Fake News and Amorous Hippos Sucked up into the Porthole of the Posterior of the Prince of Darkness

Reflections in a Petri Dish – June 13, 2019

Dog Poet (without a dog) Transmitting…….
Is it Petri Dish time again already? Regardless, here we are, doing the voice-over, “As the landfill burbles with the toxic wastes of a disintegrating culture.” Dovetailing into it are these two and a quarter lovely creatures, sucking the oxygen out of a room no one should think about walking into. It’s happening right in front of your eyes; should you be turning your eyes in the particular directions in order to see it.
Trends and transformations occur first in a smaller demographic, with satellite locations generally to be found in any urban congestion with more than a certain concentration of social emphysema. “I can’t breathe!” said the man with demons sitting on his chest. Anecdotal digression; A few decades ago I was sitting in my then friend, Jackie Lomax’s living room in Woodstock with former friend, bluesman David Mowry. Jackie’s girlfriend (I can’t remember her name now. She is/was a wonderful person) was telling us a story about Jimi Hendrix. She knew him quite well. He used to beg her to sit on his chest because, he told her, demons were stealing his breath. A few years later she was in a horrific car accident in Ojai that involved her VW and a semi. I would often ask about her. She survived but I don’t know the details. Jackie Lomax was the first musician to record at the Abbey Road, Apple Records. I hope I got all that right… details… details…
In any case, trends and transformations occur like rashes in certain parts of the body of greater humanity, in locations where the environment is good for the viral implications of the same. Eventually, as time goes by, these rashes spread to every corner of every sidewalk in every disintegrating metropolis.
So… the entertainment biz is busy hum jobbing along, with its spiraling descent into ever more and more depraved acts of perversity. Perhaps you occasionally wonder, as do I, how far they will finally go before the whole of it gets sucked up into the porthole of the posterior of the Prince of Darkness; with apologies to the Rainbow Gathering folks- “Welcome home.”
Mr. Apocalypse is doing just what he told me he would do, pulling the covering lies off of the deceiving appearances of this spiritually bankrupt, travesty of existence. People are losing their minds in droves. Yes… it is what it is… not. Actually… this did not happen but… it is being widely reported hither and yon, like this is. In the world of the moment, things like the amorous hippo are quite believable. Most of the news these days, especially on the larger media sites is FAKE NEWS. A great deal of the fake news is being reported to distract people from the emergence of the truth (cue Mr. Apocalypse) about so many incredible lies that the world has been seduced into believing. These lies have been perpetrated by the people who own the mediums they are being disseminated through.
Nature is a mirror of ever shifting appearances. Far in the presently, dim and unremembered past, there was a time when the majority of humanity lived in agrarian conditions, small communities, where environmental conditions provided good conditions for survival. After the industrial revolution, there came the plague of urban sprawl and it continued to sprawl until it now resembles some behemoth creature, extended in a porcine nightmare of rutting materialism and thank god for GPS these days.
As the press of humanity became ever more concentrated in the cityscapes, nature was more and more forced out. There remained some park like areas but in many cases, the only signs one might encounter were here and there a scraggly tree, weed and vermin filled, so called, empty lots and pigeons occasionally signaling their presence with an aerially delivered communion wafer from abused Nature, upon some wayfarers shoulder. Of course, there are rats and cockroaches, the ubiquitous icons of modern urban existence.
As Nature became more and more concealed beneath cinderblock and asphalt, the nature of the residents was altered as well. The social and sexual behavior of the inhabitants came more and more to reflect the unfunny fun-house mirror aspect. When people are crowded together in unnatural circumstances, certain trends and transformations are guaranteed. This was brilliantly delineated in Tom Wolfe’s, “Oh Rotten Gotham, Sliding Down into the Behavioral Sink.” You can’t get it anywhere on the internet. You have to buy the book, “The Pumphouse Gang” which you can get cheap at Ebay.
It was an experiment, carried out at a prestigious college (if I remember correctly) and dealt with rats and overcrowding. What happened, as a result, is being played out in human form at this very moment all over. You can argue it back and forth all you like. If you are personally invested in the argument coming out in a fashion that agrees with your lifestyle, you can visit any number of ‘trained and highly educated’ fraudster simpletons, with titles like, ‘psychologist’, ‘psychiatrist’ and psycho this that and the other. They will ask you, “how do you feel about that?” They will console you and crisis counsel you into whatever illusionary never never land you desire …and take your money while doing so but… it won’t change anything.
There is one very important rule of life that any sane person will use as a guideline for their existence. Not following this rule will lead to unmitigated suffering. This will continue until the time that you do apply this rule. That rule is, “Do not lie to yourself.” The direct offspring of self deception is that one lies to others and after an initial period of the same, it becomes perfunctory. One often is rendered unaware of even doing it. By degrees and increments, one is led into greater and greater darkness. At some point, the soundtrack is ‘wailing and lamentation’. I forget who it is by but I’m sure you can find it on Amazon. It’s probably produced by Interscope Records.
I used to wonder why people didn’t leave certain locations when the coming attractions indicated that a bad movie was coming to town. Why did they stay there? Why didn’t they pack up and head for the hills? I’m seeing the answer to this in real time these days and it is all the result of people lying to themselves. Of course they have to convince themselves that everything is OK. It’s not. Any fool can see it is not okay but… there’s attachment. There’s recognition, which is what you get when people know who you are, or think they do, at the supermarket and your job, or wherever it is that you go when you go somewhere. Then there is Karma too.
However, there is one failsafe, one dependable port of sanctuary, no matter what the challenge or threat may be. No matter what valley of the shadow of death one may wander in, there is always a way back out again. The source of eternal life has no fear of death, nor does any pilgrim sheltered beneath its wings; come what may.
There is no question that the war against Christianity is in full swing. Now that link is from some while ago but I link it for context in terms of where we find ourselves today. If you go to any of the mainstream search engines you will no longer find anything like this. Those days are over. They have scrubbed the net. It is not recognizable now from this time last year. I had to go to Yandex to get this; ironically a Russian site.
One can be well shocked to find just to what extent the darkness has gone to this point. When you read the argument being made by the Satanists behind this program they state, “most members of the Satanic Temple are atheists who see Satan as an allegory for free thought, and that the program is intended to promote “benevolence and empathy for everybody.” Why, they sound positively Christian. Heh heh. Why the need for Satan, one might ask? Why not any number of icons for promoting benevolence and empathy for everyone?
Aye… it’s a mystery is what it is and no mistake. I ken they’re good folk, the very sulfur of the Earth. On and on it goes my friends. They are pressing with the power of human indifference to what is going on around them. They are pressing with the force of collective ignorance. They are pressing with the force of the common greed. They are pressing with the fear and confusion of the times.
The crystallized persona of Mammon and the rest, born out of the worship of objects and fueled by misdirected sexual force is working in the background of the human mind; in every mind where that person is susceptible to the lies and whispers of the enemy, who speaks into the minds of the professors and teachers at schools, who speaks into the minds of the politicians, who speaks into the minds of the social justice warriors and politically correct robots of the new Communism that speaks of equality for all but really has to do with a pecking order of those who run the show and those who get run, just like it was in the bad old days of the Soviet Socialist Republic. That was a grand affair, was it not?
We need not be concerned if we are already concerned with where our attention and affections are placed. A sanctuary is built around us by the power of our Faith, Certitude and Determination. Those seeking to spread havoc and division are already divided against themselves. They give a wide berth to those who are not. Nothing is what it once was. Old forms of oppression can no longer find fertile ground in any pervasive sense. The uproar and upheaval will come where it is meant to be. Let it be to each according to their belief.
No power is greater than love. It causes the darkness to flee at its approach. It is coming on clouds of might and in an instant, every mind will be awakened for a brief moment and will see the truth of their being, as it really is, in the context of the everlasting. All falseness will be rent apart with a piercing light, in a moment of epiphany, not unlike that moment on the road to Damascus. Where then… will all the false power and ephemeral wealth and all else be by comparison? They will simply fade into the insubstantial. It will be as if it never was and it never was, it only seemed to be. Hold fast to the truth within and let no shadow bring its fear and doubt. Tremble only before the light within.
End Transmission…….

Without a Clue

Here is the last of the pamphlet by Joseph Brenner and I believe the most powerful portion, according to my experience.



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  1. And now….for today’s NEWS!

    First, let us disgust these very important fecal matters:

    “An intoxicated school principal at Franklin Middle School in Springfield Ohio was arrested this morning after literally defecating in front of hundreds of students during the pledge of

    Andrew Whitmore, 53, was visibly under the influence of alcohol when he decided to throw down his pants and defecate on the schoolyard in front of bewildered students and school personnel.”

    Mr. Apocalypse went down to Florida to do the Hippo Stomp!

    Hurricane Florence: 400-pound woman sues NC Zoo after escaped hippo tried to rape her…

    “The large semi-aquatic mammal, affectionately called Mr. Apocalypse by the zew keepers, apparently was able to slip out of its enclosure last night after massive flooding and a fallen tree severely damaged the security fence.

    Clementine Gibbons, 64, is suing the zoo’s administration after she claims she was sexually assaulted by the huge beast after she was returning home that night.”

    “It ran towards me, pushed me to the ground and just jumped on me, grunting,” she recalls, visibly still traumatized.

    “All I remember is trying to dodge its large erect penis and giant testicles from rubbing onto my face,” she added, horrified.

    Gibbins says the 2,800-pound animal finally ejaculated after she tried rubbing his penis with her feet and eventually left her alone.”


    Mr. Apocalypse was coming!

    Florida: 400-Pound Woman Survives Sexual Assault by herd of Manatees

    “We’re all Hippos rollin’ down the river
    Sometimes we can’t touch the ground
    Like Hippos slindin’ in the water
    Somehow we’re stompin’ around

    Now you can see me lyin’ down in my swamp
    Any time I feel disgusted
    You’ll see me do the Hippo Stomp”

    HIPPO STOMP live Steppenwolf 1970 – 4/4

    Hippo Stomp — Steppenwolf

    I got to clean up now because Mr. Apocalypse is coming… Or did he already come?

    I won’t be able to sleep tonight because of this extreme danger to our hippocracy!

    FOGGY MENTAL BREAKDOWN live Steppenwolf 1970 – 1/4

    – The Dog Gone Poet