Makow – Politically Incorrect Advice for Young Men — Jan 20, 2020 

What I wish I knew when I was 21.
Avoid women who exhibit any of the four-C’s: (Women who) compete, control, criticize or complain. 
 “Avoid women who are overachievers or neurotic.
“Don’t get hung up on unavailable women. They’re not as special as they think. Choose a wife who complements you and is a good companion. 
Choose one who will be a good mother.”

by Henry Makow PhD. — Revised From May 14, 2017

My life was dysfunctional until the age of 50 partly because I accepted the feminist assumptions purveyed by the mass media.
I never imagined the financial elite is engaged in a war to destabilize society by trashing heterosexual roles. This government hate attack on the traditional family continues unabated today. The purpose is to create a totalitarian New World Order where people are socially isolated and mind controlled.
Like millions of men, I was let “off the hook” by sexual liberation and feminism. Instead of becoming a husband and father, I was free to have sex and search for my “identity.”
Often sex and identity were confused. I didn’t understand that men mature and find purpose by assuming the responsibility of marriage and family. As a result, I suffered from arrested development (immaturity) and missed my opportunity to have a family.
What follows is an antidote to elite feminist propaganda. I don’t want young men to make the same mistakes i did.
  1. The creation of a strong and loving family is perhaps the highest goal to which a man can aspire. This is the natural process by which men (and women) grow over a lifetime. This is how we find love and intimacy. It isn’t for everyone but for most, it is the path to happiness.


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