Iran: “We can Turn an Aircraft Carrier into a Submarine in Seconds”..Just Test Us

Veterans Today – May 25, 2019

The USS Abraham Lincoln is currently leading a carrier battle group sailing the Arabian Sea. Click to enlarge

Iran is prepared to deploy ‘secret weapons’ against American warships, a military official in Tehran said, after the Pentagon sent three destroyers to the Persian Gulf amid a wave of increased tensions between the two states.

Without mincing words, General Morteza Qorbani, an adviser to Iran’s military command, cautioned that should Washington “commit the slightest stupidity, we will send these ships to the bottom of the sea along with their crew and planes.”

Iran, he promised, would do so “using two missiles or two new secret weapons.” He did not specify what type of “secret weapons” he was referring to.

The US earlier deployed three guided-missile destroyers, the USS McFaul, USS Gonzalez, USS Mason, to the Persian Gulf, with the last warship crossing the Strait of Hormuz this week. They joined the USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group, which has been cruising off the coast of Oman, near the Gulf, since early May.

The military buildup near Iranian waters coincided with the Pentagon announcing plans to send around 1,500 additional troops to Iraq, which borders Iran.

Although General Qorbani did not provide details of the weapons he mentioned, in recent months the nation has been showcasing its newest ships and submarines, as well as its naval firepower. In February, Tehran unveiled and successfully tested its new Hoveizeh long-range cruise missile, which is said to have a range of over 1,350 kilometers.

In the same month, Tehran launched the massive Velayat 97 naval drill, with maneuvers spanning from the Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Oman to the northern Indian Ocean. During the drill, a midget Ghadir-class submarine fired an anti-ship cruise missile for the first time.

Relations between the US and Iran deteriorated dramatically after disgraced President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew America from the Iran nuclear deal, known as the JCPOA, and re-imposed sanctions on Tehran. The move was condemned by a number of nations, including Washington’s allies in Europe.

Meanwhile, in the US, dozens of retired top military brass and diplomats wrote an open letter to Trump, urging him to ditch the ‘stick’ approach and begin real talks with Iran. They warned that by failing to do so, the US risks not only making the situation in the Middle East worse, but also entering into “armed conflict at immense financial, human, and geopolitical cost.”


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One response to “Iran: “We can Turn an Aircraft Carrier into a Submarine in Seconds”..Just Test Us”

  1. Just looking at the map of that area shows it to be a chokepoint in the Gulf…. or worse, like it or not, Iran can easier turn it into Dealy Plaza without trying very hard.

    The problem is doing so independently, as outing the OWO is what their puppet masters want… in order to blame all the problems on it and setup their NWO, global police state in time before Mother Nature arrives and changes the entire game.

    Iran is always suspect due to their leaders working with British intel then American intel later to oust Shah2 when he started talking like a real leader and not a puppet installed on a throne. Iran lacks quality leadership, same in most countries…. as it’s a rarity in our world, which is ‘par for the course’, as Caesar had the same problem…. getting others to help him ‘fix’ the Roman system…. I would say it’s way too late.. especially in light of the cosmic crap headed our way… they aren’t calling it the 6th Extinction for nothing… even the ever downplaying NASA is talking about the next ‘little’ ice age… that should be a hint indeed…. so meanwhile, our OWO gets outed everywhere they can push their script, the American empire is no exception.