Chabad & Noahide Laws EXPOSED!!!

Adam Green – Know More News April 18, 2019

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  1. Jews have always said its them against the world and to be faire they are winning we fought 2 world wars for them, iraq syria lebanon and soon iran N korea russia and chine
    if a splanned the USA bited them off one at a time, they may win, if if these countries unite
    they may just teach the Usa and its puppet master israel, a valuable lesson

  2. People need yo realise that this is real – unreal as it seems to healthy minded people. The people planning all this are not healthy minded and I am not sure that they are even people, or normal at all.
    There are long white painted trains somewhere in NW America with UN painted on some of the carriages. They are three tiered. Each section or tier has metal benches with ankle chains welded to the floor.
    Between every few of these carriages are flat beds with guillotines. The guillotines are said to be marked “Made in China.”
    According to Nancy Turner Banks there are guillotines in all the Fema Camps.
    Jared Kushner owns a building 666, Fith Avenue, NY. There have been reports to say that a company in that building is the manufacturer of RFID chips.
    It is all really chilling, and unreal. What kind of a world is this now?

  3. This Chabad & Noahide thing is extremely dangerous. It has taken the CHS ( Chosen people Syndrome ) to a higher and more dangerous level. If they continue to gain strength it may spark a very violent religious war….. and perhaps this is what they want in the hope of winning so as to enslave mankind. IF THERE IS ANYTHING THAT PROMPTS ANTISEMITISM THIS IS IT !!!! ……………………Righteous Jews must stop this movement before it is too late !

  4. The Chabad Lubavitchers are enemies of humanity and need to fucking die; hopefully violently and painfully.

  5. Final solution is needed

  6. At this rate , this is what i think it will happen. The demise of the dollar , the Stock exchange collapse, Civil war in the USA and possibly in the EU gulag, the Jews will be hunted down and dealt by the people that finally understand that the satanic tribe is guilty of starting world wars , looting the countries that feed them , and robbing the citizen with fake money .