It’s official: the collapse of the mainstream media’s credibility is now complete

Ethan Huff – Natural News April 18, 2019

Attorney General William Barr held a press conference this morning to address the contents of the Mueller report, just as he promised to do. Not long after, Barr delivered the full Mueller report to the public with necessary redactions, also as promised. And yet the mainstream media, which demanded all of these things and has now received them, still isn’t happy.

In fact, most fake news media pundits are now foaming at the mouth, questioning Barr’s loyalties and accusing him of colluding with President Donald Trump to convey the “spun” message that he’s innocent – which it would seem as though no amount of evidence will ever convince those with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is actually true.

In a nutshell, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, whom Leftist Democrats have been hailing for the past two years as their savior and hero who was going to take down Trump, didn’t end up procuring what these Trump haters were wishfully thinking he would. And in response, Trump haters everywhere are reeling with more anger than ever, demanding that Mueller be burned at the stake for failing to prove their deranged conspiracy theories.

CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta about had a coronary in response to Barr’s press conference, accusing Barr of “clearly laying out a sympathetic presentation” of what’s supposedly in the Mueller report. Twenty-twenty presidential hopeful and Leftist Democrat Cory Booker similarly accused Barr of “undermining the independence of this entire process” for his speaking publicly about the Mueller report prior to releasing it

It’s the same merry-go-round of liberal hysteria that sparked and fueled the more than two-year investigation – which many of these same Democrats, assuming the Mueller report would conclude what they wanted it to conclude, promised to accept as a final ruling on the matter. But because the Mueller reports exonerated President Trump by showing no collusion, the Left is furious.

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Why is Google News still indexing fake news outlets that are PROVEN hoaxers and liars?

One wonders if the fake news media will ever drop this ridiculous conspiracy theory and just move on already, perhaps switching into support-mode for our lawfully elected president. We certainly won’t hold our breath on this one, though it would obviously help to unify Americans and strengthen our nation.

One thing is for sure: The mainstream media has obliterated all remaining traces of credibility by engaging this baseless witch hunt. The Clown News Network is toast, as is MSNBC, The Washington Post, and the entire social media and tech cabal – nearly all of which has conspired to spread this and other anti-Trump conspiracy theories while actively censoring the truth.

We now know that Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Wikipedia, and many others are already trying to thwart the 2020 election against Trump by censoring independent news outlets that have anything positive to say about him, as well as by generating fake news articles to steer voters away from supporting him.

Google in particular has continued to index fake news outlets at the top of its search results list, despite the fact that these purveyors of propaganda have been actively peddling Russian collusion conspiracy nonsense virtually nonstop for more than two years and counting.

“For two years, the liberal media created hundreds of stories that insinuated some dark conspiracy that cheated Hillary Clinton out of a win in 2016,” writes Matt Vespa for about the liberal media’s assault against both truth and free speech.

“In reality, it was Hillary Clinton who did that to herself, ignoring the Rust Belt, having piss poor messaging, and being an all-around terrible candidate. And even after Special Counsel Robert Mueller submitted his report, which was summarized by Attorney General William Barr, after two years of investigating – there is still zero evidence of Russian collusion.”

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2 responses to “It’s official: the collapse of the mainstream media’s credibility is now complete”

  1. The same media that mocks and ridicules conspiracy theories, has kookie conspiracy theories of their own.

  2. But Is Fake News A Modern Age Internet Occurrence?

    Why is it that “fake news” is only in recent years becoming more and more of an issue? Or is the truth really something more complex to grasp? Or has fake news been really been around us always! It is only now, thanks to the Internet that fact checking the news media has been not only possible, but it has become almost impossible for the governments to have total control of the news media and people reporting the truth independently, at the same time.

    What we are witnessing today, with all this “fake news” talk, is really for the first time in centuries (in fact, ever!), that people all around the world are starting to see how not only governments have been lying to them, but how much the media have been lying to people. This now presents an interesting scenario, for how long have the media have been lying to the people, and not just the news media, but also historians? Is the Internet really to blame. No, its just the Internet has just exposed what has been going on for centuries.

    For instance, for decades we were left to believe many things about the 20th century that were put in text books as facts, but now are being exposed as lies, here are a few that are now proven to be lies but were known for many decades as facts:

    – Anne Frank’s Diary: now exposed as a hoax, largely written by her father, AFTER THE WAR, “The latest pages confirm once again that much of what is claimed to be “Anne Frank’s diary” was in fact written by her father after the war—a fact which also explains the use of ball point pen in the “diary,” a writing device which only became available after 1945”, refer to Anne Frank’s father wrote most of the diary, and AFTER THE WAR.

    – The lie of 6 million Jews killed in WWII: From the Institute Of Historical Review:

    “… devastating proof of the brazen fantasy of the six million figure is the rising number of Jewish survivors who claim indemnities from West Germany. By March 31, 1956, Germany had settled 400,000 such claims and another 852,812 were pending. But by June 30, 1965, the survivors claiming indemnities had almost tripled. By that date 3,375,020 were registered with the West German Republic as having suffered under but survived the Nazis to claim indemnities for physical or psychological suffering allegedly incurred between 1939 and 1945.
    …Eastern Europe for the same sort of investigation possible in West Europe, the legend of the six million will shrink some 90 per cent, and of the remaining casualties some will be proven to have died in the Warsaw uprising in combat…”, read more here,
    The Myth of the Six Million,

    – Abraham Lincoln was killed by his wife: read the whole story here, Mary Lincoln was an opium user, and Booth her supplier. Mary wanted her husband out of the White House so she could freely pursue her opium habit, but Abe reneged on a promise to her. So Mary Lincoln shot Abe Lincoln! But Booth got the blame.

    As you can see, governments, historians and just plan old humanity is full of lies. You can’t trust the history books, especially history books written before the Internet.

    So the televised media and the newspapers have been lying to us about stories for centuries. Why should anyone believe even the history books?

    Let me put it to you more clearly. Do you really believe every single history book ever written was written truthfully? Do really believe every historian is a saint and doesn’t tell lies? So history is perfectly honest? Ok so you don’t believe they are, so then, now pick the truthful books from the false books! Really throws things up in the air, doesn’t it?

    Historians love to read old letters and government notes, and use them as historical evidence. Historians are the most gullible and stupid people in academia. Don’t you think that every person of import is not aware that their writings could very well be used by historians in the future? You can’t trust anything that is written by anyone. The only facts that be truly trusted are the many independently written about events that actually happened and published by many different writers. Single letters or opinions by individuals are not worth the paper they are written on.

    And as I have said before, The World Runs On Lies.

    History is a game between liars and facts, and most of the time, the facts are largely based upon lies. So next time you read a history book, remember, its most likely a book, largely based upon fiction.