The Zionist Billionaires Behind Nigel Farage — May 26, 2019

From left to right, Arron Banks, Donald Trump, Nigel Farage & Andy Wigmore. Click to enlarge

The two paths to Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) world government seem to be Communism (George Soros, Obama etc.) on the Left and Zionism (Netanyahu, Trump) on the Right.  
There are no conservative nationalist parties that are anti-Zionist. 
While we applaud Brexit, Brabantian reminds us that Brexit leader Nigel Farage is backed by fanatical Zionists.  Money makes the world go round and nowhere is that truer than politics. 

By Brabantian — ( 

We all can sympathise with UK voters feeling insulted & cheated out of the EU Brexit departure for which they voted in 2016, ‘set in stone’ for 29 March 2019 but shamefully postponed twice already, now till Halloween.
And many of us have enjoyed the UK’s witty & eloquent Nigel Farage, lampooning EU bureaucracy and now apparently leading a triumphant counter-charge to see that Brexit takes place.
But taking a deeper look at Farage, We note links to Jewish billionaires & other insiders financial backing, & to ultra-Zionist anti-Palestinian settler lobbies. -We see that oligarchs and their Jewish elite partners, seem to have two rival factions, the internationalist-globalist symbolised by Soros and the co-ordinating nationalist one symbolised by Netanyahu. Do they represent a genuine elite disagreement or merely a dialectical method leading to the same conclusion?
In any case of globalist vs nationalist tension, you always have Jewish-tied, oligarch-serving, controlled opposition ready to tilt for either side … in this case to help channel the anger of British voters over their Brexit betrayal, in ways elites favour.
Re Farage: “Farage is an Israeli front, a most obvious one if the money trail is followed. Farage has received vast sums from Arron Banks, a British financier closely tied to the Israeli lobby in the US … other routes for funds flow from the US Israeli lobby to Farage” – Ian Greenhalgh, Veterans Today

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5 responses to “The Zionist Billionaires Behind Nigel Farage”

  1. Koch was the surname of the Nazi Gauleiter who was in command of the area once known as Prussia.
    It was thanks to him refusing to allow German civilians to evacuate westward on the approach of Russian forces that thousands of German civilians perished.
    Koch ended up in Denmark eventually…but after that things become vague.
    Like the Nazis Rosenberg further east Koch had a common Jewish surname…coincidence?…Nah,highly unlikely especially when you check the club footed Aryan Goebbels and his background.Then there was the case of a Himmler close relative marrying an Israeli….

  2. I dont know what ted is saying here
    but according to israel, zionism and nationalism is good
    but only for them
    for the British ah no thats racist !
    i worked in government i saw huge sums of money going to wales to resusciate a dead language, road signs school books everything thrown away and re done in welsh
    same in scotland, good old nationalism good for tourism
    but Britian ah no cant do that its racist
    i am sick and tired of jews messing with our country our parliament and our laws

  3. The second world war finished 75 years ago
    the jews declared war on germany in 1933 and blackmailed the wolrd to folow suit
    and yet i just saw on TV a series called nazi hunters, where the synagogues pay for info on any germans from the war still living, my god in 75 years time will we be having jew hunter programmes about jews who may have done awful things to palestinians ?

  4. The left (socialist/ globalist) and right (neocon/Zionist) movements are merely the left and right arms of the Rothschild-controlled Illuminati cabal. However, the One-World-Government with a One-World-Bank together with a One-World currency, and a One-World-Bankster-Ponzi scheme (modeled after the US Fed) cannot be rushed into place until the Zionists having more direct and indirect control of oil and gas resources and until Iran, Syria, Venezuela, and Russia are more subdued to masonic/Zio interests. Otherwise, the Rothschild’s will likely be facing a World Government with less control than they have over the UN Government, because on the world stage there remains real competition. If a weak US dollar had been folded into a world currency, dollar holders would have less value in the replacement currency. If the petrodollar is not backed by control over petro reserves it will not be as valuable. If Iran, Syria and Lebanon are not knocked out before a World Government is set up imposing the rule of law, there may never be a Greater Israel. Unless Iran is knocked out, the BRI (Belt & Road Initiative) which both China and the Rothschild’s have spent trillions on, and is now at the door or Iran, then Iran and Syria will be the nexus or hub of land trade routes from China, Africa and Europe, and not the planned Greater Israel. If Iran and Syria fall then Russia will be more isolated and weaker. Therefore, the Masonic-Zionist cabal must delay the globalist World Government plan until the Masonic/Zio bully nations of the US, UK, Israel and France can make more milage taking over key nations like Iran, Syria and Venezuela.

  5. As the New Secular Order is moulding into the Zionist World Order, Islam and Christianity pose an issue to the proponents of Talmudist dictatorship. In order to overcome this religious hurdle, the candidates selected to lead populist movements have to espouse an attitude of islamophobia so Muslims and Christians mutually destroy each other to deliver the Zionist world order. Donald Trump, Tommy Robinson, Geert Wilders, etc. The islamophobia industry of Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer et al are not mere incidents, they have been selected by design for a particular purpose