As predicted: LGBT parents begin physically maiming their own children in botched transgender mutilations

Mike Adams – Natural News June 11, 2019

Fascinating timeline that shows you how the left-wing techno-fascists censor anyone who tells the truth about the rampant child abuse, child mutilations and child murder now being carried out by LGBT “progressives” around the world:

Last Friday night: Left-wing media runs hit pieces on Natural News, highlighting my “LGBT progressivism horrors” article that predicted LGBT parents would start mutilating their own children to try to make them “transgender” babies. According to the left-wing media, my predictions were absurd and “hateful.”

Last Saturday: Facebook de-platforms and deletes the entire Natural News account, wiping out nearly 3 million followers.

Tuesday: Natural News learns that Facebook now says the Natural News channel was deleted because of the “LGBT progressivism horrors” article, even though that article was never posted to Facebook by Natural News. In other words, Natural News was banned because of “off-platform” behavior.

Today: News breaks that lesbian parents just murdered their own baby boy after attempting an at-home transgender mutilation procedure exactly as I predicted less than one month ago. From

Just in time for Pride Month, a pair of lesbians from Brazil celebrated their “true selves” by murdering their nine-year-old son, whom one year prior they tried to make “transgender” by forcibly cutting off the now-deceased boy’s private parts and carving a makeshift vagina in its place.

The horrific event took place less than one month after Natural News editor Mike Adams publicly predicted this new wave of “LGBT progressivism horrors,” precisely describing that “progressive” parents would begin physically maiming their own babies to slice of their gender organs.

According to reports, 27-year-old Rosana da Silva Candido, the boy’s biological mother, and 28-year-old Kacyla Damasceno Pessao, her lesbian partner, stabbed nine-year-old Rhuan Maycon to death on May 31 after a year of evading police and Child Protective Services.

No apology from the left-wing media for falsely smearing Natural News and our accurate prediction of “LGBT horrors”

Note that there is so far no apology whatsoever from the left-wing media. No apology from Facebook and no reinstatement of the Natural News channel. This proves that when you tell the truth about the child mutilations carried out by LGBT “progressives,” you will be silenced rather than thanked for trying to protect innocent children against violent, deranged LGBT lunatics.

The LGBT cult is alive and well, and its members will mutilate children and murder them if necessary to continue pursuing their transgender cult agendas. Anyone who points out that physically mutilating or chemically castrating children is child abuse will be silenced, de-platformed, smeared and viciously attacked. The Left Cult cannot allow anyone to defend the lives of the innocent, because if they admit that childrens’ lives should be protected, then their entire argument for abortions would self-destruct.

For the deranged, violent Left to continue to carry out its cult-like crusade of violence and brainwashing of children, they must eliminate all voices that seek to defend those children against left-wing violence.

I, for one, will not be silenced. I will speak for those who are unable to speak and unable to defend themselves. And I will never surrender to the twisted, immoral, violent cult of left-wing lunatics who are rapidly morphing into child killers and serial molesters.

Watch my video thanking Natural News readers for supporting us even as we are being maliciously smeared and blacklisted by every tech platform in the world:



One response to “As predicted: LGBT parents begin physically maiming their own children in botched transgender mutilations”

    Back in the 1930s Lord Rothschild gave letters of introduction to the BBC for his Apostles,
    those left wing homosexuals who did so much harm to Britain’s W W 2 war effort.
    Many of these men had appalling records of abusing boys, but this was ignored by the BBC.
    A highly publicised comedy show called “Round the Horne was full of cheap homosexual innuendo and double meanings,
    similarly the children’s show Captain Pugwash had the hero’s called ” Roger the cabin boy” and “Seaman Staines” among other homosexual gags, but the
    tots programme ” Teletubbies” blatently had one of the creatures wearing make up and carrying a handbag, the BBC admitted after many enquires that the creature was homosexual,
    this is a pre school tots programme.
    Sydney Cooke who took over running many homosexual rings across the UK after the death of Sir Anthony Blunt, told while in prison of many high fliers at the BBC
    who were boy abusers, some such as Jimmy Saville came to the BBC with a warning from his ex employers Mecca Ballrooms that Jimmy was a predatory homosexual,
    the BBC tried to hide this up by saying he only abused girls which was a complete lie, but along with Wilfred Bramble Allan “fluff” Freeman Boy George Frankie Howard Danny La Rue and Cliff Richard were advised to see the famous sex therapist Dr Ruth Seiffert at the Maudesley psychiatric hospital in London, Cliff Richard was so blatent about being a teenage rent boy and his activities that the BBC actually banned his records for some time in spite of the usual financial kickbacks, BBC DJ Pete Murray complained to the BBC that almost all their DJs were exploiting kids from care homes and lost his job over making the complaint.
    The ex BBC board member Graham jones, said on the Conspiracy hour that many BBC employees would go to party nights at a Brighton Hotel where young boys were bussed in for their sexual amusement, the spiritualist newspaper the “Psychic News” actually went bankrupt because every employee was homosexual and they were only pushing homosexual mediums for the churches through the newspaper and spending the magazines money on these Brighton Boys Club nights called “Pink ballets”and famous names Colin Fry and Keith Hudson were among those regularly abusing boys at the Hotel.
    The Psychic News was run by David Miller who had sexual convictions in his own name so used the name Tony Ortzen,
    “Brighton Boys Club” ( BBC ) nights was a thinly veiled jibe at the BBC, Graham Jones said at the BBC internally it was known as the Boy Buggerers Club.
    Such stars as Terry Wogan David Frost and David Icke worked closely with Jimmy Saville said nothing about his activities, until The Truthseeker .Co UK broke the news the day after his death, as they knew Rupert Murdoch was monitoring all emails and snail mail at work and at home for the BBC where employees knew they would lose their job and possible be imprisoned for breaking the official secrets act on speaking out.
    Rupert Murdoch was caught opening mail and reading emails of the murdered schoolgirl Milie Dowler, he also monitored communications from soldiers letters home from Iraq
    and any potential whistleblowers were coincidentally killed by friendly fire.
    Fred Seaman was an Evangelical preacher in Kings Lynn Norfolk, he also ran a small printing press where he was the first to print the homosexual magazine ” BumBoys”
    with explicit naked photos of young boys from care homes, after his caution by police, it turned out much other interesting information, which was duplicated in Operation Ore
    the Longford papers and the Nene report into the sexual abuse of boys through the care system came out, these was D noticed by Tony Blair as it implicated many in the New Labour party in homosexual abuse.
    Cabinet member John Prescott would joke to secretaries that he was the only heterosexual in the party.
    New Labour had a remit to grow the homosexual community by 5% per year, New labour was a Mossad front party run by boy abuser Pater Mandelson, money was channelled through Israeli banks from Rothschild and allegedly David Aaronovitch David Abrahams and Tony’s boyfriend and handler Lord Levy for a war on Iraq on non existent WMD’s etc.,
    and the jew run BBC was complicit in this mass murder.
    The BBC has always had a senior director who is jewish, or pro jew, one head of the BBC said the most appalling racist statement to the press that the BBC was ” hideously white”
    this racism extends to blurring over what is happening in Palestine.
    The Nene report documented homosexual abuse in 16 London care homes, implicating several at New Labour some Conservatives but many at the BBC
    the daily independent TV news show UKcolumn described this abuse as on ” an industrial scale”.
    The BBC sacked popular children’s conjuror Paul Daniels, as they said he was ” too heterosexual” often gently flirting on stage with his pretty wife Debbie Mc gee,
    he was replaced with the homosexual abuser Derren Brown, they also sacked singer Tom Jones from a BBC panel game for the same reason, A comedian recently lost his BBC job and broke conditions of his contract by going public and saying they BBC did not like him being a white Anglo Saxon heterosexual.
    We pay a license fee for Jewish propaganda pro=homosexual perversion and a rubbish news.
    The BBC is anti British, pro Israel and heterophobic, time to close it methinks.