UK Police Refuse to Turn Over Information That Could Prove Prince Andrew is Guilty

John Vibes – Activist Post Jan 17, 2020

Virginia Giuffre (formerly Roberts) with Prince Andrew in London in 2001, when she was 16. Click to enlarge

The infamous UK Police department Scotland Yard is refusing to reveal Prince Andrew’s location on the night that he is accused of being with Virginia Giuffre, one of the young girls trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein who was underage at the time she claims the Duke had sex with her.

Members of the royal family are regularly accompanied by police guards in their day-to-day activities and there are records of where and when the officers were sent—or at the very least a record of which officers worked on which day. If these records were to be made available investigators could easily determine where Prince Andrew was on the night in question, but police are saying that handing over such information could pose a threat to national security.

During his disastrous BBC interview, Andrew claimed that he was at a Pizza Express in Woking on the night then 17-year-old Giuffre (nee Roberts) says the pair visited a club and later had sex. If the Duke is indeed telling the truth, then his claims could be very easily corroborated by whichever guard was on duty at the time. Unfortunately, Scotland Yard has not been willing to cooperate.

In a statement responding to the inquiry, Scotland Yard said that revealing information about the disgraced prince’s whereabouts on the night in question could “undermine the safeguarding of national security,” according to the Sun.

“It would allow those with a criminal intent to gain an operational advantage over the MPS and place those who the MPS have confirmed are afforded protection, as well as protection officers, and members of the public at risk,” the statement continued.

The investigation into Prince Andrew’s location on that night of the alleged crime is part of a case involving numerous Epstein victims who have been seeking justice for many years. As the Mind Unleashed reported last month, lawyers representing the victims have said they intend to subpoena Prince Andrew so he is forced to testify in court about his relationship with Epstein and his victims.

Andrew has already been caught in several lies since his appearance on BBC including a leak of private emails where he mentioned Virginia Giuffre by name despite claiming to have never heard of her during his interview.


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11 responses to “UK Police Refuse to Turn Over Information That Could Prove Prince Andrew is Guilty”

  1. People fail to understand that the police were not created for them. They were created, by the elites/aristocracy to protect them FROM the public. As the article tells us, royalty are always accompanied by the police paid with your money. All members of the police swear fealty to the Crown (royals & Rothschilds). It’s the same whither the judiciary, politicians and armed forces. The system was created to protect the elite, give them impunity from prosecution and protect them when they steal from and murder the public.
    The system is rotten. We are ruled by an oligarchical tyranny, who live by anarchy for themselves only, but imposed the exact opposite on everyone else.

    But people are stupid. Those idiots who become police, politicians, armed forces personnel, judiciary, will not all reach the upper echelons of their profession, in fact only a few will. They piave the way to not only their own progeny’s enslavement and suffering, but the rest of their nation.

    Royalty has never given a shit about the working man. They look upon them as trash, on a par with how Jews look upon non Jews. Then again the royals are Jewish so it’s a double loathing.

    There is one simple solution; a complete disbanding of the police, judiciary, political class and armed forces. A new constitution to be created that all aforementioned swear complete fealty to the nations they serve and not the crown, which should instantly be abolished, their assets seized divided amongst the nation and themselves bored back to Germania. Of course after all subsequent prosecutions are dealt with.

    The fact that people in the UK are proud of these parasites (and worse) sickens me to the stomach. The very way the whole system is set up, gives impunity to the royals and other members of various establishments. No servant can question their master, hence why no police will arrest any royal/elite, and no judiciary prosecute any royal/elite.

    This whole Andrew incident was a smokescreen to keep people gossiping and ignoring the real issues, such as the creation of more anti freedom legislation and of course the planning for WW3.

  2. The Royals are above the law. There has never been a prosecution. The State is mandated to preserve the Monarchy however heinous the crime. This is a situation which may well change this year.

  3. I should also have added that within every establishment there’s freemasonry, at the top, controlling it all. All establishments are interlinked with this line of control.
    Activisor, above, believes that the law will change to bring Andrew to prosecution, but he/she completely fails to see that courtesy of what the system is and who runs it, that’s never, ever, ever, ever, ever going to happen. Those, pulling the strings, would never allow themselves to be judged and prosecuted by their ‘chattel’. They will never relinquish power. We are dealing with psychopaths and people who have been educated, all their lives to see us as peons and nothing more. They believe that they have total authority over us, are above us in every, way, shape and form and are the very definition of supremacist.

    So how would we bring about a peoples’: police force, judiciary, political class and armed force? Well, you’re not going to do it through the system, because the very system will defend itself from those wishing to destroy it. The minute people start creating organisations, in the UK, to bring about the change, the police will start kicking down their doors, label them as terrorists and imprison them, through their equally controlled judicial system.

    The elites have complete control of the aforementioned establishments and will never relinquish their power, so that they are effectively vulnerable to the public’s prosecution of them. By changing the law, to try Prince Andrew, they are effectively creating a law that will bring about their prosecution also. That’s not going to happen.

  4. Take a look see that Andrew’s mom is a much bigger criminal than he is; it runs in the family

  5. It would be difficult to sum things up better Harbinger…and at least the Windsors are recognised for what they truly are ….CRYPTO JEWS….the whole job lot of them….Grandpa Phillip actually looks like one of Ickes Lizards….naturally he wasnt PROSECUTED after his car crash.

  6. Wasn`t it old Phil who called us “useless eaters,” which brings the phrase “pot and kettle” to mind..

  7. Qwerty

  8. Paedophilia is a national security?
    The Brits might not sleep with guns but it still looks like a failed state every new day.

  9. The change I see coming in 2020 will not be on the physical plain. We are at the beginning of a spiritual uplift in consciousness which will touch all those who are still on the right side of the divide between good and evil. Those who cannot accept what they are going to discover are unlikely to survive.

  10. some very good comments here, i worked in a solicitors office dealing with the class action against Greville Janner, who was initially accused by almost 100 boys
    of child abuse, now just dismissed as ” youthful boy-nobbing”
    Janner was allowed to threaten each boy and his family, some of these lads were in fear of their lives, some died of drug over doses some in car crashes suicides and fires,
    the rest quickly withdrew the accusations.
    The police just said some people are untouchable, and Janner and his jewish gang never faced arrest, it sickened us in the office i worked in, Prince Andrew will never appear in court and neither will Gislane maxwell for their crimes

  11. The French managed to sort the problems but then the French hold a different attitude to the English who throughout their history have endured the divide and rule policy and informed that across the world they are one of the most tolerant people on earth and should be proud of it . This kind of political B/S was of course used in many forms as a tranquilliser in order to keep the English peasants in their place. It has been widely know as the mushroom treatment,which is to be kept in the dark and have shit pored over you twice a day.