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Letter to Jews. Click to enlarge

‘Letter to Jews’, Kerry cited, appears to be fake

The “Letter to Jews” described by Secretary of State John Kerry as “beyond acceptable” is a fake, says the man whose signature appears at the foot of the page

Scientists warn the rise of AI will lead to extinction of humankind

Scientists warn that the ongoing development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will inevitably lead to a Terminator-like scenario; where AI turns on its creators

Skull & Bones' John Kerry, the ghoulish face of modern Satanism. Click to enlarge

Double-Standards R U.S.

It’s hard to think of a more blatant example of cynical double-standards

Pentagon: US to Send Non-Lethal Aid to Ukraine

The same sort of “non-lethal aid” that the U.S. provided to opposition groups in Syria?

Tomorrow Has Been Stolen

Tomorrow Has Been Stolen

Environmental scientist Guy McPherson has become the Dr. Doom of our present day. His prognosis for humanity’s future is brief because our time has all but run out. John Kaminski explains

Once an Arab model, Baghdad now world’s worst city

Baghdad was once held as a gleaming example of a modern Arab city. Not anymore. According to the Mercer consulting group, which looks at quality of life in 239 cites across the world, Baghdad is now the world’s worst

Baghdad on par with Bangui in Central African Republic and the Haitian capitol of Port-au-Prince

Baghdad: A Paradigm of Globalist Creative Destruction

The only real beneficiaries from regime change have been the oil companies, not ordinary Iraqis who only seen things get worse. What’s more Baghdad is a forerunner of what will happen to many cities if the globalists have their way

Obama Raises Spectre Of War With Russia

For the first time in decades an American president has raised the prospect of war with Russia. Is this the “change” he promised in his presidential campaign?

Here’s a pic taken from Miley’s “Bangerz Tour”. Yes, it’s an Illuminati pyramid, complete with All-Seeing eye rising out of nowhere while young girls cheer frantically. That is today’s pop culture.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 4/14

Featuring Miley Cyrus, Katie Perry, Beyonce and Kylie Minogue who are all, possibly unknowingly, flaunting or pictured with the same occult symbolism

Washington Drives The World To War

Instead of admitting that its plan for grabbing Ukraine has gone amiss, Washington is unable to admit a mistake and, therefore, is pushing the crisis to more dangerous levels

Are these classified FBI files proof ADOLF HITLER escaped by SUBMARINE to Argentina?

Are these classified FBI files proof ADOLF HITLER escaped by SUBMARINE to Argentina?

Adolf Hitler escaped by submarine to Argentina where he lived in a heavily guarded ranch, according to sensational claims contained in newly released FBI files

Crisis Actor Detected in Jewish Community Center Shooting Hoax

Crisis Actor Detected in Jewish Community Center Shooting Hoax

Have crisis actors been spotted playing their part in the drama?

16 Signs That Most Americans Are NOT PREPARED For The Coming Economic Collapse

In this day and age, it is imperative that we all learn how to think for ourselves. The foundations of our society are crumbling, our economic system is failing and the blind are leading the blind