Trump Warns Allies to Abandon Iran Nuclear Deal

Introduction – Jan 18, 2020

The Zionists now obviously have Trump where they want him. Short of launching a military campaign, and that may still happen, Trump is doing all he can to squeeze Iran.
Not only has he applied crippling sanctions on the Islamic Republic, he is now putting pressure on his Western allies to do likewise. If they won’t join him in a trade and diplomatic war against Iran he will impose hefty tariffs on Europe’s car exports to the U.S.
Predictably, Boris Johnson has signalled his readiness to comply and we suspect that Merkel and Macron will soon follow.
Apart from trade and economic sanctions, with the assassination of Soleimani and repeated threats against Iran, Trump is beginning to resemble the schoolyard bully. So it’s fitting that he’s recruited Alan Dershowitz as part of his impeachment defence team.
It’s appropriate because Dershowitz has a record of successfully defending highly dubious suspects, like OJ Simpson, and associating with questionable characters like Jeffrey Epstein.
To be sure things would be much worse if Hillary Clinton was president. Nonetheless, there is little to be optimistic about with someone like Trump in the White House. Ed.

President Trump DID threaten Britain, France and Germany with 25% tariff on car exports if they did not wage diplomatic war with Iran over broken nuclear deal, German defense minister claims

Jack Elsome – Daily Mail Jan 17, 2020

Donald Trump tried to strong-arm Britain and its European allies into waging diplomatic war with Iran by threatening to impose 25 per cent tariffs on their lucrative car exports, the German defense minister revealed yesterday.

The US President was piling pressure on Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron to formally accuse Tehran of violating the 2015 nuclear deal.

At a press conference in London yesterday, Germany’s Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer confirmed reports of such economic threats and said: ‘This expression or threat, as you will, does exist.’

A 25 per cent tax on cars would particularly hurt Germany, which exports around £23billion worth of vehicles across the Atlantic each year.

On Tuesday, London, Paris and Berlin jointly announced they had been left with ‘no choice’ but to trigger the dispute mechanism of the nuclear deal against Iran, in a move that would have buoyed the President.

Iran’s foreign minister responded by accusing the trio of bowing to pressure from the US President.

Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted they had ‘sold out remnants of #JCPOA (the nuclear deal) to avoid new Trump tariffs’.

Yet EU trade commissioner Phil Hogan distanced himself from Ms Kramp-Karrenbauer’s account of White House threats, which was first reported in the Washington Post.

Speaking of recent trade talks with US officials, he said: ‘It [threats] was not mentioned, it was hardly mentioned. I think it should be good news for Germany.’

Since Mr Trump gave the order to assassinate Iran’s powerful general Qassem Soleimani, tensions in the region have turned hot, with the regime responding by firing rockets at a US base in Iraq.

The Iranians then accused the US of wrongly blaming them for the downing of a Ukranian plane in Tehran which killed 176 passengers – but they later admitted it had been mistaken for a cruise missile and shot down by a trigger-happy member Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Washington also doubled down on sanctions designed to cripple the already weak Iranian economy.

Mr Trump initially slapped sanctions on Iran when he unilaterally pulled out of the nuclear agreement in 2018.

The nuclear deal – formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action –  was signed by Barack Obama, Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia in 2015, when they agreed to lift sanctions on the regime in exchange for restraints on the suspected Iranian nuclear programme.

But since the US reimposed its sanctions, Iran claims to have reacted by firing up their nuclear programme once again.

President Hassan Rouhani said yesterday: ‘We are enriching more uranium than before the deal was reached … Pressure has increased on Iran but we continue to progress.’

Britain’s Mr Johnson signalled this week his desire to see a new nuclear deal negotiated that Mr Trump can also swing behind.

He said: ‘If we are going to get rid of it then we need a replacement…If we are going to get rid of it, let’s replace it and let’s replace it with the Trump deal.

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7 responses to “Trump Warns Allies to Abandon Iran Nuclear Deal”

  1. How dare this dirty jew bastard threaten us,
    and then he wants us to send our young to join his wars for israel ?
    get stuffed you bastard you are no better than clinton or upyourbumma

  2. More Jewish blackmail from Trump and those he likes to call Allie’s, It is high time that they were given some of their own medicine from the rest of the world.

  3. Sad to say, it looks as though this big military buildup means that Trump is intent on a war with Iran.

    I don’t think the US navy will be unharmed. The carriers are vulnerable and there could be great loss of American lives if they are hit. There would be more Iranian dead.

    Of course the US military will win; they will destroy the Iranian infrrastucture and leave the country in ruins, as they have done to all the other oponents of Israel.

  4. Jews are Ban junkies and it is no secret Trump is pissed at the British establishment for using MI6 to spy on him for Obama.
    It is obvious the Americans are assuring a part of the stake if they drop the deal. Thing is the British know they can make more money with the deal. Either that or Trump threatened them with another Thames bombing like in the war of independence

  5. All I can say is that TRUMP, is going to cause the exact opposite of what he wants for Europe and the Middle East. That is rather than unity (USA and Western Europe) against Iran, it will cause Europe (except Britain and BoJo) and Iran to look East to Russia and China, and form new Eastern partnerships, that DO NOT use the US Dollar for trade. These nations will DE-Dollarize and cause all Dollars to go back to America, where the excess Banknotes will cause Hyper-inflation and the destruction of the US economy. This is like Weimar Germany in the 1920s, when a wheelbarrow full of paper money (Monopoly game money value) was used to buy a loaf of bread. The only question is: Who will be blamed for this Economic Collapse – TRUMP or the Rothschild Central Bank, the FEDERAL RESERVE? For Trump to not be blamed, he needs to educate his American Sheeple! Can he do it? PS: All Wars are Banksters Wars!

  6. I don’t see an imminent total war between US and Iran. Down the line it will eventually happen though. The attack on AinAlAssad proved that Iran’s missiles are accurate and can’t be deterred. US and the Zionist media empire can make anything look significantly smaller or bigger for the sheeple but those in the Pentagon know that Iran can seriously harm them.

    Iran’s Supreme Leader’s comment that “There will be no negotiations and there will be no war.” is still the most probable outcome for at least a few years. US and it’s allies prefer to gradually wear down Iran through covert means, sanctions and inciting internal unrest. As I said none of the Iran’s deterrence capabilities are changed. The reason US found courage to do this assassination on behest of Zionists after all these years, is because of president Rohani’s wrong signals. For instance staying in JCPOA when US moved out and in opposition to Supreme Leader is a big sign of weakness; he wanted to keep the deal with Europeans yet we all know they are pawns; as revolutionary people warned his liberal government of the “dispute mechanism”, they simply ignored! US and allies are seeing these mixed messages from Supreme Leader and IRGC on one side and the liberal pro-negotiations government of Rohani on the other. Rohani has about ~18 months left of his government. No doubt he will do great deal of pain and internal friction. The only way for Iran to shorten his term is to send in young revolutionary minded and hearted MPs into the parliament in the coming parliament (majles) elections. Some of the current liberal MPs are being disproved by the council for corruption and thy can’t be candidates again… if this happens we can be sure to see Rohani summoned for impeachment and possibly an early election for the next president who will not be a liberal! Liberals (reformists) have lost most of their popularity among people. Popmpeo uses Rohani’s comment in twitter to attack at the parliament elections! I suspect Rohani making a big fuss before going down and US is counting on this to cause a bigger unrest in Iran. If God help Iran and this phase is passed, then I don’t see how “US can do a damn thing about Iran” anymore! With liberals gone, revolutionaries will strengthen Iran and restore Iran’s massive acceleration in advancing in almost every field including Space and Nuclear tech.

    Iran’s strategy now is to “heat up” the region for US presence through its allies and accelerate the US departure from the entire region. This would be the revenge for assassinating Qasem Suleimani.

  7. @ Iranian friend: El Hamdillallah!

    You are quite correct in your analysis. Iran is playing the long game (Ancient Civilization Persia /Iran) vs. young short term Thinking, American Imperial Tribe!