Lebanese Man Laments the State of Marriage

henrymakow.com – April 21, 2019

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Lebanon ranks first among Arab countries in celibacy rates at 85 per cent for unmarried men above 40 and unmarried women above 30. The divorce rate in Lebanon has doubled since 2006.
I asked a young Lebanese friend in his late 20’s why he isn’t married. This was his response.
“Many young Lebanese are deciding against marriage.
“Both sexes overwhelmingly deem the very institution as demanding, outdated and inefficient.”

by R.A. — (henrymakow.com) 

Celibacy and divorce are becoming the new norm among Lebanese men and women.
Why is this in a country where women outnumber men by more than 2 per cent?
High celibacy, or spinsterhood, rates have been fueled by deteriorating socio-economic conditions. These include underwhelming economic performance that borders stagnation, low wages, high unemployment rates (between 25-30 per cent among working-age individuals), skyrocketing real estate prices, high dowries (or “Mahr” in Islamic law) – where applicable – and costly wedding ceremonies.
As a result, many are deciding against marriage. Both sexes overwhelmingly deem the very institution as demanding, outdated and inefficient. Single men are increasingly heading out of the country for better work opportunities overseas, whereas single women tend to remain but set about pursuing higher education as an achievable alternative satisfaction.
Consequent better education prospects and integration of women in the marketplace – Lebanon ranks first in the Middle East and North Africa region on the percentage of women in the workplace – have led many to consider career advancement at the expense of establishing a family.



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2 responses to “Lebanese Man Laments the State of Marriage”

  1. Apart from microwaves blasting people’s skulls, any responsible government should check the food chain and the water supplies with respect to fertility issues. Then these days there is the very sophisticated manipulation of the values and goals of the public mainly through life-style advertising, control of the media, the public education systems, and the entertainment industries. The problem is that most nations of the West and places like Lebanon are now controlled by corrupt and irresponsible governments and whatever interest group controls their finances then watch out, especially if your nation happens to be in an area designated for replacement by a neighboring nation which is very powerful, rich and despises your people.

  2. Celibacy?!? What a crying shame. I’d like to bang that hot Lebanese woman in the photo six ways from Sunday. 😉