Breaking News!! UK mortality since CV crisis is 5% BELOW average

Nick Kollerstrom – Terror on the Tube March 31, 2020

Official government stats show a staggering DROP in mortality as the CV-19 allegedly ‘hit’ Britain in mid-January.
Five thousand LESS people died from then onwards – January to March of this year – as compared with the previous five years.
The data comes from and the page is called:
ALL DEATHS IN ENGLAND AND WALES (All cause mortality) by week, comparing 2020 with the previous 5 years
Here is a bar-chart of these total deaths, November 2019 to March 2020. So for each week, the Office of National Statistics has very helpfully taken the same seven days over the previous 5 years, and averaged them together – so one can see if this year’s is better or worse.

The red bars are smaller, ie LESS people are dying, since CV arrived. (We also see the tragic peak at the start of January each year – the most depressing time of year. But hey, the Xmas period seems to stop folks from dying, I guess it cheers them up!)
Here is the same data plotted as % difference of the last five months, compared to earlier years:

A staggering ten percent swing! What mysterious FORCE is stopping Brits from dying, since CV arrived in January?  A trend-line is put thru the data (a 3-point moving average)

The Monster Hoax from Hell?

I’m  a science guy and generally try to use coherent logic, greatly lacking in the present crisis.  What questions should we be asking?
If a person dies having tested positive with CV-19, then I have not seen evidence for a causal connection, i.e. that the virus caused the death. But one can imagine what that evidence would look like.
For the US, one person in six now tests positive for CV19, of which about 2% require hospital treatment (source: 600,000 people tested in the US) That degree of correlation of CV-19 with ‘needing hospital treatment’ does not seem different from ordinary flu.
(I do not personally understand what is meant by ‘tests positive’: a procedure for getting DNA strands to replicate as invented by Kary Mullis is used, and that is repeated some number of times, then somehow a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ verdict is obtained…  this is science on the very edge of intelligibility, if  not beyond it)
According to UK government figures over the last five years or so, about twenty thousand people a year die from flu. We’re now at about ten percent of that figure, for deaths where persons have tested positive for CV-19.
CV is a normal part of the flu viruses that sweep around the world every year. Something like 10% of all flu viruses are CV. Our Question is, are these other CVs more or less harmful that CV-19?
Professor Sucharit Bhakdi asks: ‘To gauge the true danger of the virus, what is the type of information we need?’ and his answer is: we compare the effect of CV-19 with the common corona viruses ‘that we live with every day.’     (see 4-5 minutes of video).
He described a comparison of ten thousand patients ‘all with respiratory track diseases that are infected with common corona viruses; and then another ten thousand such cases infected with CV-19′. Is the mortality any different, between the two groups? No, it was the same – no significant difference (a French study published 19th March, he does not give details.)
That is how the control group should be set up, for testing the theory, that CV-19 is killing more people than ordinary flu.
Instead of such rational enquiry, “ the vast majority of respiratory deaths in the UK are recorded as bronchopneumonia, pneumonia, old age or a similar designation. We don’t really test for flu, or other seasonal infections.” (Here) And many of these are now getting diagnosed as CV-19. So the ‘terrifying epidemic’ that is ‘growing exponentially’ may be mainly coming from improper medical logic.
For some different figures to compare, Dr John Lee in the Spectator 28th March gave these   Of the people dying in the first three months of this year, globally, the CV cases represent 0.14%; and he concludes: “These figures might shoot up but they are, right now, lower than other infectious diseases that we live with (such as flu)”
The media report ‘deaths from coronavirus’ as if it were the cause, whereas the individual reports don’t say that, they just say death of a person who tested positive for CV. We could be locking down the whole country due to bad logic.
Notice how you don’t know anyone who is ill due to CV, and probably you don’t know anyone who knows anyone who has got ‘it’: it’s just something you see reported on TV.


Nick Kollerstrom academic, researcher and author of such varied titles as 'Gardening and Planting by the Moon 2007: Higher Yields in Vegetables and Flowers' and 'Terror on the Tube: Behind the Veil of 7/7, an Investigation'.

9 responses to “Breaking News!! UK mortality since CV crisis is 59 BELOW average”

  1. Once again logic defies reality …

    Lies are shouted out … but the truth is merely a whisper …

  2. Many governments in other nations have focused on protecting that small sector of the population with pre-existing serious co-morbidity conditions, who are mostly over 75, and which are the only ones who have a significant mortality risk from catching the virus. For example, if you have a population with 2% of the people at a significantly greater risk of dying from a virus and they all have bright red hair, you do not have to quarantine the entire population to protect those with bright red hair.

    Focusing on the US CDC jacked-up numbers of “COVID-19-related” deaths and waiting for accurate antibody tests to determine in a cohort of people how many were infected is obviously not relevant, especially when the clearly-identified 98% of the population is not at risk of any excess mortality if infected, and do not need to be isolated. That is the Achilles heel of those running this psyop. Accordingly, they will do all in their power to ignore this dramatic flaw, while grinding more and more of our way of life to a halt until we are completely at their mercy.

    Since this virus has spread to the US – the land of great cinema, special effects, and casts of thousands, with endless successful performances like 9/11 and Sandy Hook – we can now expect in the unfolding drama to see scenes on our televisions of ER mayhem with people in droves dying on gurneys for the lack of a respirator, and battle-fatigued medics collapsing in exhaustion from trying to stop the carnage. Oh, poor poor American, the elderly who they so dearly love, are dying in droves. Let’s write a somber lament for a nation where the government has already ordained an exit plan with widespread euthanasia and assisted-suicide liberties to help the unwanted on their way.

    In these dark days one would think that the best thing for any elderly person with heath complications and who is really at risk, is to keep them as far away from the hospitals as possible, – first, because they would be more likely to catch the virus in a hospital than anywhere else; and secondly, once they catch the virus they likely would be more valuable dead than alive to the people really running things. Isn’t that right Satan?

  3. Message from Russia.
    Valery Pyakin says ( that coronavirus is a hoax, but there is a global fight for power behind the curtain.
    Russians have a free week and Pyakin says that they should stay at homes. Putin did not declare free week because he was afraid of coronavirus. Putin wanted to lock down the country to save Russians. Coronavirus is a hoax but Russia may be attacked with real biological agents or in any other way. Russian Post ceased to work for three days. They check parcels. There is a very real war behind the curtain.

  4. Welcome to the Rot Child empire of usury, misery, tyranny and Insanity.
    Well…maybe not so welcome if you have a mind of your own…

  5. does this mean there are stil people with integrity working at the ONS and othe government offices….lets hope so!

  6. The police in NZ are monitoring cell phones as a way of checking NZers are not moving about.

    Some people have suggested “this is like a police state”……

    What these people dont realise is that the NZ police/govt have been doing this very thing….basically ever since cell phones were introduced.

    And it’s not confined to NZ!!…..they monitored my cell phone when in England…..or they passed the information over to their counterparts in Britain.

    I finally figured out what was going on…..and was incredulous at first…….these are the sorts of problems you’ll likely confront IF you criticise or comment on Jewish power….

    The director of MI5 Andrew Parker has just retired…..he is a crypto jew….stone cold fact.He has been replaced by ANOTHER JEW from Scotland this time.
    If you think these Jews would exercise any constraint on their illegal bugging and burglary activities….YOU ARE KIDDING YOURSELF…..they routinely break the law,they are a power unto themselves…..AND FUCKING DANGEROUS WITH IT.

    The best advice to anyone…..IS…..NEVER USE YOUR CELL PHONE for anything but the simplest of tasks….because they’ll be recording EVERYTHING.

  7. This is something else that can be chalked up to unforeseen circumstances. The first is many people coming together to help out others as volunteers and giving their time and services for free (as a driver, or cooking meals, or looking after the kids of health workers and so forth). That’s as socialist as it gets, something selfish conservatives must find rather unfortunate and nothing like the selfishness they hoped would win through. And fewer actual deaths, when likely they expected to be pushing out phony numbers of dead, rising exponentially over a calculated time span to look all nice and mathematical and tragic.

  8. Oh no. Birds of a feather flock together. Sheep will be sheep. Some herds are just smaller than others.

    Please allow me to present an alternative perspective. Yes mortality rates might have dropped for the time being (probably because people aren’t living their normal lives – its hard to die in a car accident if nobody is on the road, people are also now more health concious, trying to build up their immune systems with a virus lurking in their midsts), but the real threat is not in the immediate present.

    If you are capable of following trends on a graph, it is very easy to see (and the evidence is really irrefutable if you are open to receiving the actual information). The virus has an exponential growth rate and even though the numbers currently infected are relatively small at this stage, it won’t be small in 6 months from now if authorities allow nature to run its natural course. And if we do allow 10’s of millions to be infected (in any given country) by this contagious virus, mortality rates will shoot through the roof as health care systems will break down. The effects on society WILL be devastating.

    For a person living in reality, the threat is so easy to see. Flu rates are way down this season, all contagious diseases are way down (due to containment measures), yet covid-19 continues to spread – it should be a clear indication to even the most suspicicious observers the threat that this coronavirus poses. But in the end, information and data matters very little if people want to believe what they want to believe.

  9. Lefou wrote:

    “For a person living in reality, the threat is so easy to see.”

    Yes it is and it ain’t no conjured fake pandemic!

    …”yet covid-19 continues to spread”…

    Do you actually believe these reported statistics? Do you really?

    I certainly DON’T!!!!!

    ” – it should be a clear indication to even the most suspicious observers the threat that this coronavirus poses.”

    Those who believe Shitstream Media reports are a way bigger threat to the last remnant of sanity than the big bad virus!

    “But in the end, information and data matters very little if people want to believe what they want to believe”….
    the complete and utter bullshit put out by Shitstream Media and the God damn politicians!

    Go back and watch the Cartoon News Nutwork Mr. Lefou