The Haunting Last Words of Isaac Kappy: “Now, I Am One of Them”

Vigilant Citizen – May 15, 2019

Isaac Kappy – the actor who accused several Hollywood figures of child abuse – died after throwing himself off a bridge. A few days prior to this fateful day, Kappy posted a haunting video about him “crossing the line” and becoming “one of them”. What actually happened to Isaac Kappy?

Isaac Kappy was an actor who appeared in several Hollywood productions such as Thor, Terminator Salvation, and the series Breaking Bad. However, in the past years, he was mostly known for accusing several Hollywood personalities of pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse. Some of the names he named throughout his videos and social media posts are Tom Hanks, Steven Speilberg, James Gunn, Kathie Griffith, and Seth Green.

Soon after these accusations, Kappy made the news for allegedly choking his friend Paris Jackson at a party and for threatening Seth Green on several occasions. These actions lead him to be investigated by the LAPD and to be labeled as a “nutjob” by mass media sources.

Off a Bridge

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2 responses to “The Haunting Last Words of Isaac Kappy: “Now, I Am One of Them””

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  2. Cornelius must be a complete nutjob to say “it is the Jews”. There is an epidemic of this shit. Kappy was a whistleblower and knows how sick the elites and everyone in positions of power really are. They cannot afford to have any loose cannons on their decks. Every person in power – Trump, Trudeau, May, Merkle, the CIA, MI6 heads, etc. are tightly secured mouthpieces ready to fire on command, and they are mostly secured by the ropes of blackmail.