Skewering SJW hypocrisy

Irish Savant – Dec 12, 2018


Blowing holes in the hypocrisy and ‘logic’ of shitlibs on migration is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. Like showing that the migrants drowned crossing the Med would not have drowned had they known that their attempt at illegal entry would have resulted in automatic rejection and an immediate return to Africa. Cue point and splutter – ‘well should we just leave them to drown then?’ To which my response would be ‘so you say we should accept everybody who wants to come to Europe?’  ‘Well we’re only talking of a few thousand in a total European population of half a billion’.
But of course that’s utterly fraudulent. Hard facts have emerged which confirm what our eyes tell us. A new survey from Gallup tells us that 32% of North Africans (i.e. from countries bordering the Med) would ‘like to move to another country’. That’s approximately 70 million people. Add in chain migration and it comes to about 300 million. Now consider the rest of Africa. Research by Oxford University showed that fully three quarters of Senegal would emigrate to Europe if they had the opportunity. Now understand that by the – admittedly abysmal – standards of the region Senegal is a beacon of wealth, peace and stability. Can you imagine then the ratio of would-be migrants from the rest of that benighted region? Africa’s population is already 1.2 billion and growing so we could expect at least 500 million of those wondrous doctors, engineers and scientists to appear among us should free access be allowed.
Yet were you to cite such figures to SJWs you’ll get abused as a racist and a hater. And that’s what I dislike about them. They know the inevitable catastrophic result of their demands yet they refuse to acknowledge them, instead preening and virtue-signalling on the high moral ground. Disgusting people.
PS, don’t blame the ‘migrants’ for flocking to White countries. They’re no more to blame than are flies drawn to a juicy cow pat. Our internal traitors are the ones to blame.