Months after it begins, the oligarchs/Macron vs Gilets Jaunes battle still rages and will keep on

By Le Saker Francophone for the Saker Blog – April 19, 2019

Protesters wearing yellow vests, a symbol of a French drivers’ protest against higher diesel taxes, face off with French riot police during clashes at the Place de l’Etoile near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France, December 1, 2018. REUTERS/Stephane Mahe – RC1C62B3D170

This battle that the French people will win – we do not yet know when, but sure it will – is the vanguard battle of a Western world in full decline because their elites, no longer able to plunder the rest of the world as they did before, are beginning to plunder their own country in order to continue to accumulate a capital that has no other objective than to accumulate, always accumulate, by pure Pavlovian reflex. The shape and outcome of this battle therefore does not concern only France but all the other people of the “West”, specially the United States, where the 1% show the same greediness.
Saturday after Saturday, about 100,000 yellow vests invade the streets of cities and roundabouts of the countryside, claiming that the government should take more into account the interests of the people and a less those of the oligarchs.
But the latest and their puppet, Macron and his government, are stubbornly refusing to listen to these people whom they obviously consider as congenital idiots, uncultivated anti-Semitics, jealous of those who succeed… and other verbal demonstrations of their unfathomable superiority complex.
But behind this superiority complex, we also see a panic, at least with Macron who, after six uninterrupted months of demonstrations he has violently repressed, sees the hatred that is accumulating against him and who, in his rare moments of lucidity, must remember the history of France and the fate of Louis XVI, the king guillotined by the revolutionaries. And this panic was clearly visible in this episode: After spending 12 million euros on its Great Debate, that should transform anger into solutions, these famous solutions had to live up to the expectations and frustration of a people who saw their country turning into a dictatorship. But what can Macron offer when he is stuck between the oligarch hammer and the popular anvil? He obviously didn’t find it. So as usual, he cunningly used the very providential but very dubious fire of Notre Dame de Paris to make the Great Debate disappear into the black hole of popular memory that he hopes will lead to amnesia because, as is well known to manipulators, nothing is better than an emotional diversion to make important things forgotten. Providentially then, the fire started just one hour before its speech, giving him the perfect excuse to cancel it and, in the name of “mourning”, delaying it, and the famous solutions he should propose, to an unspecified date. Since then not a word about it, from his side or the media side. A shameful 12 million euros scam!
But, contrary to what they think, they are not dealing with fools but with people educated and intelligent enough to understand that behind their empty words, their institutional violence and their brigands’ schemes, these oligarchs are plundering the nation’s heritage, sucking the people’s blood. And the most intelligent among the Gjs are explaining to others, days after days, both through social networks and constituent assemblies, as well as through meetings in the streets every Saturday how things work. Then, the day the fire erupted the investigation was therefore open, on social networks, to find out whether this fire was really an accident, as the government claims, or a voluntary act, as most experts, especially the best in position to do it, the former head of Notre Dame’s maintenance, believe.
Moreover, one of the first visible benefits of this movement is that it is rebuilding a social bond that 30 years of “modern individualistic society” had completely destroyed. There is nothing like a common enemy to bring a people together and the Gj have found it. It is Macron and the oligarchs who manipulate it. And there is no shortage of battles against this powerful and blind enemy.
But it is not only the enemy that is common to them, they perceive above all a common objective, that of giving the French people back their say in the political decisions concerning the nation. And for that, the main tool to be implemented is the RIC. The Citizens’ Initiative Referendum, in all areas, i.e. covering all areas of politics. For sure, the oligarchs, and therefore Macron, do not want this RIC because it would sign the end of their enrichment on the State’s back. Because it is one of the things that is explained every day to the Gj by those who have understood the mechanism well, these oligarchs get rich on the back of the State through systematic public procurement, legal tax exemption, state subsidies, privatization of public companies, tax havens, shell companies…
And since the State is getting poorer under the blows of these oligarchs, since taxes are already on their highest level, since money is no longer under the control of the government, all that remains for the government is the solution of “budgetary austerity”, which takes the form of closing hospitals and schools, downgrading the number of civil servant, increasing education costs, reducing pensions and expenditure allowing social regulation, which was the pride of post-1936 France, in short, to gradually erase all the social gains made by our grandparents before and after the Second World War.
As one of these Gj experts explained, tax fraud alone is exactly equivalent to the amount of the public deficit. So if, thanks to the RIC, the French nation could stop the budgetary hemorrhaging caused by this oligarchic system which, since the 1980s, has been slowly weaving the web choking the nation, then it could keep its status as a world and economic power that it is losing, like the rest of the Western world, because of the greed of one percent of its population, and the shameless minions who work for them.
In the coming years, it will therefore be a fight to the death between the people and these oligarchs, one of the first victims of which is democracy. Because, now that they are already naked, these oligarchs will no longer be cluttered with the apparatus of freedom and democracy that they used to cover their hold on the country. We can already see it with a police repression that has never been seen before, a justice that is more than expeditious, totally muzzled media, in short, all the characteristics of a totalitarian state.
But how could these oligarchs win against an entire people? This is historically impossible. It therefore remains to the Gj to have them worn out so that, Saturday after Saturday, the number of Gj visible in the streets goes from 100,000 to 500,000 and then to millions, in short a new revolution. But for this to happen, it will require a long process of making aware of the situation those who do not yet understand, those who are afraid to understand. A long-term task for which, for the moment, more than one hundred thousands people are ready to give their time, energy and bravery to the end as their motto “nous ne lâcherons pas” [We shall not give up] is showing it.
Le Saker Francophone


3 responses to “Months after it begins, the oligarchs/Macron vs Gilets Jaunes battle still rages and will keep on”

  1. An excellent appraisal
    The battle between the people and rothschild is heating up
    in Germany Hitler put the Rothschilds in prison, which was one of the reasons for the jew controlled USA and UK going to war with Hitler when as William Joyce said ” we should be assisting him ”
    Not mentioned is the massive support to stop the mass immigration, particularly the illegals.
    Same as in the UK

  2. So glad to see someone put into words exactly what I was thinking.
    The Physical meeting and idea exchange is exactly what is needed for our ideas to spread – meeting real people as a comrade allows much greater transmission of ‘controversial’ ideas. It moves people much closer to seeing the Real ‘reality’ and that reality is Anti-Semitic.

  3. The Second French Revolution Has Started.

    To Macron and his elite overloads:

    C’est la continuation de ce qui a commencé il ya plus de deux cents ans? Vous n’avez rien appris de la dernière révolution. Mais les royalistes ils ont appris. Ils ont payé pour cela avec leurs vies. Les riches arrogants n’apprennent jamais et ils ont toujours surestimé leur position dans la société et dans la vie. Eh bien, il est temps que les riches arrogants apprennent, tout comme les royalistes l’ont fait il y a deux cents ans.

    [EN: This is a continuation of what began more than two hundred years ago? You have learned nothing from the last revolution. But the royalists they learned. They paid for it with their lives. The arrogant rich never learn and have always overestimated their position in society and in life. Well, it’s time for the arrogant rich to learn, just as the royalists did two hundred years ago.]

    It took the French Revolution (that one that started back at the end of the 18th century which was noted for the ending of the monarchy), some ten years to run its course. The number one reason why it happened: HIGH TAXES!

    Does that sound familiar? Yes in France, and many other places in Europe, revolution is starting again. The rich never learn, remember those words: THE RICH NEVER LEARN. Why is that? Well think about it, if you’re rich, do you value life, liberty and work the same as the poor? Of course not. Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is the start of the French Revolution Part II.

    Part I of the French Revolution was about getting rid of the thieving, gluttonous royal class. Sadly, it was replaced by the mercantile class. As it is always the case, money corrupts and corrupts absolutely. And so ladies and gentlemen, we are here once again, some 230 years later, and did anyone learn anything from history in all this time? Nope. Historians love to say that history is important to study so we can learn from our mistakes. Well that is a load of garbage. When did the rich ever give a damn about learning about valuing people’s right to work and life and prosperity the way they value their own “right” to not work, not produce anything and to undervalue every body else’s long ours of suffering and hardship to provide for their families? History is largely written by liars and then followed by idealistic fools.

    The last time the guillotine was invented. Think about that Macron, and all those others that control the economy with their greed, what new ingenious and creative device will the French invent this time round?

    Let’s just hope, the people get it right this time round.

    Note To French Government: Don’t even think of trying to use force! The idiot royalists thought they controlled the military and police, until when the military and police had to start jailing their own loved ones. The last revolution lasted 10 years, we are only into year 1.

    If you want to know what is going to happen in the years to come, just go to any history book (if you can believe it) on the French Revolution, and replace every these words;

    – Royalist with Elitist,
    – Royal Class with Upper Class,
    – Royal Court Official with Member Of Parliament,
    – Guillotine with Yet To Be Determined.

    Vive La Révolution!