Putin’s latest threat: A jokey Russian military calendar

Introduction – Dec 26, 2018

Evil russians3

The Western corporate media seems to be able to find an implied threat in everything coming from Russia these days.
From meddling in the last U.S. elections to ‘direct, corrupt involvement’ by Russia in the 2015 UK elections to Russian Twitter bots, it’s everywhere. Or so the corporate media would have us believe.
No matter that none of this is supported by an ounce of hard evidence. The insinuation alone is enough to cast Putin’s Russia as a threat.
The new British Army chief has further underlined this by warning that Russia now poses a greater threat than ISIS.
According to the Press Association:
General Mark Carleton-Smith said the UK cannot be complacent about the threat Russia poses “or leave it uncontested”.
The obvious implication being that at some point the West is going to have to confront Russia.
“The Russians seek to exploit vulnerability and weakness wherever they detect it,” he told the Daily Telegraph.
“Russia today indisputably represents a far greater threat to our national security than Islamic extremist threats such as al-Qaida and Isil,” he said, using another name for Isis.
In other words sooner or later the West is going to have to deal with Russia, and that may mean confronting it militarily.
Is this why the British military high command and the UK media seem to be working in tandem to portray Russia as a threat? Is this all part of a campaign to subtly condition the Western public in preparation for potential military conflict with Russia? Ed.

Putin’s ‘chilling Christmas greeting’: A jokey Russian military calendar, as seen by the Daily Mail

Russia Today – Dec 25, 2018

When it comes to Putin’s Russia, everything is a threat of war and, for the alarmists at the Daily Mail, a cheeky calendar from the Russian Defense Ministry simply could not be interpreted in any other way.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s latest chilling Christmas greeting to the West  comes in the deceptively mundane form of a calendar. Published by none other than Putin’s “military machine,” the twelve sheets are packed chock-full with “threatening messages” and various depictions of the country’s “military might.” Among the most frightening examples, according to the British tabloid, are Russian missiles and female soldiers.

evil russians1

One might think the calendar is just a light-hearted way of showcasing military achievements, but don’t be fooled. It is a warning, deliberately timed to “mock the West,” because even Christmas isn’t holy for the Russians: They celebrate New Year instead, spending December 25 as a normal working day (presumably toiling at Putin’s missile assembly lines, though the Daily Mail author stops short of stating this outright).

evil russians2

Among the many thinly-veiled threats the tabloid has discovered within the calendar’s glitzy pages, it even unearthed a personal insult directed at Britain – the Russians have dared to name their new anti-tank missile Kornet. Surely they were mocking the cornets of the old British cavalry (a rank abolished in 1871) and were not actually honoring the cornets of the Russian imperial army (abolished in 1917 along with the Russian Empire)?

The tabloid seems especially wary of Russian servicewomen – with their piercing gazes and sniper rifles – who featured on two of the calendar’s pages.

And the Russian special forces from the April page have the audacity to pose wearing “chemical attack masks” – a standard piece of kit made into a sinister symbol by the trumped-up accusations of Novichok poisonings London has been launching at Moscow. Well, nothing gets more clicks on a slow Christmas Day than a bit of a Russian threat.