Facebook spent $22.6m to keep Mark Zuckerberg safe last year

Reuters – April 13, 2019

Facebook more than doubled the money it spent on top executive Mark Zuckerberg’s security in 2018 to $22.6m, a regulatory filing has showed.

Zuckerberg drew a base salary of $1 for the past three years, and his “other” compensation was listed at $22.6m, most of which was for his personal security.

Nearly $20m went toward security for Zuckerberg and his family, up from about $9 million the year prior. Zuckerberg also received $2.6m for personal use of private jets, which the company said was part of his overall security program.

Facebook in the past few years has faced public outcry over its role in the spread of disinformation and political propaganda online, data breaches and privacy concerns.

It includes Russia’s alleged influence on the 2016 US presidential election and revelations that Cambridge Analytica, a political consultancy hired by Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, obtained personal data from millions of Facebook profiles without consent.

Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg took home $23.7m in 2018 compared to $25.2m last year.

Separately, Facebook said Netflix chief executive officer Reed Hastings would vacate his seat on the social media company’s board and not be nominated for re-election.

Hastings’ departure comes as the Menlo Park-based company beefs up its push into videos. Hastings has served on Facebook’s board since 2011.

The company also said it would nominate PayPal’s senior vice president of core markets, Peggy Alford, to its board in place of University of North Carolina President Emeritus Erskine Bowles, who will also not be re-nominated.


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  3. Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

    I’m so happy to see you increase your personal security! You are such a noble, ethical, honest, forthright, upstanding member of our community and undoubtedly deserve to be totally protected along with your family, your clan, your tribe, etc…

    You must be kept alive for the benefit of mankind because of your unique ability to fight cyberhate and antisemitism, clearly the most important issue of our time according to the Times.

    I feel so good knowing you are so well protected while you are out there fighting for transparency, truth and the good of humanity. I am absolutely relieved to find out that facegook is up to the challenge of stamping out those offensive and inappropriate expressions of pure unadulterated hate we so often come across as we peruse the Internet and walk the streets of white supremacist America.

    farcebook, Joogle, Twittee, JouTube, B’nai Brut, the Southern Perversity Lie Center and the Handi Defamation League are in a league by yourselves. No organizations remotely come close to showing such determination in the promotion of civilized moral values.

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    Thanking you in advance for going after these purveyors of hate:

    The Talmud.

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