Black Man Intentionally Ran Car Into Two White Children, No Hate Crime Charged

Hide Out Now – April 20, 2019

Another incident involving white children attacked by a black man who attempted to murder them has emerged.

Oghaleoghene Atunu, 21, circled his car in the areas where the white children were until he spotted them and, police believe, intentionally ran his car into them.

“Just the fact that they drove away and didn’t even stop to check if these children were OK — or alive — there’s just no excuse for that,” Erin Piazza, whose son Josh was hit, said to Fox 31.

The 11 and 12-year-old are recovering but one suffered a skull fracture, bleeding in his brain and a concussion.

Atuna was arrested last Saturday and has been charged with “three counts of attempted first-degree murder; two counts of attempted first-degree assault; two counts of child abuse; one count of first-degree assault; one count of failing to remain at the scene of an accident involving serious bodily injuries; one count of vehicular assault; one count of failure to notify police of an accident; one count of leaving the scene without providing required information after striking unattended property; one count of reckless driving; one count of driving a vehicle when a driver’s license was expired one year or less; and one count of failure to observe/disregarded traffic control device.”

Notice in the list of charges that Atuna faces none of them involve a hate crime, something that would have likely been given had the children been black and Atuna white.

“This case is a prime example of the incredible skills and untiring determination our members have every day to ensure Colorado is as safe as possible” Chief Matthew Packard, of the Colorado State Patrol, said.

“Without a doubt, everyone involved in this investigation is working to ensure the demands of justice are met,” he said.

This case follows another where a black man attempted to murder a white child at the Mall of America by pushing him off a three story balcony.

CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post and others gave ample coverage to the Jussie Smollett hoax but not to either of these cases.



3 responses to “Black Man Intentionally Ran Car Into Two White Children, No Hate Crime Charged”

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