Symbolic Pics of the Month 4/19

Vigilant Citizen – April 25, 2019

In this edition of SPOTM: Taissa Farmiga, Britney Spears, Madonna, the most ridiculous shirts you’ve ever seen and a bunch of pics that will make you say “wow” … as in “wow, what is wrong with these people?”. 

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American Horror Story star Taissa Farmiga was recently featured in a photoshoot for Rogue magazine. And, yup, it is all about Monarch mind control. In this pic, Taissa lays on a bed surrounded by the disembodied arms of mannequins – a classic symbol of mind control representing MK handlers. Taissa holds a rotary phone while a mannequin holds another one. This kind of symbolism is often used in MK imagery to represent a slave being “triggered” by a handler (see Lady’s Gaga video Telephone).

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This is the cover of Madonna’s new single Medellin. The “High Priestess of the Industry” has one eye hidden and holds a symbolic red glove while holding Maluma in a dominating matter. For her new album, Madonna created a new persona named Madame X, which is all about mind control. Expect an article about it soon.

Britney looking dazed and confused after some MKULTRA. Click to enlarge

Shortly after #FreeBritney began trending (read my article about it here), Britney “took a break from treatment” to spend some time with her boyfriend. She then posted a rather unconvincing video on Instagram to say that she’s OK. Some people said: “You see, she wasn’t being held against her will, that was a crazy conspiracy theory”. The pics that were taken as she was leaving the mental health facility tell another story. Dazed, confused and MKULTRA-ed.


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