls and happy hours in support of women candidates on the campaign trail. The Wing is also committed to ensuring that every eligible member is registered to vote.

When is a Coven not a Coven?

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5 responses to “The Wing Coven – Familiar Faces – Now called Spaces”

  1. Unless she went to the University of Texas, that hand sign is the sign of the Devil. It is not easily made, nor is it made by accident. May I suggest it is showing its true colors, and should not just return to the closet, but may better serve locked in a safe. If one wishes to see just how many politicians, and celebraties are known to do this, just search for it, and you will be shocked.

  2. They are already quite advanced in American society and communities of all kind of education levels, they have no shame anymore in hiding IMO their satanic activities.

    Since Comrade Bush organised his “new world order” conference in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro the world is going down in fast pace and will end into the gutter if we do nothing.
    Many people are sleepwalking not seeing what is happening and they are doing to us.

    The zio Israelis are quite advanced in conquering America, their second big prey after stolen land of Palestine. The final goal is ruling the planet by “The Chosen Ones”.

    And most Americans believe Israel are the good guys and the rest of us are the enemy.

  3. Thanks for the link and the traffic, guys!

  4. Eww, that is one ugly dude in the photo. Wait…what…that’s a female?

    @ skipNclair I was thinking the same thing; that fugly dike better have gone to Univ. of Texas, or that’s a telling gesture otherwise…

  5. By the way, I encourage readers here to click on the “Continues…” link at the bottom of this piece to go to the full story…very interesting stuff.