The Thomas Mair Trial

Nick Kollerstrom — Terror on the Tube Nov 14, 2016

Labour MP Jo Cox, who was allegedly murdered by Thomas Mair. Click to enlarge

Labour MP Jo Cox, who was allegedly murdered by Thomas Mair. Click to enlarge

At the Old Bailey today, the trial began of Thomas Mair. I was present together with L.N. and here is our report.
He is accused of four crimes:
       1. Murdering the MP Jo Cox on 16.6.16
       2 Carrying a gun.
       3 Causing grevious bodily harm to Mr Kenny Bernard.
       4. Carrying a dagger.
 He is pleading ‘Not guilty.’ The trial is expected to last two to three weeks.
The jury were sworn in, and warned not to chat with any outsiders about the case or to visit any websites on the matter. It would be a crime for them to do so.
The Cox family were present: the husband Brendan, two sisters, mother and father.
The Prosecution claimed to have a lot of CCTV, which the public have not been shown. The Court was shown some which the public (in the balcony) could hardly see, of a man running across a market square, who was meant to be Mr Mair.

Two hats – for a Murder

They claimed to have film of Mair wearing two hats, a black one under a white one. The CCTV showed him ‘walking up to W.H. Smith’ wearing a dark cap, covered by a white one. After the event, as he ran away, through some woods, he threw away his bloodstained jacket. Then later he threw away his white hat, around the back of a wine-bar.
The images at the killing-site by the library had shown a man with a white baseball cap. Then when Mr Mair was caught by the police a mile away, he had a black cap on.
The white hat thrown away was found to have his DNA on, also the DNA of Jo Cox.
        As a story, I’d say this is not very good. It may strain readers’ credulity.
Thus the Court explained why Mair had two different colored hats in the photos.
His jacket was also found to have Jo Cox’s DNA on, it was her blood. The jacket was first described as grey, then brown. As Mair came out of his house, he was not wearing it, but had  it draped over his arm, to conceal his gun
He emerged from his house that morning at A neighbor saw him walk past. He returned, then left again at 11.30 am., with his jacket, two hats, dagger and home-made gun.
              Figure: Mair wearing white hat
Thoms Mair, Jo Cox's alleged killer. Click to enlarge

Thoms Mair, Jo Cox’s alleged killer. Click to enlarge

Some people on a bus saw him, in the market. CCTV shows him waiting around the library for Jo Cox to arrive.
          While hearing all this, the guy ‘Thomas Mair’ seemed quite calm and detached.
A silver Astra drew up, by the town library where Ms Cox’s surgery was going to be, and three people emerged. A video shows a man running towards the car, which is presumed to be Mr Mair. She emerged from the car at 12.50 and he attacked her at 12.52.
From a nearby café Bernard Kenny emerged to help, but got stabbed in the liver.Then Ms Cox got stabbed 15 times and shot four times: twice in the head at short-range, but NB the attacker missed, and the shots just grazed her skull. Her heart, lung, liver, stomach, back and side were all stabbed.
An assistant in the library (where Ms Cox was due to give her surgery that day) phoned 999 to tell them that she is watching a man stabbing Ms Cox, and then he fired two shots at her. That assistant then went outside and hit Mr Mair with her handbag. While attacking Ms Cox he was shouting ‘Britain first!’ ‘This is for Britain!’ ‘Britain will always come first!’ then as he shot Ms Cox he shouted ‘We British are independent!’
A taxi driver stopped and called out ‘Leave her alone!’ Mr Mair as he was swinging his knife warned this taxi driver that the same thing might happen  to him unless he went away.
         Let’s count the number of people around this scene: two from her car, two from the nearby cafe (only one here mentioned), a Librarian and a taxi-driver. That’s six people – they could not stop Mr Mair – a rather small, thin chap – and they just let him walk away!
When arrested Mair had his shopping bag with the bloody dagger and gun and was wearing a bloodstained black cap: but not his jacket or white cap. When arrested in White Horse Close, he cried out ‘It’s me!’ and ‘I’m a political activist!’ The police then searched his house (NB police are not permitted to enter the house of a suspect, with no witnesses) and found white supremacist pamphlets and literature, and Jo Cox material on his computer.
We heard that for years Mr Mair belonged to white supremacist organizations. (NB, ‘Britain First’ has denied he was ever associated with them)
A ‘consultant’ emerged and pronounced Ms Cox to be dead. Her body was taken to Leeds Infirmary and there was a post-mortem performed that day. (The ‘Metro’ published a different account the next day 15th, that ”emergency service workers operated on Mrs cox’s damaged heart and lungs on the street but could not save her”)

The Prosecution explained that only computer-generated images of the Ms Cox body would be shown to the jury, to avoid upsetting them unduly with pictures of the real thing. This could suggest that, there is no body.

The Court claimed to have CCTV from the day before, of Mair entering the library – the same one to which Ms Cox had her surgery (Witness: Beverley Fletcher), and to have a record of his library card used for logging in. On the library computer he then looked at Jo Cox info, at how many shots it takes to kill someone, and the murder of British MP Ian Gow some years ago. This shows, the Court was told, that the murder was premeditated.
After the murder, he Mair walked or ran through: Union Street, John Jamieson’s Close, John Nelson Place (by the wood / park), Rysedale Avenue, then White Horse Close where he was arrested.

Comments on First Day:

Sign in Ahmed Tahir's shop window. Click to enlarge

Sign in Ahmed Tahir’s shop window. Click to enlarge

 There is testimony that no-one shouted ‘Britain first!’ or whatever –
‘The message in the landerette’s window says: “Please note, I did not tackle the gunman. And no one shouted Britain First at any time.” LBC’s reporter in Birstall Bethan Davies spoke to Ahmed Tahir, the owner, who insisted he has not spoken to anyone who heard that phrase. And Mr Tahir admitted he was worried for his safety after reports named him for making to original claim.’ But NB another witness avers he did hear those words.
Second Day 15th: A strike at Belmarsh Prison meant that the prisoner was not present at the trial, so it was cancelled.


Nick Kollerstrom academic, researcher and author of such varied titles as 'Gardening and Planting by the Moon 2007: Higher Yields in Vegetables and Flowers' and 'Terror on the Tube: Behind the Veil of 7/7, an Investigation'.

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