#FreeBritney: Is Britney Spears Being Held at a Mental Health Facility Against Her Will for MKULTRA?

Vigilant Citizen – April 18, 2019

A “credible source” claims that Britney Spears is being held against her will at a mental health facility since January. The cryptic social media activity of Britney’s mother appears to be confirming this claim. Is Britney undergoing MKULTRA reprogramming?

Since 2011, The Vigilant Citizen has been documenting the life and career of Britney Spears in great detail for a simple reason: She is one of the most obvious examples of mind control in the entertainment industry today. And the bizarre turn of events of the past months tends to confirm this fact.
Spurred by the revelations of an anonymous source close to Britney and the social media activity of Britney’s mother, the campaign #FreeBritney has been gaining steam. The theory: The singer is being held against her will at a “mental health” facility since the beginning of January.
Is she being held against her will for MKULTRA reprogramming? Before we explore this question, here’s quick look back at the events that defined Britney’s life.

MK Slave

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3 responses to “#FreeBritney: Is Britney Spears Being Held at a Mental Health Facility Against Her Will for MKULTRA?”

  1. Bob Hope who was an insider said that all important people should have a sex slave
    this saved them from the risk of going to prostitutes or having affairs and therefore risking blackmail. Obama had several small boys, one aged 12 was featured as the centrefold in Homosexual magazine. androgynous singer Cliff Richard and actor Dirk Bogarde were known to be rented out by the kray brothers to people like Lord Boothy Peter Arne Edward heath etc
    These sex slaves are trained to have multiple personalities often around the ages of 30and late 50s the training needs reinforcing or the person can regain some control over their actions. Sirhan Sirhan and Mark Chapman were both mind slaves. I could name several beutiful women singers who are mind controlled. I learn a lot when i worked at the maudesley psychiatric hospital

  2. where can we get one of these beautiful women sex slaves ?

  3. That dumb whore can go fuck herself. She sold her soul for fame and is now having to pay part of the bill, with the bulk of the tab still looming. I have zero respect for “singers” who lip-sync and put more emphasis on the perverted gyrations of their stage performances than the actual expression of music and art. I instantly despise “singers” who cavort on stage with hordes of back-up dancers as if it’s some expression of art rather than just a shameless display of depravity. Spears has been nothing but a worthless slut who pissed away what natural talent she may have had long ago.