What Jewish Facial Features Reveal

Brother Nathanel – Real Jew News May 10, 2019

IT”S A STRANGE PHENOMENA… or perhaps better said, a peculiar physiognomy whereby the facial features of the Jew reveals a particular character.

A cursory glance at celebrated Jews brings to the eye a frightful specter, that is, it brings into view a noxious inner personality and a degenerate spiritual condition.

One particular aspect exhibited in certain Jews is the fold and corners of the lips.

Take Ruth Bader Ginsburg for instance. Quite often a crooked mouth is on display.

What in her innermost being is manifested in her lower face?

Perhaps since she touted a pro-homosexual line prior to the Supreme Court ruling that eviscerated the Defense of Marriage Act, and had officiated at least one homosexual wedding prior to the Court’s ruling that legalized same-sex ‘marriage,’ and yet did not recuse herself from both cases, thus her mouth exhibits a supplanted evenness of justice.

Why didn’t she do the just thing and recuse herself from both cases?

Because ‘justice’ means ‘just us’ for the litigating Jew but contempt for the moral norms of prevailing opinion.

THEN YOU HAVE Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL, who along with Eileen Hershenov, ADL’s policy director monitoring ‘online hate,’ oversees the censorship of YouTube.

While claiming to protect the defamation of Jews he uses his role at YouTube to restrict legitimate concerns of whites and valid opposition to the genocidal deeds of Israel.

Is this not a two-sided determination whereby Greenblatt’s crooked mouth reveals an uneven polarity?

As for Eileen Hershenov, her visage exhibits a fanatical viciousness, and sadly, this malignity is used to censure, restrict, and ban all opinions on Google and YouTube that Hershenov the Jew disagrees with.

Is this why she looks so disagreeable?

This demonized fanatic sees everyone as a ‘nazi’ except for the Jews.

EXAMINE THE FACE of Steven Mnuchin of US Treasury. Again, the outward man reveals a parasitic inner psyche with the spirit of a bottom-feeding carp.

Can anyone say Mnuchin really works for a living?

While pretending to protect the hard-earned money of US taxpayers he instead upends our overseas trade by heaping sanctions upon sanctions on viable trading partners abroad. Is this not a clear case of deception that creates a contrary jaw?

There is also a peculiar deformity in his facial features as it is with many other Jews.

TAKE ADAM SCHIFF and Jerry Nadler as examples. One winces upon gazing (who can do it for any length of time?) on their faces, and a certain repulsion is registered within.

With Nadler, a gruesome hideousness is manifest which brings to the fore his ugly political maneuverings.

As for Schiff, with his bulging eyes and martian-like shape of his head, a particular revulsion lights upon the senses. Who is not revolted at his appearance? Who is not repulsed by his slithery methods we’re subjected to day after day in his Russiagate bullsh#t?

As for Daniel Schulman, owner of PayPal, who with his pinched, miserly facial features, he uses his payment services to ban those who don’t align with his promotion of sexual deviancy—(Jews are the biggest pushers of homosexuality, lesbianism, and trans-genderism so as to destroy Christian social responsibility and morality)—a crookedness appears on his lower lip that unveils the perversity of his trajectory.

I wish I could be lovey-dovey but I refuse to give Jews a free pass.



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Jewish born convert to Christianity and outspoken critic of zionism

4 responses to “What Jewish Facial Features Reveal”

  1. Yes…some Jews are particularly hideous…like Madeline Albright or Chertoff(Homeland Insecurity).

    There are many examples to choose from….Theresa May for example…certain photographs capture the real May….that vicious curved nose….the media is always obliging and doesn’t often publish photographs that reveal her inner nature.Strangely this type of Jew is only really found in abundance in the USA…..perhaps a demonstration of their complete domination of this country…..the source of all the plagues affecting the West….like same sex marriage etc etc etc.

  2. The ‘Jewish Look’ is the Biblical ‘Mark Of Cain’ – simple as that!
    It was a work of God so that our eternal enemies could be clearly recognized down through the centuries.

    Ever since Genesis 3:15, there has been hatred between the Adamic Race and the seed of Satan.

    This is were Dual Seedline Christian Identity originates.

    These two seedlines have been at war with each other for about 5000 years. This enmity, this hatred, provides the background for most of the significant events in world history.

    Without a clear understanding of Genesis 3:15, a student of Biblical history is essentially clueless.

  3. My cousin used to work at a rhinoplasty clinic in london
    she said loads of jews would come in and have their noses altered
    to look christian, they would use christian names to hide up being jewish.
    You could spot them a mile off with their rude condescending money obsessed behaviour
    they were all some how hollow unhappy people.
    That male christian singer was always in worrying about a new line in his face,
    he was so obviously a poof but always denied it.

  4. It’s never enough for the Jews. Never. They push and push and push. Their rapaciousness and obnoxiousness and self-entitlement is so far beyond that which should ever be deemed acceptable in society, it’s shocking they haven’t been snuffed out centuries ago. A day of reckoning is coming for Satan’s chosen tribe.