Behind the Novichok False Flags

Rixon Stewart — July 5, 2018

Biological warfare team in the aftermath of the Skripal's poisoning. Click to enlarge

Biological warfare team in the aftermath of the Skripal’s poisoning. Click to enlarge

The British government has challenged Moscow to provide an explanation for the poisoning of two people with a suspected Russian nerve agent in Amesbury. Despite Russia’s alleged involvement, London has yet to provide any evidence to substantiate the accusation.
The Amesbury poisoning comes four months after the Skripal’s poisoning in nearby Salisbury. Despite Boris Johnson’s accusation at the time that Russia was responsible, Britain has yet to provide its NATO allies with any hard evidence of Russian involvement in that particular case.
Russia’s demands that London substantiate these claims have yet to be answered.
From which we can conclude that Britain doesn’t have any evidence showing that Russia was involved. All we have are groundless allegations from London supported by zero hard evidence.
Wiltshire map. Click to enlarge

Wiltshire map. Click to enlarge

Rather than Russia a far more likely source for the nerve agent used in Salisbury and Amesbury was Porton Down. Britain’s main chemical weapons laboratory is between Salisbury, the scene of the Skripal’s poisoning and Amesbury, the site of the latest alleged novichok poisoning.
Not only is Porton Down just ten miles from Salisbury, it is a mere three miles from Amesbury. Quite literally within running-walking distance of both. Moreover, the novichok formula is now an open secret so scientists at Porton Down could easily have created the deadly nerve agent.
Every state crime has a motive, especially the false flags. So what would Britain gain from first the Salisbury poisoning and now the one in Amesbury?
The Skripal’s poisoning needs to be seen together with accusations of Russian interference in the U.S. presidential elections. As with the Salisbury poisoning, absolutely no hard evidence has been produced to substantiate those claims.
However, together with the Skripal’s poisoning those allegations were instrumental in turning the West against Russia, initiating a chill in relations and opening the way for the imposition of sanctions on Moscow.
No matter that those allegations were based on a tissue of lies. They worked and helped pave the way for US and EU sanctions on Russia.
That’s how the West now wages its wars. Think of Iraq. First came the sanctions and the propaganda. For years we were fed stories about Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction that portrayed Saddam Hussein as a Hitler-like figure. Then, after the sanctions had crippled Iraq and wrought a deadly toll, came the invasion.
Unfortunately for the West, however, things aren’t going quite as smoothly with Russia.
Plans to demonise Russia and especially Putin have just been dealt a severe blow by the most unlikely of events: the 2018 World Cup.

Russian football supporter. Click to enlarge

In terms of public relations it’s a huge win for Russia. All those warnings about the dangers that awaited Western football fans in Russia — from the BBC, the Sun and the Metro — have turned out to be entirely baseless.
In fact England’s footballers and fans have been pleasantly surprised by what they found at the 2018 World Cup.
This is bad news for the architects of the New World Order. Imagine if Saddam Hussein had staged the World Cup in 2002. In the unlikely event that it had been such a success would the world have been quite so ready to invade and topple him?
Of course this is pure speculation but it has a bearing because Russia has just scored a huge public relations coup with the World Cup. Russia can no longer be portrayed as a totalitarian monster in the making. Too many football fans have been there and seen the country for what it is. Billions more have been given cause to reassess their preconceptions about Russia through TV coverage of the football tournament.
This is a catastrophe for the architects of the New World Order. It’s also where the Salisbury and Amesbury poisonings come into play.
We would suggest that the first Salisbury poisoning was a desperate attempt to portray Putin’s Russia as a totalitarian monster in the making.
Unfortunately for the architects of the New World Order, growing numbers are learning to see through this deception. The illusion has been further dispelled by Russia’s successful hosting of the 2018 World Cup.
Cue another deception orchestrated by western intelligence. This time in Amesbury, Wiltshire, which is almost literally and very conveniently on the doorstep of Britain’s main chemical weapons laboratory.
That’s no coincidence. Britain had every reason to carry out the poisonings and given that it had already sacrificed one of its top chemical weapons experts who wouldn’t toe the line, there can be little doubt as to which state was really behind the Wiltshire poisonings. It wasn’t Russia.
It’s an open and shut case. Britain had both the means — Porton Down — and the motive — the demonisation of Putin’s Russia.

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