The Lie of the U.S. Dollar

Brother Nathanael – Real Jew News June 19, 2019

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Jewish born convert to Christianity and outspoken critic of zionism

5 responses to “The Lie of the U.S. Dollar”

  1. Anyone else experience difficulty in watching the Man in Blacks video.??.

  2. It seems Brother Nathanael’s videos are being blocked, both here and on his own site. Presumably it’s all part of the mass censorship we’re seeing everywhere nowadays.

  3. Toilet paper with dollar signs is a fitting description for paper money.

    Hundreds of years ago when money consisted of gold or silver, the idea of buying a house with pieces of paper instead of gold would have been ridiculously funny.

    Today, zionist banksters rule the world by their Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland along with the central banks of the nations under the BIS.

    Some things money cannot buy. For everything else there is master card, sterling, dollars, pesos, euros, rubles, francs, and similar pieces of zionist toilet paper.

  4. Update. BN’s videos won’t play in Firefox, but will play – with very long pauses – in the Brave browser. It shouldn’t be a buffering problem because I’m supposedly on a “high speed fibre-optic” connection.

    In case it’s relevant, I’m in England.

  5. I just tried it in Firefox and had no issue with getting the video to work. The key is there has apparently been an update to Flash, so the video may initially be blocked from playing without that update or without clicking to enable playing Flash video without the update. Simple.

    Another brilliant, bold piece of truth from Brother Nathanael. I love that guy.

    The only hope for humanity is to destroy the outrageous fraud and criminal syndicate known as “central banking”. All the “central” banks need to be destroyed, particularly the “Federal” Reserve, Bank of England, and Bank of International Settlements, as they are the worst offenders of the outrageous criminal scheme. Then good citizens need to march on the City of London (the den of vipers) and Wall Street and throw a few criminals into the street, strip them naked, horse-whip them, roll them in pig shit, then hang them from light poles. The central banking scam and the control of credit and currency are the root of the enslavement of the citizenry and the dysfunctions of society.