Banned Mosque Massacre Video Described – March 17, 2019

(NZ has gone full police state, threatening 10 years in prison for having this video saved on your computer.) 
This detailed description of the mosque massacre by JT, the president of Virginia Citizens Defence League confirms the massacre was not faked. He writes: “In all the BS we face daily from the MSN, we should question why they would take down this video. Might it be that to see this reality would be to awaken us to the coming horrors, they have planned for us?
Still do not own a gun because you think someone else will protect you? Then send her to the knock on the door or broken glass at 3 AM…”
(Disclaimer –  The Illuminati controlled media is blaming this heinous massacre on people who wish to maintain their European cultural, racial and religious heritage.  This article reflects the threat these people are now feeling. They are like Jews in Nazi Germany in 1932. This website supports non-violent resistance and armed self-defence.)

by JT — ( 

The mass murderer in New Zealand live-streamed one of two mosque shootings.  The number of dead is hovering around 50 and the video backs that up.  The video was taken down in short order, but I happened to catch it when it was first posted online and I watched it in its entirety.  No editing, just the raw video from the killer’s point of view.  I saw it one time, so the information below is from what I can remember from that single viewing.
The video was not for the faint-hearted, as you can well imagine.
Briefly, here is what was shown in the footage.  If you don’t want to know any of these details, skip down to “TAKEAWAYS”:
  1. The killer parked in an alley and retrieved one rifle from several in his car’s trunk.  He also retrieved a shotgun, which he appeared to have slung around his shoulder and did not use in the mosque.  He then walked calmly for a short distance down a public sidewalk making no attempt to conceal the rifle (looked to be an AR-15 with large printing on it using a white marker) or the shotgun and turned onto the walkway leading to the mosque’s main entrance.  A couple of people standing where the sidewalk met the walkway saw the killer, but did and said nothing.  As the killer got closer to the building, he shot two or three people standing at the entrance from about 50 feet away.


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  1. Video showing crises actors training for the false flag attack. This is apparently a leaked video. If good this blows the lid off the news story.