One Day in Birmingham

Nicholas Kollerstrom – October 22, 2005

In January of 2005, an Irishman and a Spaniard booked into the Waqar Hotel in Birmingham, to rent a double room. The Spaniard told the hotel proprietor that he was working for a US company located in Spain, and that he would receive rent checques from themon a bimonthly basis. Over the following six – month period while the room was rented, three of these cheques did duly arrive; however, the proprieter (Mr Barki) noticed that the two tenants were never there. Then, on 12 July they suddenly turned up and took away 9 heavy bags, which they would not allow anyone else to carry.

Here we note that Tuesday 12th July was the date when police claimed to have found a bath full of ‘several kilos’ of explosives in a Leeds house, owned by Mahmood el-Nashar (who had recently completed his PhD at Leeds biochemistry Department), a link being made thereby to the ‘Leeds bombers.’ The day before, on the 11th of July, central Birmingham (the Broad Street area) was sealed off by the police due to a ‘credible’ terror alert – and some ‘controlled explosions’ were duly set off by the police.

Feeling increasingly uneasy, at last on 17 July the hotel proprietor decided to take a look inside the room. In it he found:

a) 2 black bags containing a large amount of British currency;
b) a ‘Bin Laden’ tape;
c) ‘Al Qaeda’ manuals on “How to make bombs” and “ How to blow up an air-liner”;
d) a knife with bloodstains on it (in one of the bags).

The proprietor called the police and two or three local uniformed officers arrived. When they saw the room and its contents they became excited and began calling colleagues, saying “we’ve found a Bin Laden cell here!”. Mr Barki also called his good friend Mr Appas Malik, reporter of the local Daily Jang a Pakistani newspaper and told him his extraordinary news.

A short while later non-uniformed officers (who did not identify themselves) arrived on the scene. They rebuked the others off for phoning their colleagues and turned them out of the hotel. Having inspected the room, they then went down into the hotel-lobby, evicted everyone else out from the hotel, staff as well as manager, and confiscated the CCTV film. They asked the hotel proprietor to sign a blank sheet of paper. He strongly objected to doing any such thing, but eventually he complied. They instructed him not to talk to anyone outside from then on.

The story was reported in the Daily Jang, as well as being aired on the British Pakistani TV channel ‘GEO’ (which has the same proprietership as the Jang). On that same day the 17th, Mr Malik told the story to Dr Naseem the sage Cleric of the Birmingam Mosque, and Dr Naseem then endeavoured to obtain confirmation of this story from the hotel owner – but initially, he wouldn’t speak. The Deputy Chief constable was visiting the B’ham mosque and in response to Dr Naseem’s queries about this incident he declared that he had never heard about it, however the Area Superintendent of the B’ham police would call. He never did. Then Dr N. had an appointment to see the Chief Constable of Birmingham, by way of liasing and maintaining community relations Dr N, worried about the hotel owner, asked him about the incident and gained the impression that he genuinely didn’t know anything about it.

Four weeks after the event, the hotel proprietor Mr Barki was finally prepared talk to Dr N. about the event, and the story he then narrated was identical to that which Dr Naseem had heard from his journalist friend. Dr Naseem has related it to a group of us members of the London 9/11 Sceptics movement – and we’re telling it here! Br Barki’s hotel business has slumped since the incident, even though officially nothing has happened, being totally unreported in the local or national press (except for the Daily Jang). The B’ham town council had helped supply his hotel with lodgers but this seems to have dried up. Left open is the question of the tracking down the two persons who rented the room, which would surely have been a fairly straightforward operation, however no-seems inclined to do this.

Is there a sinister programme by the British government of maintaining the atmosphere of terror and fanning the flames of suspicion against Muslims? Could the inflammatory materials discovered in the hotel bedroom have been planted there deliberately in order to fabricate yet another ‘terror-scare’ involving Muslims?

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