Why the PMs Deal Does NOT Mean Leaving the EU

The Great Brexit Debate – March 16, 2019

6 responses to “Why the PMs Deal Does NOT Mean Leaving the EU”

  1. “We will never, never, never be enslaved again!”.

    Leaving the EU might not be thru then, thanks to a sleeping House of Commons and a close friend of Mrs. Merkel, the Prime Minister of Britain and Northern Ireland.

    My last hope is Northern Ireland’s Democratic Union Party to stick to the wish of the main part of the United Kingdom voted to LEAVE.
    Leave is Leave.
    It looks like UK is being enslaved at last?

  2. BREATHTAKING TREACHERY. I never thought our parliament could behave so badly. All these motions in the House of Commons don’t fool anybody. They are aiming for complete cancellation of the the referendum result,

    17.4 million people will have their revenge at the next General Election. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Conservative party lose 200+ seats. It may be the end of the party.

    Mrs May may be a vicar’s daughter, but she has not acted in good faith, and neither has the parliamentary party.

    They will deserve all they are going to get.

  3. Its a stitch up. May is a remoaner.her atrocious agreement ensures we remain. If the mps vote this in it is the end of the uk of gb. By 1022 all nation states have swap their currencies for eu, their military will be controlled by military hq in brussels, nations cease to exist. This is TREASON and those uk mps who voted for the agreement should be held to account and shot as traitors

  4. Ha, ha, ha, ha. i left England many years ago and adopted another country.
    Am I ever happy I did. I grew 3cm (I stood upright no need to duck the rain, live in Sunny country). My asthma (internal crying) disappeared never to return. I stopped wetting my bed (fear of the father) which i did.
    I gained in confidence found my passion and a career path and pursued it,
    Created my own business and I am now semi-retired comfortably (currently, but can’t retire fully love work).
    I say my very grateful thanks to Wkan t’anka , every day, I have time to remember where I came from.

    O.k. so we also have immoral buffoons, kleptomaniacs and pathological liars for politicians. What we call Democracy actually never existed. It is time for us to rise up and overthrow the entire, broken system and throw these dogs out to the dogs. )poor dogs).

  5. The people only have themselves to blame for voting in political parties, that always have their own agenda, nit the peoples, its time the people stood up and demanded that all political parties stand down to face charges of treason, the people do have the power but do they have the balls?

  6. Mrs May’s deal is so bad that I now think it would be better to remain in the EU for the time being and reorganize. The first thing would be to have a General Election to get rid of Mrs May and kick out as many of the the remainer MPs as we can, Then we could at least have a vote in the EU, and we would be such a loose cannon in Brussels thatthey would want to get rid of us.

    The Supreme Court decision to allow Parliament the decision on Brexit was guaranteed to result in a split parliament. Only a big majority brexit party victory will guarantee hat these judges and other elites cannot outvote the people.

    It should never have come to this. I will never forgive the present Conservative pariamentary leadership. Their treachery is disgusting, and I hope to see them pay for it with their jobs.