Netanyahu warns Iran it is within range of Israeli air strikes, citing Iranian threats

Reuters – July 9, 2019

Israeli F-35. Click to enlarge

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cautioned Iran on Tuesday that it is within range of Israeli air strikes, citing what he described as Iranian threats to destroy Israel.

“Iran recently has been threatening Israel’s destruction,” Netanyahu said at an Israeli air force base, where he viewed a squadron of advanced U.S.-built F-35 warplanes.

“It should remember that these planes can reach anywhere in the Middle East, including Iran, and certainly Syria,” he said in a YouTube video clip filmed at the base, with an F-35 in the background.

Last week, a senior Iranian parliamentarian was quoted by the semi-official Mehr news agency as saying that if the United States attacked Iran, Israel would be destroyed in half an hour.

Israel has long said that every option is on the table in ensuring that Iran does not develop a nuclear weapon, and has backed pledges to prevent Iranian military entrenchment in Syria by carrying out air strikes there.

Tehran denies seeking nuclear arms.


Iran vows ‘crushing response’ to Netanyahu’s F-35 attack threat

Press TV – July 12, 2019

Iran has vowed a “crushing response” to any violation of the country’s sovereignty after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened to attack the Islamic Republic with F-35 stealth fighter jets.

“Any enemy which seeks to violate the sovereignty of the Islamic Republic of Iran, be it at any level, will receive a decisive and crushing response it shall regret,” Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said Friday.

The Iranian defense minister singled out a recent comment from Netanyahu threatening to attack Iran while speaking at Israel’s Nevatim airbase earlier this week.


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6 responses to “Netanyahu warns Iran it is within range of Israeli air strikes, citing Iranian threats”

  1. Netenyahu is a clown on the wolrd stage
    anyway see this

  2. Hitlers peoples car the volks wagen has at last stopped production wow !

  3. BiBi is missing his good old comrade Insane McCain.
    Here is the same old song by BiBi:
    BiBi threatens Iran for more than twenty-five years to bomb Iran for “making / having the nuclear bomb”. (Iran have no nuclear bombs and he knows it).
    BiBi everytime forgets to tell the same world, he has more than one hundred nuclear heads stored in his cellar. Not declared to Atomic Commission and UN. Nuclear heads build by Israeli technicians with stolen technical knowledge from his only friend, his US friend.
    BiBI has the nerve to kill iranian nuclear scientists.
    BiBi cyberattacked Iran.
    Iran informed BiBi it will defend its country with all the might it have.
    BiBi gets worried while here is an “enemy” which will defend itself and that is in the eyes of BiBi “aggression”. (The same NATO tactics towards the Russian Federation).
    BiBI wants again bombing Iran while now it is clear for him Iran is aggressive and “is threatening to wipe Israel from the map”.

    IMO, BiBi should urgently make an appointment to see his shrink.
    He probably has been contaminated by Zionistitis.

  4. Netanyahu warns Iran it is within range of Israeli air strikes, citing Iranian threats ??
    & Nuttyyahoo the little shitty country is within the range of Iranian missiles ??

  5. Netanyahu is a big cog in the wheel for the New World Order. His bosses are the Rothschilds and their Central Banking Masonic families ( both Gentile & Jewish ). I would say like Blackeyes has said above that he has a case of Zionitis but it may be in terminal phase in conjunction with the CPS ( Chosen People Syndrome ). The stink’in Likud terrorist party will use the Holocaust as a shield for its policies. Do not get me wrong as there is a very large pile of Jewish bodies that shouldn’t be there from the Holocaust ( many groups were effected however and not just Jews ). However the present regime in Israel has exploited any Jewish suffering that has occurred during the 20th century for it’s financial and political gain.