The Psychos Who Aim To Kill You

John Kaminski — The August 8, 2014


The psychos who aim to kill

If you oppose the America’s worldwide warmaking tyranny and its demolition of domestic society within the United States itself, then President Barack Obama is planning to kill you.

As the only U.S. president to ever nullify the Constitution by claiming the right to imprison or kill anyone he chooses without a trial or even without any specific charges, how the brain damaged U.S populace cannot make the connection between his actions and his intentions is an indication not only of how retarded the average American has become, but also is a sure sign of the end of the American republic as we have known it, and the emergence of something so dark and monstrous that some older people no longer physically fit and healthy will likely drop dead merely contemplating the reality of what has happened to their country they used to believe was civilized.

In addition to Obama’s announced policy of murder by whim and the terrible toll of death by drone inflicted by the American war machine throughout the Islamic world, we have a frightening lack of specifics as to how this policy of kill first and don’t ask any questions at all will be used in the coming days.

Recent court rulings regarding the murder by drone of Anwar Al-Awlaki in Yemen rely on Justice Department memos that are about as logical and reliable as the U.S. government’s official reporting on the 9/11 debacle. They obscure the fact that Awlaki was really a patriot who was trying to expose America’s immoral support for Israeli terror that is ravaging the Middle East and much of the rest of the world. This vague and biased assessment was reason enough for the U.S. government to murder Awlaki, as well as his teenaged son and several friends of both, without charges, trial, or even a decent explanation.

And despite assurances that this demented activity will not take place inside the U.S., it’s important to remember that the U.S. government has been notorious for not keeping its word throughout its history — just ask an Indian.

Because you might oppose the insane behavior of the U.S. government — like deliberately importing homeless aliens from Central America to deliberately destabilize America’s social infrastructure — how many of you reading this might be eligible for this targeted assassination treatment without the need for a trial? This would seem to be a category growing exponentially with each passing day.

Plus, there is the recent string of suspicious and fabricated terror events all aimed to publicize the totalitarian need to make gun ownership illegal, combined with the government purchases of millions of rounds of hollow point ammunition by departments of the federal government that don’t need guns at all, plus the millions spent by the Department of Homeland Security, 94 percent of which go to Jewish groups who salivate at the thought to doing to the American people what the psychotic Jewish Israelis are currently doing to the helpless people of Gaza.

Can you say bloodthirsty maniacs in charge of the U.S. government unanimously endorsing the Jewish mass murder of the Palestinians? How imbecilic or corrupt do you have to be to insist this is not the case?

Proof that Barack Obama is planning to kill an undetermined but very large number of American citizens is reflected in the large number of government programs and decisions that are clearly inimical to the overall health of the American population. Foremost among these examples is the behavior of the Food and Drug Administration, which consistently approves dangerous pharmaceutical drugs without adequate testing and also defends the acceptability of genetically modified foods despite ample evidence that most of these deranged concoctions pose an obvious danger to all animal life as well as to the environment.

Beyond that, the behavior of America’s law enforcement community — especially since frequent training of an extraordinarily cruel nature in Israel has become the norm — has gone over the top in barbarism with the unnecessary killings of innocent people and even pets have become regular victims amid daily news reports. What makes these phenomena even worse is that crimes by cops are rarely punished to the degree that ordinary citizens are subjected to for the same types of offenses.

Cops routinely get away with the murder of innocent people, while innocent people are routinely put in jail for crimes they did not commit. This is the state of America in 2014.

And beyond that, the corrupt deals that all states have made with giant corporations running private prisons to guarantee they will be kept full has fueled an epidemic of judicial corruption in which innocent people are far more likely to be incarcerated for alleged offenses that in the past would have been accorded lesser penalties with no jail time at all.

So how stupid do you have to believe that your life is not in imminent danger given the erosion during the past decade of what used to be known as Constitutional protections that have been totally obliterated as well as disregarded in all court proceedings?

And it’s not just Obama and his Jewish handlers, or Congress controlled by Jewish money, or a shamefully criminal judiciary who are all vetted by Jewish kingmakers. Ditto all American politicians. You only need observe the behavior of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul to see someone turned into a Jewish whore right before your eyes.

Beyond the political realm is the medical quagmire in which sensible and natural cures and regimens for diseases and ill health have been prohibited by law and discouraged in practice in favor of the highly questionable allopathic medical protocols which cause needless suffering and a much lower rate of cure, if they cure at all.

And beyond the truly diseased medical realm is the education swamp which has sunk to a new low with the bribery of local and state officials to accept this Common Core educational abortion which guarantees that future generations of Americans will not be able to think at all.

So it’s not just Obama, the homosexual prostitute installed as U.S. president by the ruthless Jewish puppetmasters who run the world, and it’s not just our corrupt legislators, judges, administrators and university presidents and professors who are all engaged in the horrific process of furthering the policy of reducing the population in order to keep their jobs, but it’s the people who previously have been our most important allies in our quest for safe and secure existences who have — either out of ignorance or insanity — turned against us.

I’m talking about our doctors, our police officers, and our teachers, all of whom are now — wittingly or not — fully participating in this demonic federal program to shorten our lives.

Generally speaking, any public official or government employee who accedes to the illegal and immoral pronouncements of a government gone mad is really participating in the overall plot to take your life, after first diminishing, impoverishing and retarding it to the point where your death will be the only viable option.

This philosophy which is spreading throughout the country and the world like a devil’s virus is strikingly similar to the instructions from the Jewish Talmud, which instructs Jews to kill or enslave every non Jew in the world.

So we see where this plan came from, and we see who is implementing it, and we realize the organizers of this plan cannot be talked out of it. And seeing that, you must realize that you have only two choices: you can sit there and die, because you will eventually be killed once they have taken everything you own, or you can fight back, and that means dispatching anyone who is participating in the plan to take your life.

If you think this analysis is over the top, I would recommend that you try to refute the statement that Jews are simply pathological criminals who in all instances cannot be relied upon to tell the objective truth. And once you realize that, it will occur to you what the only logical path is that can save your life.

Failure to realize it will result in your own death and destruction.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives in the Gulf Coast of Florida (pelicans are back, eating merrily) whose essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world.

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