U.S. Marines are practicing seizing small islands using techniques learned in World War II

Daily Mail.com – March 22, 2019

U.S. Marines with Amphibious Assault Vehicles (AAV) take a part in a landing operation during a military Exercise Baltops 2018. Click to enlarge

The U.S. military is practicing tactics that it last rehearsed more than 70 years ago in preparation for a possibly conflict with China.

It was during World War II that U.S. Marines moved quickly from island to island as they fought bloody battles again Japanese forces who were determined to dominate the Pacific.

The Marine Corps is now re-examining its island-hopping strategy for today’s troops, as a possible conflict with China draws ever-closer.

Marines from the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit have so far led a series of simulated small-island assaults in Japan.

The 31st MEU, supported by elements of the 3rd Marine Division, 3rd Marine Logistics Group, and 1st Marine Aircraft Wing; members of the Air Force 353rd Special Operations Group; and Army soldiers with 1st Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group, practiced seizing Ie Shima Island – a place where the Marine Corps often train.

After the Marines ‘seized’ the island’s airfield, troops went on to established a Forward Arming and Refueling Point.

Aircraft including the Marine Corps F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters and C-130J Super Hercules transport aircraft were also on hand to assist.

Rocket artillery units were brought in on board the C-130Js and there were simulated long-range precision-fire missions, Stealth fighters also conducted expeditionary strikes with precision-guided munitions according to Business Insider.

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‘We’ll see how frightened America is’ — Chinese admiral says sinking US carriers key to dominating South China Sea

JD Simkins – Navy Times Jan 04, 2019

U.S. Pacific fleet

Another Beijing official has sounded off about the communist nation’s perceived dominance of the South China Sea region, this time coming as an alarming threat of inflicting mass casualties on the U.S. Navy.

During a Dec. 20 speech to the 2018 Military Industry List summit, China’s Rear Adm. Luo Yuan, the deputy head of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences, added fuel to the South China Sea fire when he stated the key for Chinese domination in those hotly contested waters could lie in the sinking of two U.S. aircraft carriers, according to a report by Australia’s news.com.

“What the United States fears the most is taking casualties,” the admiral said, before adding that such an attack on two of the U.S. Navy’s steel behemoths would claim upwards of 10,000 lives.

Luo went on to call America’s military, money, talent, voting system and fear of adversaries the five U.S. weaknesses that can be easily exploited, according to the report.

“We’ll see how frightened America is,” he said.

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One response to “U.S. Marines are practicing seizing small islands using techniques learned in World War II”

  1. Poor US Marines.

    Working under command of saloon admirals and armchair Marine Generals
    To drill events so old fashioned does not help your bosses to rule the world as they want.
    These times are over.

    War itself is old fashioned. They are Banksters’ and generals’ dreams.
    And you are the guys going to die for their wet pants when they think of making war, when your bosses’ mad dreams become truly nightmares.
    They are save in bunkers but you are meant to do the job and die, if possible please.
    The more dead marines the more batches for the generals.

    One advice if I may?

    Start thinking for yourself, for your family and start taking care of your organical state of the United States of America, where you are born THAT is your country and not the US INC. Big Business, you are fighting for.

    Good luck, Marines.