ADL and SPLC Target Random Whites with Fake Accusations of ‘Hate!’: The Poor, Kids and the Old

Eric Striker – via Russia Insider Jan 23, 2020

Hate crime numbers have been stagnant over the last few years. White people in particular are heavily underrepresented in this field, committing only about 25% of all hate crimes per year. High profile hoaxes, from the wave of bomb threats to Jewish centers to Jussie Smollett, have severely undermined the fictitious narrative intended to stifle discussions on immigration, finance, Israel and globalization.

The challenge Zionist organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League have before them is figuring out how to fully suppress the continued rise of a young, white, politically incorrect and largely law-abiding counter-culture after more passive means of shutting down political speech (ostracization, doxing, anarchist paramilitary violence, surveillance, subversion) have failed. The real agenda is to instate policies that would make it dangerous and expensive for white people to participate in conversations about the direction of our country.

The ADL’s Grand Inquisitor, Jonathan Greenblatt. Click to enlarge

The strategy the ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt is deploying seeks to blur the line between Constitutionally protected speech and crime, knowing that the ACLU will never defend an accused white “racist” in this gray minefield. The goal is to conflate speech with violence, an unpopular idea that just a few years ago was limited to campus extremists but is now elite consensus.

Data drives policy Greenblatt said last June in regards to hate crime statistics. Organized Jewry, in fear of losing their cultural and financial stranglehold over America, has set out to pressure a large network of career oriented politicians, activists and law enforcement figures to manufacture the “data” they otherwise lack.

Whites Under Siege

There is a small circle of people who claim engaging in nationalist resistance has “ruined their life,” but the reality is that all whites – political or not – can be targeted by the system, tried by the media, and convicted in kangaroo courts.

The silence of conservative accomplices like The Daily Caller and Breitbart as this happens has kept many Americans ignorant about the out-of-control trend of convicting random whites of “hate crimes” where there is neither “hate” nor crime.

The recent hate crime conviction of Timothy Trybus by a disproportionately Jewish jury in Skokie, Illinois has not been covered at all by Breitbart. Trybus was accused and convicted of non-violently expressing views common in Breitbart’s own comment section. He is facing a potential sentence of 3-5 years!

In New York, an 11-year-old white girl is being charged with third degree assault as a hate crime after winning a school bus fight against a black girl. Multiple other white people, including the bus monitor, are also being charged despite no involvement. Governor Andrew Cuomo has predictably weighed in to support the witch hunt, even as child behavioral experts warn that trying pre-pubescent children like they’re adult criminals is a dangerous and cruel precedent that ruins their lives.

In Florida, the FBI has utilized a number of rarely-used statutes to selectively prosecute Daniel McMahon, a blogger who exposes criminal activity by supporters of Antifa, for “hate crimes.” A court in Tampa acquiesced to US Attorney Thomas Cullen’s demand that McMahon be denied bond in spite of the non-violent nature of his charges and lack of criminal history because he once coined the term “diversity of tactics.” This was obvious satire of Antifa discourse that is never treated as criminal.

In Illinois, a teenage boy named Jeremy C. Lloyd was filmed being jumped by a group of black kids as he tried to get away. During the fight, Lloyd slashed one of the attackers on the knee with a razor blade in order to escape. Instead of charging the mob, Dekalb prosecutor Rick Amato is charging Lloyd with a “hate crime” because he allegedly used a racial slur as he was being brutalized!

In the same county, a 78-year-old white grandma is being charged with a hate crime for saying “you people…” to a non-white who cut her off in traffic.

The volume of cases like this is too high to document here. Anti-white prosecutors are capitalizing on the chaotic post-truth political climate and lack of organized white advocates to stack serious politically motivated criminal charges on children, the poor and the elderly for incidents that previously would maybe get you a ticket from a particularly zealous cop, if anything at all.

As this is happening, white people are being murdered at random across the country by non-white criminals “playing” the knockout “game.” Hate crime charges are seldom if ever used in these cases. The black teenagers who recently killed a 59-year-old man in Frederick County, Maryland are only being charged with first and second degree assault.

Journalist Colin Flaherty meticulously documents interracial crime. Whites are far more likely to be a victim than a perpetrator, but these facts are never factored into the equation by policy makers.

While it is tempting to blame blacks alone for this injustice, politically they are powerless. It is important to keep in mind that it is Zionist entities like the ADL who have designed these anti-white legal mazes and imposed them on the nation from their perches in Washington and New York.

White advocacy, particularly legal advocacy, is vital to support. This tendency will only become more egregious as prosecutors across the country are rewarded with good publicity from the ADL affiliates in the Jewish media and continue to get away with their racially discriminatory actions.

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Originally posted at National Justice

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  1. why do the jews hate us so much ?
    i see black women are taking a class action against jewish advertising companies who put their black men only with white girls
    This sickening racism has to be stopped
    same as the blatent heterophobia we see around us
    look at this

  2. Has there EVER been an UGLIER muthafcker than that reptilian-looking lizard-eyed Greenblatt?

    The ‘demons within’ manifest in the ‘body without’…especially in the face.
    We can, therfore, safely conclude that that lying-scumbag Greenblatt is demonically possessed by some hideous “entity”… which fits his job-desription of INFERNAL FALSE ACCUSER to a “t”

  3. The ADL and SPLC have been $haking down people, places and things
    since 1913 and 1971, respectively..

  4. That distorted, ugly, lying, hypocritical face called Jonathug Greenbatt goes perfectly well with the Handi Defamation League’s reputation for dishonesty, criminality and being utterly full of shit. This blathering monkey is a perfect successor to Ape Foxman.

    When I tried to access “ADL & Sasha Baron Cohen want to SHUT IT DOWN!”, a Truthseeker article on the ADL, I got the following message:

    “You tried going to, and it doesn’t exist. ”

    Hoummm… Looks like Greenbatt the Dingbat has SHUT IT DOWN!

    WARNING: The following video contains scenes of real hate speech from the likes of Bibitte Sathanyahoo.

    The ADL’s Hate Symbols In Reverse
    Brother Nathanael

  5. What Jewish Facial Features Reveal
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner on May 11, 2019


    Some years ago, in 1913 to be precise…having great power to fleece the goyim with an income tax, and gouging them with interest with the Federal Reserve, I betook myself to sit upon many waters so as to usurp Western Civilization.

    Yes, my name is Hymie Goldstein, I’m quite bold about it. My power is so great that so what if it’s in the goyims’ face? They’re powerless to do anything about it.

    And if anyone calls me out I have the power to disappear you. You see, I am the gatekeeper of the information highway which I own all the way from JewToob, Facebook, and Jewgle.

    You can call me Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti Defamation League if you wish, it amounts to the same thing since it was he and I who invented hate speech so we could kill off any criticism of our criminality.

    I, Hymie Goldstein, (as I explain on YouTube restriction notices), believe in the “principles of free speech”…see how we bamboozle the goyim?…but qualify it with a big HOWEVER.”

    You can also call me “Daniel Schulman,” owner of PayPal, who cuts off funding of anyone who dares to expose me. I have the goys so scared that they’ll even blame (like Owen Benjamin whom we taught a lesson real quick) “Silicon Valley” for poaching their digital pocketbooks.

    Ha ha.

    No one will dare say it was me, Hymie Goldstein, or my alternate names like Daniel Schulman, or Morris Dees, who still gets a huge stipend from the SPLC for killing off critics on his Hate Map.”

    My Name Is Hymie Goldstein
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner on May 1, 2019

  6. Quite simple people, white men is the only group with enough brain power to shut the jews down. How some are too numb to see this is quite consening all on its own.
    This being said, by saying “whitemen”, no reference is made to useless swedish, spinless pussies, whom are more concerned with being fags.

  7. As per the mind blowing article it doesnt reflect my feelings, there is always repentance.

  8. This sort of thing is changing the political landscape. An electoral revolution is underway.

  9. The power of the jew.
    I am manager of a company that makes weapons systems primarily for the British navy
    WE put an ad in the paper that we needed 5 apprentices, the jobs are well paid, and with so many desperately looking for work we though we would be able to choose the best applicants.The adverts in the newspapers said we would be seeing applicants in a nearby hall and to bring their CVs
    My god the hall was full to bursting when we arrived, my boss took one look and told me
    get rid of anyone with tattoos, metal lumps in their faces, ripped up jeans, shirts hanging out blue or green hair, half their head shaved like head injury cases or generally looking like a twat.
    I was shocked to get rid of almost every young person there, we were left with just 14
    applicants, and only 4 wore a tie, i mean this was an important job interview
    and they arrive like this ? no wonder the jews laugh at us

  10. People are being chucked off facebook for using the common terms
    ” Dirty Little Jewboy” or DLJ or “Jesus Deniers”
    and how can they chuck people off for discussing pedophila as its ” antisemitic” ?
    every day i think i am some how in the wrong world, this one is bonkers
    the whole world has gone mad for alowing this to go on