Robert David Steele — Larry Silverstein & the 911 Plot

Robert David Steele – YouTube Feb 25, 2019

6 responses to “Robert David Steele — Larry Silverstein & the 911 Plot”

  1. Egyptian President Once said The Arab world will not be free until America is free. No body understood what he meant by that comment. Some 50 years later it’s now obvious.
    Israel is hell bent on stopping any country that threatens their Jewish Superiority.

  2. “Lucky Larry” as they call him basically blew it wide open ( no pun intended ) when he was interviewed ( PBS Version ) in regard to 9-11 and specifically building 7 ( Soloman Bros. Building ). Apparently he wasn’t keeping track on what was being said or not said on the 9-11 issue. I am sure he was keeping track of his money though ( you can bet on that !! ).
    Interesting to note not a word on building 7 in the 9-11 commission report. No doubt it is one of the smoking guns revealing an inside job which took years in the making. Anybody who knows about demolition work knows it takes days to set up the charges.Therefore this proves that fires from the main towers are not responsible for the take down of building 7 which was reinforced steel framed.
    Just my opinion: I believe most of the world believes it was an inside job. But not in the U.S. and parts of the west. Mainstream controls the “Sheeple”.

  3. Still to this day, I hav’nt heard/seen anybody question what really happened at the Pentagon. More specifically, WHY the CHIEF OF STAFF that died within a closed off part of the building that was supposed to be closed for redecorating!!!

  4. …and if you dont believe me check the official death list…

  5. I originally believe the official 911 story, but seeing the video of the collapse of building number changed my mind. There is no way that building came down like that because of a fire on the ground floor.

    Steel is a ductile material. It will bend and stretch bu it will not crumble.