America: Hijacked  by an alien presence

John Kaminski — The Sept 15, 2014

Reviewing Francis Parker Yockey’s ‘Imperium’ as white civilization nears its termination point


This endless series of foreign invasions that leaves so many innocent people dead leaves most Americans in a state of amazed frustration at the lies our government tells us to justify the gratuitous carnage it insists is essential to our own national security. 

The world we knew of treating people honestly and being in a world where we can make our way to a satisfactory life seems dead and gone, destroyed by a force that to this very day we have never adequately identified.

The white civilization that gave to the world its basic organizational structure and so many of the wonderful inventions everyone considers essential to life now seems to be melting away into a contrived confusion of malignant spirit and a frightful chaos of society that makes sense to no one except the manipulators who seek to envelop the entire world in its profit-making chains.

We wonder today at how much money and how many lives can be thrown away on actions that seem of no benefit to the American people, yet it is the U.S. government that is doing both the spending and the killing while claiming its actions are heroic.

It makes us wonder who our government is really working for, and why we continue to allow it.

Who benefits from this endless warmaking besides the incomprehensibly rich oil companies, the greedy bankers and the puffed up politicians who sell weapons of war to everyone who can buy them? Certainly not the majority of the American people, who today are sinking into poverty as we watch our country disintegrate as a result of these suspicious and barbaric policies.

Why are millions being spent on exotic and expensive military weapons when our people are starving and unemployed? This is a question that all Americans, at one time or another, ask themselves.

So it will come as a surprise to you that these very questions were answered in detail — in vivid and thoughtful detail — in a book written 67 years ago, at the close of World War II. 

A massive, 610-page history lesson titled “Imperium” concludes that Western civilization did not win World War II and that in fact it lost that colossal war to an Asian menace that has and still does masquerade as Western civilization, but which is really a clever force that in reality has hijacked and misrepresented Western values and twisted them into a ruthless power grab attuned to its own selfish and pathological purposes.

The true representative of Western culture was in fact defeated and annihilated in World War II, and its citizens raped, murdered and abused beyond belief, according to an amazing social thinker and enigmatic scholar named Francis Parker Yockey, who died as mysteriously as he had lived in a San Francisco jail cell in 1960.

Long an underground classic since its republication by Noontide Press in 1962, Imperium has been designated by its detractors as a racist diatribe against the de facto forces of the world. But Imperium is idolized by those who can understand it is nearly a funeral dirge for the white race, yet maintaining within it a battle plan for the reemergence of Western culture if only people could wake up and identify the silver-tongued alien who has deceived the world.

The religious call this force Satan. The more clear-eyed call it the Jews.

Alas, with each passing day, the populace at large shows no inclination that it ever intends to awaken and throw off the darkening blindfold of its conquerors.

Francis Parker Yockey, aghast at the outcome of World War II, always felt that we would escape the clutches of our oppressors, and wrote Imperium to both analyze the emasculation of European civilization and provide a thoughtful framework for its resuscitation. His predictions have not come true.

For Yockey, the real tipoff that the people in charge of America and the Western world were not really leaders but saboteurs was found in the result of the World Wars, which were conducted at great sacrifice to the West that actually gained nothing for the people who valiantly fought and died for their “freedom”.

Yockey’s assessment of World War I was that the U.S. had no business entering it, lost many thousands of troops participating in it, and yet when the Versailles Treaty divided up the spoils of that war, the United States gained nothing from it, while the Jewish power brokers who engineered U.S. participation in a war in which it stood to gain nothing, gained everything for themselves, including the promise of a country in the Middle East from where they could hone and perfect their plan to conquer the entire world through an unparalleled program of widespread deceit.

World War II was much the same formula. Americans didn’t want to participate, but the Jewish power structure that ran the media and controlled the politicians made plans that could not be derailed. And after 60 million people had died, what had America and the West gained? Nothing. Instead, half of Europe was given to the Jewish Communists in the Soviet Union, providing a template for antagonism and weapons spending for another 50 years, if not in perpetuity.

Writing in 1948, Yockey not only initially used a pen name — Ulick Varange — on his work, but couched his terminology in the paranoid style of the time, when to mention anything about a Jewish world conspiracy was to wind up in jail.  Various euphemisms such as “the West” and “Western civilization” actually referred to Hitler’s Third Reich, which he considered the real Western civilization, and which was obliterated in the flames of Dresden and the nuclear waste of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, all generated by Jewish forces, the alien presence that had fouled civilization.

In many respects, Yockey’s call to arms is a pipe dream, since the alien forces that were victorious in World War II have only consolidated and fine tuned their power since that awful experience. The author’s dream of a resurgent West based on noble principles seems today like a wishful reverie that can never be, even though millions of people around the world — millions of white people — wish it were true. 

But faced with the empirical facts of nonwhite aliens from the Third World now irreversibly overrunning both Europe and America, the idea of a white kingdom regaining its place of supremacy in the world seems to day like a futile fantasy. The subtle subterfuge of the alien menace has achieved its regrettable success.

Yockey speaks early in his magnum opus about the great cultures of world history that rise and dominate the world of their own times, all eventually to fall after two centuries or so, never to be seen again in their own specific forms. Yet his massive analysis of world history and the psychological components that he sees as comprising human social constructions appear to verify that what he insists will rise again — an omnipotent white culture that will once more rule the world — actually never will.

Yockey asks the question, why didn’t America benefit from its foreign wars.

And he answers that question — because America was remote controlled by an alien presence who captured, exploited and perverted every aspect of its society.

Like a spider who wraps its prey in a secure cocoon, the Jews have trussed up Western civilization in an inescapable trap of their own demented design, and plan on consuming their captive audience in comfort at a future time at their own convenience.

The Imperium Yockey thought would resuscitate and reestablish that brilliant white culture that gave to the world most of its finer inventions and practices has been lost to the inflexible realities of demographics and birth rates, as well as sabotaged by a group with no conscience that he calls “culture-distorters”. America, Western civilization and the whole world have been hijacked by an alien presence, beneficial to nothing but its own self-destructive impulses, which is now about to consume what it has captured, resulting in the end of civilization as we have known it.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives in the Gulf Coast of Florida (pelicans are back, eating merrily) whose essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world.