The Demise Of The ‘Western’ System

Moon of Alabama – April 9, 2019

An F-35B makes the first vertical landing on USS Wasp. Source: US Navy/

A U.S. made fighter jet that is claimed to evade radar, finally evades radar:

Japan’s Air Self-Defense Force says an F35A fighter jet disappeared from radar over the sea off Aomori Prefecture, northern Japan, at around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Japan Time.

ASDF officials said the aircraft took off from Misawa air base at around 7:00 p.m., and disappeared at a point about 135 kilometers east of Misawa City.

This again proves that Donald Trump is right:

“Amazing job … so amazing we are ordering hundreds of millions of dollars of new planes for the Air Force, especially the F-35. You like the F-35? … you can’t see it. You literally can’t see it. It’s hard to fight a plane you can’t see,” Mr Trump said in October.

Or is he?

The F-35 may have some good electronics but is not a good plane to fly against any competent competitor. The Marine version which can take off and land vertically, is a remake of the Soviet Yakovlev 141 which first flew in 1989 (vid). The derived Air Force and Navy versions do not have the vertical take off and landing capabilities, but inherited the disadvantages the basic design brings with it. The F-35’s stealth does not work against modern radar:

[T]o shoot down F-35 one has to have two different bands radar, good sensor-fusion algorithms and decent signal processing protocols and voila’. S-300 PMU2 Favorit can do this, certainly S-400, and its inevitably coming iterations for which there is literally a line of customers, can. In general, this whole BS about “stealth” should end at some point of time–it was a good propaganda while it lasted. Reality is, with modern processing power and radar design F-35 is not survivable against modern cutting edge air-defense and air-forces.

The Turkish President Erdogan knows this. That is why he is not deterred by U.S. threats to not sell F-35s to him while he buys Russian air defense systems. He just flew to Moscow to discuss futher purchases which will likely include a Russian designed fighter:

The two sides must “strengthen cooperation in the military-technical sphere,” Putin told Erdogan as they met in the Kremlin. “These regard first of all the completion of the contract to supply S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems to Turkey,” he said. “There are other promising projects on the agenda related to the supply of modern Russian military products to Turkey,” Putin added.

The U.S. no longer builds capable weapons. As Ian Welsh wrote yesterday in America: A Failing State:

The US military is showing signs of being unable to create effective advanced military equipment: as with the F-35, which basically can’t fly. It is showing signs of intense incompetence, as when it let multiple planes be destroyed on the ground by a hurricane rather than, uh, fly them out or get them under effective cover.

Other examples of the incompetence of U.S. military design are the Littoral Combat Ships, which are essentially unarmed fast boats. The “stealth” DDG-1000 Zumwalt class destroyers were supposed to support ground troops with their long range guns. Built at $4 billion a piece the ships are now losing their guns because the ammunition turned out to be too expensive to buy. Before that they lost much of their stealth capabilities because some necessary communication equipment was left out of the original design. The ships new task will be that of a missile launch platform, a job that any commercial ship, carrying containerized Russian missiles (vid), can likewise fulfill.

Ian points out that the lack of military competence is just a symptom. The real problem sits much deeper:

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  1. It makes me laugh, the Jews who run the USA versus the jews who run Russia.Except they dont, not any more, Putin like Hitler rescued the economy ffrom the jews
    wjhen Hitler did this, we all know what the jew run countries did.Its called the Grand Chessboard. Kissenger said when he coined this term, ” its is a game played by the rich, the goyim are expendable ”
    One day soon the American people who now live in tent cities all across the USA will realise the wealth was stolen by the jews, same as the UK actually

  2. The US Air Force is well aware of the short-comings of the F-35. The question is how gullible are the air forces around the world in buying it. Countries like Italy have already bought large orders of them.

    Messaggio agli italiani:
    un altro cattivo investimento da parte del governo italiano

    The US Air Force is already planning to to use the F35 as something to dump on its allies for the obvious reason of always keeping your allies weaker than yourself: F35 to be sold to rest of the world, while US Air Force will make a jet that will use F35 short comings to destroy it easily.

    What kind of ally creates a pile garbage and sells it to you as the best! With allies like the United States Of America, who needs enemies.