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NBC News Promotes Convenience of Getting a Microchip in Your Hand

As in Revelations 13:17: “so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark: the beast’s name or the number of its name…”

69 Percent Of U.S. Households “Are Preparing For A Possible Recession”

The end of the road may be in sight for U.S. economic growth – and most Americans know it

Mark Carney, top Kingpin of the vipers enslaving and destroying the West and the World. Click to enlarge

Anthony Migchels: Return to Gold Standard Spells Disaster

The central banking cartel is losing control of the financial system and the “solution” may entail an economic crisis. So another ‘market crash’ may be coming

In Los Angeles tents and cardboard shelters litter the sidewalks of many city streets. On skid row, entire city blocks are occupied by tens of thousands of homeless men and women, eighty-percent of them black. Click to enlarge

San Francisco, Hostage to the Homeless

As the U.S. continues its descent into Third World squalor, drug dependency, mental illness and homelessness are now an integral part of the American way of life

The Big Lie - Without Migrants, Who Will Do the Jobs 'No One' Wants?

The Big Lie – Without Migrants, Who Will Do the Jobs ‘No One’ Wants?

Exposing the fallacious arguments used to promote mass migration

The Latest Numbers Tell Us That The Global Economic Slowdown Is Accelerating Dramatically

The German economy has already entered recession territory. Many others could soon follow

Time To End The Jewish Fed

Time To End The Jewish Fed

The Fed ‘steals’ money into existence. The money it creates does not represent labour, or goods or services; it’s fake money yet legal

Our poisoned heart

Central Banks — The Poisoned Heart of Our Body Politic

Our financial system is a confidence game controlled by our worst enemy. Henry Makow explains

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This is how much debt your country has per person

A breakdown of what individuals in each country owe the Rothschilds

Fictitious Markets, False Economics, and the Reality of Fraud

Economically speaking, America’s financials are a disaster. Debt is at the highest level in history, and it is universal: in households, corporations, and in government.

Study: If The Debt Machine Was Turned Off, The U.S. Would Immediately Plunge Into A Horrifying Depression

Corporate debt alone has more than doubled since the last financial crisis

Daily Express: 'Judea Declares War On Germany'. Click to enlarge

How Hitler Defied the Bankers

The German people supported Hitler after he freed them from the banker’s tyranny. His megalomania, and the banker’s vengeance, made them pay a heavy price

Why Economists Are Always Wrong

James Corbett asks: How can it be that a profession that likes to call itself a “science” can be so consistently wrong?

Catallaxy Defined on Declare Your Independence

James Corbett on how language, particularly that dealing with economics, has been weaponised

Conservatives Are Being Targeted By A Complex 4th Gen Warfare Campaign

The principle method the elites will use to trick the population into enslavement is a leader who claims to be fighting the elite on their behalf. Like Donald Trump

Sacramento's homeless population has seen a 19 percent rise in two years. Click to enlarge

California’s homeless crisis engulfs its capital

Sacramento’s business owners tell how they confront naked junkies and streets covered in feces, urine and syringes. Is this the future for the rest of America?

Growing wealth inequality in the US. Click to enlarge

The Rich Are Still Getting Richer

The top 1 percent of Americans now take home, on average, more than 40 times the incomes of the bottom 90 percent.

Unemployed men at a soup kitchen in New York during the Great Depresseion. Click to enlarge

US wealth inequality – top 0.1% worth as much as the bottom 90%

This is from 2014 but we don’t think there has been any appreciable improvement since

An Indicator With A 100% Perfect Track Record Of Predicting Recessions Says That Another One Is Coming

‘May you live in interesting times’ was an old Chinese curse and the indications are that the months ahead could be very “interesting”

500-dollar federal reserve notes were officially discontinued in 1969.

The Push to Kill Cash – Australia’s Proposed Ban Shows It’s Not Conspiracy Theory

The drive for a global system of cashless transactions is underway, and the tech giants are pushing hard for it to be adopted