An Electronic Engineer in Orwell’s Britain

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By Eve Mykytyn

Dr. Ali was dismissed from his job at the University of Essex for alleged anti Semitism. The charges stemmed from his opposition to a new campus society, a branch of the Zionist organization, the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) and from four of the many posts Dr Ali has made to Facebook over the last ten years. For more: SEE. Dr. Ali’s story makes plain that although the University claimed to dismiss him for anti Semitism, in fact he was dismissed for anti Zionism. The following interview with Dr Ali will be one of the first articles in which he will be able to tell his side of the story, which differs in important ways from the story told in the British press.
EM: Can you give us a brief bio, including where you grew up and your academic background?
MA: My family moved to London from the then newly independent country of Bangladesh in 1975 when I was seven,. We came as refugees, we had lost 22 members of our family including my elder brother who was murdered when he was barely thirteen. My father was a Professor of History and a Barrister (Lincoln’s Inn).
I grew up in the eastern suburbs of London and was educated at Chigwell School in Essex. I earned my PhD in Electronic Engineering at King’s College London. I have spent most of my career as a university lecturer in the UK.
EM: How did you get involved in the debate over the new Jewish society? Were you opposed to the formation of any Jewish group?
MA: At the University of Essex, student union members are invited by email to vote on any new student society, and a favorable vote by a majority is required for formation. Before a vote, the proposed society must clearly state its aims and objectives.
I read UJS’s manifesto and did not agree with their zealous promotion of Zionism and the state of Israel. That was my only concern. I was not voting against Jews, Judaism or their culture. When I was a student, I voted against the formation of political Islamic societies even though I am a Muslim.
The same concerns regarding the political Zionist basis of the UJS were raised by Student Union Committee Members, the University Amnesty Society, the University Palestinian Solidarity Group and 240 other students. I would like to stress that I did not and would not vote against the formation of a Jewish Society that was not politically Zionist.
EM: Did any of your students complain of anti-Semitism? Did the issue ever come up in one of your classes?
MA: I never discuss religion or politics in my lectures nor have the issues of Zionism or anti Semitism ever come up in any of my classes during my career. There has never been any complaint made against me by any student at the University or at any university at which I have taught.
Two former students, one a 50+ year old ex-British soldier, wrote a letter to Human Resources at the University defending me and stating that I was always inclusive, never discussed religion or politics and that I was an excellent lecturer. The other, a woman who is an ex- US marine who heard about my case, wrote to the Vice Chancellor directly. Neither letter was taken into consideration by the University.
 EM: Why do you think you were singled out? Were there other opponents of the UJS?
MA: I made a comment on the University Palestinian Solidarity Facebook page that Zionists were trying to create a society at our University. Someone asked why I was against Jews. I replied that I was not against Jews, their religion or their culture. I was opposed to the Zionist ideology presented in the society’s manifesto. In my 10 years on Facebook, have never posted anything supporting the destruction of the state of Israel.
Obviously, I was singled out. The media falsely portrayed me as a ringleader of the 240 students who voted against the UJS. I did not urge these students to vote ‘no.’ I am a part-time Bangladeshi lecturer without powerful connections, and a bearded Muslim Asian – I was a useful scapegoat for their witch hunt.
The media failed to report that the vote was cancelled because of the 240 ‘no’ votes. After that, the UJS changed their manifesto and softened their wording regarding Israel and Zionism. They denied making this change, even though some students had screenshots of the two different manifestos.
I was asked to be part of a second vote, but I declined and did not vote. Part way thorough the second vote, the Vice Chancellor cancelled the election and created UJS as a “University” society. Later on, the Student Union revealed  that ‘“some” of the 600 votes in favor of the UJS had been cast “externally” by non-students.
The University tribunal charged me based on the UJS’s second less political manifesto, to which I never objected nor even voted on.  Despite my vehement objection the University failed to take notice that it was the first manifesto to which I and others objected.
EM: So all you did was post an objection to the UJS based on their first, more extreme manifesto and then vote against it?
 MA: Yes
EM: What about the Facebook posts they claimed were anti Semitic?
MA: The tribunal considered six posts and dismissed two of them. Until the tribunal no one had ever complained about a post of mine and Facebook never warned or took any action against me. The posts they considered were as follows.
  1. A post from I made four years ago that a French police officer allegedly killed in terror attacks in Paris was actually a Mossad agent. There are many such theories about the 2015 attacks and I posted it for discussion purposes.
  2. In 2016 I posted that 50,000 Jews in New York protested Israel’s policies and that the event was not really covered by the media. In the tribunal, I pointed out that my post clearly distinguished between Jews and Zionists
  3. Posted on 1 August 2018 and clearly labeled as ‘revisionist history’ was a quote from Edgar Steele that the number of Holocaust survivors receiving pensions exceeded the number of Jews in Europe before the Holocaust.
  4. A post on 17 January 2019 stating that the Jews put Palestinians in concentration camps. The Tribunal said I was comparing Jews to Nazis by the use of the word “concentration.” My Jewish Union rep. objected, pointing out that it was the British who originated the term ‘concentration camp’ when they used them in South Africa.
EM: You are not anti Semitic but you do have problems with the behavior of the state of Israel? Who defended you and what procedure did the University follow in making its decision?
MA: I am not anti-Semitic and the investigation and the tribunal both found that I, as a person, was not anti-Semitic.  I do have problems with all kinds of oppression; against humans, animals or the environment. As I told the tribunal, I have criticised almost all governments. The tribunal brushed aside my criticism of Israel’s oppressive activities. My opinions were backed up by reports from the UN, the Red Cross, Israeli human rights organisations and newspapers like Haaretz.
I was defended personally by one University Union member,  a Professor who is Jewish, but who has not given me permission to reveal his name. He told the tribunal that he believed that neither I nor my posts were anti-Semitic even though he did not agree with some of the posts.
Prominent Jewish voice for Peace (JVP) member, Prof. Haim Bresheeth, an Israeli-British film maker and a Professor at the University of London, wrote to the Vice Chancellor on my behalf. He made clear the distinction between Zionism and Judaism and wrote that opposing Zionism or criticizing Israel is not anti Semitism. In addition, renowned Professor, Norman Finkelstein, wrote a letter of support for me.
The University claimed my case had been investigated by “independent” investigator Nigel Youngman. My objections to the lack of actual investigation by Mr. Youngman were totally disregarded by the tribunal. He did not interview any of the key witnesses, not the 240 students who voted no, not a single member of the University’s Amnesty Society or Palestinian Society, and not members or staff at the Student Union.  Youngman never asked anyone why he objected to the first manifesto or why there were two manifestos. When he spoke to the tribunal he read from the second less extreme manifesto as if that was the one to which I had objected, although I had repeatedly told him that my reaction was to the first manifesto.
The University’s rules provided me the right to present a witness. I informed the tribunal that I intended to bring Prof. Bresheeth, and although I followed their procedural rules, the tribunal denied me my right to a witness claiming only a certain date was available as the tribunal was to be attended by “very important” people.
I knew as soon as the tribunal began that the University intended to dismiss me. They followed their procedures only to the extent that they would not affect the preordained outcome. For example, Prof. Andrew Le Sueur, who acted as prosecutor, instructed the tribunal to ignore the letters from Prof Finkelstein and Prof Bresheeth and not to take JVP’s statement against Zionism into consideration. That made it clear the tribunal was a farce, intended to allow them to dismiss me while pretending to the media that I had been given ‘due process.’
The major problem I faced was that the University treated Zionism as just a harmless Jewish belief. I do not know why they are so ignorant. The University would not listen when I tried to explain that there is a difference between Judaism and Zionism and that many people, including Jews, object to Israel’s actions but are not anti Semitic.  I am happy that there were many Jews from JVP who came to my defense.
EM: The University advised you not to speak to the press. Do you now think that advice was for your benefit?
MA: I should not have listened to them since I believe the decision to dismiss me was made well before the hearing. From the beginning, I wanted to set the record straight and explain that I was not at all the person the media portrayed. I had written a careful apology to the University and, contrary to my expectations, the University did not share either my position or my apology.
EM: What have been the other effects of the dismissal? Will you be able to get another academic job in the UK?
MA: I have been dismissed from all my other part-time positions, including my work for St John Ambulance. When St John first investigated the allegations, I was found not to be anti Semitic. After the University dismissed me, St John fired me.
I have lost all sources of income, a financial loss I am not in a position to cover. It seems this is the penalty imposed upon opponents of Zionism.
I am not sure if I can find another job in the UK let alone an academic job. I could only be employed by someone who is willing to stand up to Zionist bullying and intimidation.
EM: Did you receive any hate mail?
MA: Yes I received a barrage of xenophobic, Islamophobic hate emails, threatening death to my family and me. Careful examination revealed that all the emails originated from only 14 unique email addresses. The British police are currently investigating these threatening emails.
In addition, there was a smear campaign against me as nearly all the 65 pages of British newspaper and online articles were essentially copied from an unfavorable and inaccurate article in the Jewish Chronicle.
EM: Was a police complaint or legal action filed against you?
MA: No police action has been taken against me, even though some of the hate emails claimed that I was being reported to the police for hate crimes and anti Semitism.
EM: Has your family faced discrimination in the UK? Is there is a double standard?
MA: Yes, my children have faced terrible discrimination. Some boys at his school threw my eldest son on the ground and tried to force feed him pork. He was called many horrible names including ‘terrorist.’ His school took no action against the boys who assaulted my son.
There is a clear double standard at the University of Essex. Two examples:
A Muslim Bangladeshi staff member was threatened by his immediate boss, a Latvian, who said any Muslim who came to his country would be murdered by him. He was reported but the University has done nothing in response to the threat.
A Muslim woman, a student, was harassed by her flatmate, a staff member of the University’s Law School. He told her: “your religion will make you bomb a building.” In front of a witness he said, “I can do whatever I want with you and I will not be punished for it.” She suffered death threats, physical abuse, and eventually left the school. A police lawsuit was shelved for lack of evidence despite a witness and a bruised arm. The University did not see that he breached any code of conduct, instead the University is doing everything to protect this staff member and have threatened a lawsuit if his name is revealed. More information can be found at this link:
The University of Essex that claims to have ‘zero tolerance to hate’ seems to apply that standard based upon who the victim is.

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  1. Zionism, Judaism, Semitism: The Facts, Now You Decide!

    Dr. Ali, for all his protestations and learned up bringing, is really one foolish man. No, not just foolish, but also very ignorant and gullible.

    Let’s get some facts into this discussion….

    A “political” movement created by Theodore Herzl, who was areligious (make sure you read that correctly, he was not non-religious he was “a”religious, he just didn’t care about his religion and the fundamental premises that it was based upon, he was agnostic, meaning he wasn’t for or against Judaism, this is important, read on…), he only considered Zionism as a movement for the sole purpose of creating a nation for Jews, READ THAT AGAIN PEOPLE, ZIONISM AS THE SOLE PURPOSE OF THE JEWS, as he stated,
    ‘… I do not obey a religious impulse…’ and ‘… I am agnostic…’, (Theodor Herzl: Diaries, Victor Gollanz, 1958)
    link text and the most important quote, ‘… For me, the Jewish question is neither a social nor a religious one…it is a national question…’[Herzl, L’Etat Juif, p. 209]

    FACT: How can you be “areligious” and only consider Zionism to mean for Jews? By its very nature, such a statement is discriminatory and racist towards all non-Jews, especially the native Palestinians. So you see how Herzl was playing with words, the man was a lying hypocrite.

    Support for a one-state solution where the land will be inhabited by all the people there, NOT JUST JEWS BUT ALSO PALESTINIANS, AND WITHOUT DISCRIMINATION.

    Fact: Anti-Zionist is not someone against the state of Israel, it is someone that is against the nation of Israel that excludes all those preoccupied the land before the Zionists came and stole it.

    Is a Jew a Zionist? Well not to Rabbi Hirsch, as published in the Washington Post in 1978, Rabbi Hirsch stated: ‘The 12th principle of our faith, I believe, is that the Messiah will gather the Jewish exiled who are dispersed throughout the nations of the world. Zionism is diametrically opposed to Judaism. Zionism wishes to define the Jewish people as a nationalistic entity. The Zionists say, in effect, ‘Look here, God. We do not like exile. Take us back, and if you don’t, we’ll just roll up our sleeves and take ourselves back.’ …’This, of course, is heresy. The Jewish people are charged by Divine oath not to force themselves back to the Holy Land against the wishes of those residing there.’ Did you read that!! Let me quote it again, “The Jewish people are charged by Divine oath not to force themselves back to the Holy Land against the wishes of those residing there.”

    As Christoper Brickhill stated so clearly, The good Rabbi Hirsch not only distinguished between Judaism and Zionism, and denied that the Jews formed a nation, he recognized that the Palestinian Arabs were rightfully entitled to Palestine. Rabbi Hirsch meant religious Jews when he spoke of Jews, and his assumption was that secular Jews had no connection with Palestine. They were not religious Jews. The implication is that Israel cannot declare itself to be a state of religious Jews, and moreover, secular Jews have no justification for establishing a putative state or living in such a state in Palestine against the wishes of its people, the Palestinian Arabs.

    That means that religious Jews were NEVER to start a state or nation to be called Israel. It also means to fulfill God’s/Yahweh’s promise for Jews to return to Palestine, it wasn’t necessary for the the religious Jew to come back to Palestine and create a state called Israel, it was only necessary to come back to Palestine, with the blessings of the Arabs and Palestinians!!! It means a Jew is strictly a religious person and follower of Yahweh and is “returning” back to his ancestral home, without any need to have a nation called Israel. Thus it is a lie that the Jews and Israelis say that the state of Israel was necessary to be created to fulfill Yahweh’s promise.

    A person who speaks a Semitic language, including in particular the Jews and Arab. You understand that everyone, so anti-Semite is some who is against both Jew and Arab. The origin of the word comes from “Shem”, who was the son of Noah, thus a Semite is anyone who descended from the Shem, which means Jews and Arabs!

    So if your wondering about your religious connection to Noah, here is a breakdown, Noah had three sons, and from these three sons came Mankind as you are today:

    The propagator of the Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, Phonecian (not Greek!), Akkadian, and various Afro-Asiatic families families, that are not Negroid.

    The propagator of the African, basically Negroid, race.

    The rest of us, including, Medes, Persians, Greeks, Aryans and the rest of Asia (from about India eastwards). Note if you’re Caucasian, like I am, or white (N.B. White and Caucasian are not the same thing!) and any other color than Middle Eastern brown, except for out right black, you are a Japhethite!

    That’s right! If you thought that just because you are a Christian, or Catholic and that you are just an extension from Judaism, YOU ARE NOT! That’s why the Jews do not consider Christians of The Book! All because you are descendants of Japheth and so you ARE NOT of the faith. That is why the Jewish religion calls you GOYIM! You are not a descendant from Shem! GET IT NOW!!

    So now that you know all this, what do you think of Dr. Ali’s story now? Yes I know, those people that where in judgement of him, are just as ignorant and foolish as he was. This is why Jews will never accept the rest of the world, and for anyone else to think we can be friends with a Jewish State, and that is what Israel is, a Jewish State, IS A DAMN FOOL!

    Frankly, Dr. Ali, got what he deserved for be so stupid about his religion and his distorted view of people and their beliefs. Then again I have to admit, academics are very ignorant about reality, they read to much of each others works, and not enough the source material.

    The Jews have been lying, and twisting the truth for centuries. There is nothing holy about the land of Israel, as many Rabbis in the past have stated so, and as you have read Hirsch’s own words. The State Of Israel was a successful attempt of land theft. Israel is a fraud. Always was, always will be. And if any of you people out there think that Christians and Jews can live together peacefully, you’re idiots! Because as I have shown, the Jews WILL NEVER accept anyone that is not of the descent of Shem!

    Now proving whether or not you are of the Shem line, that’s another issue all together. But for now, if you are NOT a Jew, then YOU ARE NOT one of God’s chosen children. You are either a descendant of Ham or Japheth, and that makes you goyim!

    My long term prediction….One day in the future you will see the Jew and Arab unite and become allies. Why? Because they are brothers, they are the children of Shem. And when that happens, what do you think will happen to the rest of us, that are the children of Ham and Japheth? I know, I know, it hasn’t happened in thousands of years. But the commonality between Jew and Arab is undeniable. And one day that commonality will rear its ugly head. And then what!

    I’ll end on that nightmare thought.