Gays Admit They are Sick – June 14, 2019 

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When government, corporations and media speak  with one voice, and stigmatize dissent as “bigotry”, you know Fascism (or Communism) has arrived. When they promote behavior that even homosexuals acknowledge is sick, something very sinister is afoot.
Quote from Mae West’s autobiography, “Goodness Had Nothing to do with It” (1959): “In many ways homosexuality is a danger to the entire social system of Western civilization. Certainly a nation should be made aware of its presence — without moral mottoes — and its effects on children recruited to it in their innocence. I had no objection to it as a cult of jaded inverts… involved only with themselves. It was its secret, anti-social aspects I wanted to bring into the sun. As a private pressure group it could, and has, infected whole nations.”
The Illuminati want this information to disappear down the Memory Hole. I will not oblige.
Slightly revised from 2001 

by Henry Makow PhD. 

Imagine that an organism is sick. Imagine that the sick cells convince the organism that in fact, the healthy cells are sick. The gullible organism would decline and die.
This is the relationship between society and homosexual proponents today. Gays argue that same-sex behavior is no different than being left-handed. On the other hand, heterosexual behavior is not natural, but socially conditioned and “oppressive.”
Let’s decide whom, in fact, is sick.
Let’s look at gay behavior as defined by two gay activists, Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen Ph.D., authors of “After the Ball: How America will Conquer its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90’s”(1989).

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  1. Νέα και Επικαιρότητα από την Ελλάδα

    “[…]Gays Acknowledge their Lifestyle is Toxic[…]”

  2. Notice that these deviants have universally adopted the “Rainbow” logo and has usually only 6 colors with one short – Purple. Violet (Purple) has always historically been regarded as a Kingly color and was incidentally, the color of Christ’s robe.

    Interestingly, the number 6 is also God’s number for Sinful Man. How apt!