How Sweden became a gangsters’ paradise

Europe’s most liberal country welcomed Middle Eastern refugees five years ago… but now it is being terrorised by migrant mafia clans – with police and politically correct government powerless

  • Sweden’s police chiefs have warned they are unable to contain the country’s rising tide of mafia ‘clan’ crime 
  • For decades, politicians have refused to admit the crime and violence is coming from migrant communities
  • Now the problem is so severe that law enforcement officials are speaking out – and blaming mass immigration
  • There were 257 bombings in Sweden last year and hundreds of shootings. Just one month in the last three years has passed without a gang-related killing
  • In one extraordinary incident in August, Gothenburg’s most notorious crime family, the Ali Khan gang, set up roadblocks in the northeast of the city to find rival gang members
  • Erik Nord, Gothenburg’s chief of police, told MailOnline: ‘We need more police to deal with this situation urgently. Otherwise we will turn into a gangsters’ paradise’ 

Jake Wallis Simons – Gothenburg Oct 12, 2020

Migrant mafia gangs are terrorising Sweden‘s streets with a surge of bombings and murders, forcing police chiefs in one of Europe’s most liberal countries to admit they are losing their grip on law and order.

Just five years after the country welcomed refugees with open arms, criminal clans from the Middle East, north Africa and the Balkans are behind soaring crime rates in their once peaceful cities, police say, with 257 bombings and more than 300 shootings last year.

Petrol bombs are thrown at police in one on Gothernburg’s #no-go zones’ during rioting on 2017. Click to enlarge

In one extraordinary incident in August, Gothenburg’s most notorious crime family, the Ali Khan gang, set up roadblocks in the northeast of the city, shining torches into cars to hunt for members of a rival mob

Police broke up the checkpoints and made 20 arrests. But in a move that was seen as symbolic of Sweden’s ‘soft touch’, the suspects were released because prosecutors decided they hadn’t broken the law. 

In an exclusive interview, Erik Nord, Gothenburg’s chief of police, told MailOnline: ‘These criminal clans have a completely different culture that makes them very difficult to tackle with normal police methods.

‘We need more police and our courts and prisons need to be reinforced to deal with this situation urgently. Otherwise we will turn into a gangsters’ paradise.’ 

Many liberal minded Swedes intially welcomed the migrant influx. Would they so quite so naive now? Click to enlarge

The country’s Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, has consistently refused to admit that migrants are behind the increasing violence. But as the situation spirals out of control, police officers are breaking their silence. 

‘Two years ago, if people linked immigration to crime as I am now, they would be accused of being racist,’ Mr Nord said. ‘But the paradigm is shifting.’

Last month, the country’s deputy chief of police, Mats Löftving, identified 40 mafia clans who had come to Sweden ‘solely for the purpose of organising and systemising crime’. 

His comments came after the roadblock incident, which was part of a feud sparked when members of a group called the Backa Gang shot at a member of the notorious Ali Khan group.

The Ali Khan family has been dubbed a mafia organisation by Swedish police and media alike, though its members insist that the convictions of some do not represent the whole.

Members of the family have been reported to the authorities more than 200 times in the last two years, but in many of the cases the informants mysteriously withdraw their complaints. 

In sworn testimony given at court, the local police chief Ulf Merlander said: ‘[The Ali Khans] have been part of a lot of criminal activities over the years. They’ve affected the local community pretty negatively for a long time. 

‘When I look at this family, roughly 60 out of the 120 individuals are over the age of 15. About 40 of them are male, and over 30 have criminal records.’

He added: ‘The types of crime that the Ali Khans are known for are murder, extortion, serious violations of a woman’s integrity, physical abuse, unlawful threats, drug crimes and unlawful possession of weapons.’

According to police sources, the Backa Gang thug did not know that he was shooting at an Ali Khan member. In the tit-for-tat battle that followed, a Backa hoodlum was gunned down in a drive-by shooting. 

Poised for further escalation, the Ali Khans set up the checkpoints to defend themselves, stopping all cars entering their patch to check for rival mobsters.

The Ali Khan network, described by Swedish police officers and media as one of the country’s most feared and violent gangs, is typical of mafia rings all over the country. Part of a larger clan that is made up of seven related families, it has branches in Denmark, Germany and Lebanon. The Ali Khans are seen as the clan’s enforcers.

Hashem Ali Khan, 63, is believed to be the head of the family. He arrived in Sweden with a bullet in his back in 1984 as a refugee from Lebanon’s civil war, and set up home in a quiet suburban cul-de-sac in Angered, northeast Gothenburg, in what would become the heart of his family’s territory.

Sweden’s most wanted list. Click to enlarge

In this middle class, semi-detached modern home, the frail pensioner with a large white beard receives regular visits from senior relatives. He officiates every Friday at the nearby al Salam mosque, which offers courses in martial arts as well as prayer and study sessions.

Although the pensioner was arrested twice in 2019 – once in connection with a machine gun found in a search – he has never been convicted of a crime. He avoided gun charges last year when his underage teenage grandson arrived at the police station claiming that the illegal weapon belonged to him. 

But five of his seven children and three of their spouses have been convicted of criminal offences, including murder, drugs crimes, threatening police, serious assault and obstruction of justice. 

His middle son Ibrahim, 38, was caught smuggling teargas and bladed knuckle-dusters into the city last year, and his younger son Abdelbaset, 33, shot dead an 18-year-old Chilean in a revenge attack. 

Nine of the imam’s 34 grandchildren have also been found guilty of crimes. Khalil, 28, for instance, has committed assault, attempted robbery, obstruction of justice, theft and drug offences, while his brother Hashem, 22, has served two prison sentences for drug crimes, serious assault and obstruction of justice.

The Ali Khans and roadblocks in Gothenburg are just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to the 40 clans there are hundreds of smaller gangs, and conflicts between rivals mean that only one month of the last three years has passed without a mob-related killing in Sweden. There are now 10 times as many killings as there are in Germany.

This summer, a 12-year-old girl was shot dead by a stray bullet near Stockholm, while in Gothenburg a teacher was kidnapped and beaten after he reported two armed men outside his school. An eight-year old British boy was killed in a grenade attack in the same city while visiting family in 2016. 

Last month, foreign exchange students at Dalarna University in Borlänge, central Sweden, pleaded to be moved from their digs in an immigrant-dominated neighbourhood after a spate of shootings, robberies, stabbings, rapes and school arson attacks.

They had been housed in the Tjärna Ängar area, which has soaring rates of violent crime and is home to high numbers of migrants from troubled countries like Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

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  1. 50 years ago in 1970 Swedes were pushing prams with Vietnamese war orphans around the US embassy to show barbarous Americans their incredible Swedish virtue. The gangs started as soon as the orphans were old enough to demonstrate that Sweden was a nice Pirates Cove, but hardly a nation.

    So why did no one learn then?

    A country can mean anything it seems, but a nation can only be a stronghold of a very specific kindred. Sweden, along with the USA and many others, seem to be driving the concept of nation into oblivion.

    How badly was Sweden infiltrated, even in 1970? What behind the curtain power brokers were really calling the shots? I can think of a few obvious ones. No doubt politically aware Swedes are aware of more.

    Sad, very sad, no matter what.

  2. “Swedes initially welcomed the migrant influx” No, no, no! Swedes didn’t welcome the migrant madness; bankster jews and their puppet politicians did that.

    Banksters used their puppet politicians to order military powers such as the USA, Britain, France, Germany, to force migrants from their countries by bombing, burning food crops, starvation, and terror.

    Migrants were rounded up like cattle by bankster controlled military might and forced on the Swedes, same as with other former white christian nations being destroyed by immigrant invasions.

  3. “We need more police” say the police, after never doing their job for years, because police are redundant if crime is very low. Really, you sack the police and their bosses and you exterminate the wog piss-takers.

  4. The pendulum is about to swing in the opposite direction in Sweden.It’s about time.Stefan Loftven the PM has thrown in the towel He has recently said.’The migrants are destroying Sweden’

  5. The Swedes are a perfect example of what the Jewish-Christian contagion can do to a people. Once they were aggressive pagan Vikings conquering & pillaging across Europe, Africa & Asia; but once the ‘humanitarian’ Christian virtues (virus) infected them, they became passive liberal moronic slaves submitting to the rule of their Jewish Overlords.

    Now the majority of Caucasians in the West no longer literally profess the religious dogma of Christianity, since science eroded the fantasy, but that’s not important, since they still affirm its morals or ethos, which were simply transferred to other Jewish engendered ideologies: liberalism, democracy, Communism, egalitarianism etc, which the preponderance of white gentiles have adopted as their core ideals or political principles.

    Thus the white goyim offer no major resistance to the bipedal ape/mongrel invasion & occupation of their nations, because the synthesized perverse teachings of Rabbi Jesus & Karl Marx warped their minds.

  6. Sweden is just one more cultural-Marxist, international banking-cartel experiment, like Portugal, like Canada, like Cuba, and like China. The people in Sweden’s “democratic”-socialist and thoroughly-brainwashed state have been deluded into thinking they control most local matters, but are not even allowed to have any real say even on immigration or policing. They showed to world they were not nation when they cooperated with their bankster masters and took in tens of thousands of young, horny, Syrian men of fighting age with a few thousand other young men from north Africa mixed in. These were men who were deliberately displaced from their homes, separated from the their women, and herded through Europe. When the raping began, the Swedish “authorities”, of course turned a blind eye. This is what happens when any nation is a mere vassal to the international banksters and the people have no real say in their own destiny and wellbeing. Any Swede out there who says I am wrong, the onus is on you now to prove otherwise. It is your nation, your people, who are being systematically destroyed by a central government which is nothing more than a puppet to the international banksters.

  7. Jea, djust naow, wee see, howa duplissituss da government is.
    Bot, Aj can tell ya da nieuwcommers, are plenti good.
    Itsa da mauvioso netwöks dats problematic

  8. In Christian England people were put in the stocks for small infractions, legs and arms immobile for people to throw things. Crime-tolerance is from Jews-among-the-goyim, not from Christians. This is a response to Neo.

  9. The “nieuwcommers” can go and be “plenty good” in their own continents instead of parasitising those who learned to live in the Arctic.

  10. The problem is right there in the headline; “politically correct”. Political correctness is a wicked cancer, a dangerous virus; political correctness is the enemy of truth and the enemy of freedom. Political correctness is cowardice of the lowest order.

    Look at what happened in Minneapolis…for those of you unfamiliar with that city, it was heavily populated by people of Scandinavian descent. A northern city with people of good stock fit for a northern city. It was a good, productive city, with good, kind, productive people for the most part. One of their few faults being they were rather liberal minded, as their relative isolation kept them from seeing the reality of what an influx of blacks does to a city and a culture. Then the influx came; the city turned in rather quick fashion into a unstable xxxx-hole with sky-rocketing crime and moral degeneracy. Rather like Sweden.

  11. Since 1919 Commies have said “politically correct”, because, having repudiated morality, they could no longer say “morally right” but still needed dualistic justifications for their policies, as anyone always will.

  12. It was jewish, feminst women who ruined Sweden. They villified the whites as being racist if they spoke out against the immigration policies. Soon, Sweden became the rape capital of the world. White, non-jewish women were being raped and killed by muslim men at alrming rates and the MSM couldn’t hide it. Especially at concerts.

    The bigger picture is what is yet to come. The virus will close all but the major big box, company stores while 5G is activated and the new world will be full-blown communism with all digital, crypto companies being consolidated into one, cashless world currency. Your money amount will be your social credit rating as well.

    The only fluke was Trump winning and not Hillary so they had to expedite their implementation in America and it’s not working as planned. 5G is not safe. CV is not
    worse than the seasonal flu and the fires in California have been proven to be started by DEW (directed energy weapons) to get people into cities and off self-sustaining, off-grid homesteads and farms and ranches. Agenda 21.

    Many Sheriffs are looking the other way regarding concealed, constitutional carry if the person is not a felon. Cops are being treated horrible and many are quitting. That’s what the PTB want so they can call in the UN / EU / armies to “save America” as the UN mandate requires them to do.