Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna’s Controversial Performance

Vigilant Citizen – May 22, 2019

A look at the symbolism found throughout the finale of Eurovision 2019 and an analysis of Madonna’s extremely symbolic and controversial performance.

Eurovision is an annual international song competition with participants representing primarily European countries. The show has been broadcasting every year since 1956 and is one of the most watched non-sporting events in the world, with an average audience of 300 million viewers.
Needless to say, Eurovision has been incredibly influential throughout the decades and has helped launch the careers of countless artists. That being said, is there a chance that the show’s reach could be used by the elite to push its messages and symbolism? You betcha. And this year’s edition was particularly obvious. Taking place in Israel, the show even culminated with an elaborate yet horrifying performance by the Grand Priestess of the music industry herself: Madonna.
Here are some “lowlights” of the finale.

Occult Elite Symbolism

The performance of Israeli singer Netta Barzilai (the winner of last year’s Eurovision) featured clear Masonic symbolism. It began with a ball that took place on a Masonic checkerboard pattern floor. Click to enlarge

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  1. Today XXI Century western civilisatiion, were “mental issues” are called “one’s bravery” ??
    & “depravity” is called “one’s expression” …

  2. 23 today and i just voted for the first time in many years
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