Woolwich: Fake Terror in London

Nick Kollerstrom — Terror on the Tube May 25, 2013

A false-flag terror event is an intelligence test for the populace. Are you really dumb enough to believe it? If so, your life will get worse. More fear, more army, more wars, less democracy, with the ‘hidden’ far-right holding power. That is the consequence of believing the government story.
At 4 pm on 22nd May aheadless torso without blood appeared a road junction in Woolwich, 200 yards from the Royal Artillery barracks. On the pavement was a crumpled-up car, the  pavement around it being smeared with something resembling blood. These were certainly impressive props – but, what was the story?

A black man of Nigerian descent, born in South London, had his right hand smeared with ‘blood’ but none on his shirt and was carrying a machete. He apologised to women for having to witness the dreadful scene.
He hung around and seemed eager to give media interviews to whoever would listen.
The police turned up and shot the two perpetrators.That seemed a decisive action – and reminds one of the Boston bombings where the two patsies were shot, and what it means, is that we are never going to hear their story. The police only turned up twenty minutes after the event. ( Armed Police are stationed less than 1 mile away from the incident at Plumstead police Station. Lewisham Police Station is less than 3 miles away and is lauded as The largest in Western Europe…) Crazed killers don’t usually hand around that long, waiting for the police to turn up.  Initial reports had the two killed, but then we learnt that they were still alive in hospital.

The DailyTelegraph reporton the event pointed out that nothing at all made any sense.  Had the two Africans been driving, hit the Army fellow, then got out of their car and hacked his dead off? If so that would hardly result in such a crumpled-up car. And, erm, where was the head? Then during an interview, as the ‘killer’ was speaking, “I noticed a lady in a blue dress, and pulling a trolley, just casually walking past the man with meat cleaver and the blood soaked hands. It was like she was just out doing a bit of shopping.”
Did two men gruesomely behead a random stranger in broad daylight, with everyone around quite calm – and the only blood to be seen is on the perpetrator’s hand and on his knife? There is no blood on the victims clothes nor blood on the street, despite the fact that these were supposedly very crude cuts and “gruesome hacking’. Who walks around and gives an interview with a meat cleaver? Who in their right mind wants to be seen on as many cameras as possible after committing a horrific murder? Then the “horrendous” attack, the two men, who were also in their 20s, stood around, waving knives and a gun, and asked people to take pictures of them “as if they wanted to be on TV or something”.
Then a nurse got off a bus and knelt down to feel the pulse of the Army man (supposed to be Lee Rigby, but how was he identified without his head?)  lying in the middle of the road. So he had no head, no blood was pumping out of his neck, and she felt his pulse?
The police put up their tent around the scene of the crime, ie covering the headless torso, but wait: it had moved about thirty yards, originally it was round the corner as air-photos showed (see below).  How could the scene of the crime move like this? I guess it had to be next to the crumpled-up car.
Lee Rigby is dead – however: “A post-mortem into the death of Drummer Lee Rigby has formally identified him but failed to confirm the cause of death, Scotland Yard said.” Thus doctors are not endorsing the idea that he died as stated.

Pseudo-Islamic hate message

Of course, the perps were Muslims and of course they made a war-of-civilisation hate-message. At least, they did so according to an ITV News video:
“““We swear by Almighty Allah, we will never stop fighting you until you leave us alone. The only reasons we killed this man is because Muslims are dying daily. This British soldier is an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. We apologize that woman had to see this today, but in our lands our women have to see the same. You people will never be safe. Remove your government. They don’t care about you.””
The story as reported by Sky News and the BBC was full of anti-Islamic propaganda, even going so far as to claim the “perpetrator” yelled“Allahu akbar,” just before beheading the man.
The people have to be told who to hate – that is the aim of the exercise.
This was rather similar to the messages posthumously-attributed to two of the alleged London bombers.

Peter Eyre’s Comments.

Mr Eyre  is a Middle East consultant, geopolitical analyst, investigative journalist, anti-war activist, let’s hear his view:
The gruesome scene of a decapitated actor with no police or paramedics at the scene and no blood, the “offenders are shot by armed police who are in attendance in the background but the murder scene has not been secured!!”
Many awakened “to this amazing Shakespearean play that has unfolded in Woolwich, London where all the actors were so bad they would not even qualify for an interview as an extra in some third rate movie!!”
Eyre asked if police “drag(ged) the (victim’s) body around the corner?” [Because of the way the ‘crime scene’ moved around the junction, from one road to the other, NK]
“BBC stated a man wearing a Help the Hero’s T Shirt was hit by a car, then attacked and killed with a machete or sword by the car’s occupants.  So much vivid violence and yet still no blood at the scene! Why? Because the actors had not had time to splash it around before they filmed the scene.”
“(I)t was however added later as the picture (in his article) shows! The blood is only on the pavement and not on the road!! Do you think they attempted to copy the Boston Bombing but somehow did not get it right?” Eyre suggested that blood on a signpost was “Tomato Ketchup!!”

M15 Approach

MI5 asked Woolwich murder suspect Michael Adebolajo if he wanted to work for them, about six months before the killing, a childhood friend has said. Abu Nusaybah told BBC Newsnight his friend – one of two men arrested after Drummer Lee Rigby’s murder in south-east London on Wednesday – had rejected the approach.

Geopolitical consequences

Why has Deputy PM cancelled his trip to Germany and Cameron returned from France to hold a COBRA meeting to discuss possible escalation in terrorist attacks? Two men kill one man and then give interviews, do not harm anyone else, pictured having conversation with bystanders – yet its global news of a terrorist attack on the streets of London?

Prime Minister David Cameron convened an emergency meeting with top advisors and intelligence officials attending – such measures don’t commonly follow street killings.  UK Home Secretary, Theresa May called an emergency Civil Contingencies Committee (COBRA) meeting with Cameron chairing it. It includes cabinet ministers and high-level security officials. It deals with terrorism and other major crises. COBRA refers to the room where committee members meet – Cabinet Office Briefing Room A, deep below Downing Street. A terrorist alert was imposed.
Just a few ham actors and fake blood – and you have an event reported all around the world! I noticed next day a long policy speech by Obama, he was trying to get Guantanamo Bay closed and limit drone strikes, (or, that was my impression of it) and he had to allude to ‘yesterday’s terror attack’ in London. That validated the whole War on Terror premise, that’s what it was for. Then Russia Today was discussing it: the event echoed around the world.
Figure: A Moving Crime Scene? See police white tent in road, it was then moved round the corner, to behind the block of flats.
In the immediate wake of the attack the former government anti terror czar Lord Carlisle said it was necessary to revive the bill to monitor all e mails and the internet.  His opposite number on the Labour benches said the same.
This was after the 3rd day of Islamic’ terror (supposedly)  in Sweden, which was a very handy synchrony for the war-of-civilization message.


Nick Kollerstrom academic, researcher and author of such varied titles as 'Gardening and Planting by the Moon 2007: Higher Yields in Vegetables and Flowers' and 'Terror on the Tube: Behind the Veil of 7/7, an Investigation'.

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