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New Documentary Celebrates Jewish Superiority

New Documentary Celebrates Jewish Superiority

Is gentile inferiority and envy the cause of anti-Semitism?

Looking pleased with herself, Theresa May and husband Philip. Click to enlarge

Theresa May’s husband’s Investment Firm made a financial killing from the bombing of Syria

Philip May’s investment firm made huge profits from the debut of a new cruise missile used in the air strikes on Syria

The US government has been secretly collecting documents on 'remote mind control' and 'forced memory blanking', accidentally leaked files suggest. In what sounds like a plot from the X-files, they revealed research into bizarre 'psycho-electronic' weaponry. Click to enlarge

Government Accidentally Sends Files on “Remote Mind Control” to Journalist

Or was this a deliberate attempt to lead those looking for the truth astray?

After Syria strikes, drumbeat grows for wider US war

US-British-French strikes on Syria haven’t changed anything. As happened in Iraq and Libya, the drive for wider Western military involvement goes on

Iran warns 'ARROGANT' Israel would be 'ELIMINATED' in World War 3

Iran warns ‘ARROGANT’ Israel would be ‘ELIMINATED’ in World War 3

As Iran warns that it has “many options” if the U.S. decides to pull out of the landmark nuclear deal

IDF snipers open fire on unarmed Palestinain protesters. Click to enlarge

Hasbara memo: “When Israelis murder Palestinians, it’s a tragedy — for Israelis.”

Days after IDF snipers kill nearly 40 unarmed Palestinians, a Boston Jewish Community Relations Council issued a twisted statement that blames Palestinians

Will boycotting Israel become a crime in Germany?

“Psychological support” is not yet a recognized crime in Germany. But some German politicians are pushing for it to become so.

Hungarian anti-George Soros campaign poster. Click to enlarge

Soros foundation attacks ‘stifling’ Orban law as Hungary exit looms

George Soros’s Open Society Foundation may close its Budapest office as Hungary’s parliament prepares to ratify ‘Stop Soros’ legislation

"Framed": Eminem Becomes a Mind-Controlled Serial Killer

“Framed”: Eminem Becomes a Mind-Controlled Serial Killer

After nearly 20 years in the entertainment business, the controversial nature of Eminem’s work has taken a dark, bizarre turn. Vigilant Citizen explains

Hassan Diab shown in Al-Jazeera’s coverage of the alleged chemical attack. Click to see the full-size image

Journalists Found Boy Filmed In White Helmets’ Douma Chemical Attack Video. He Did It For Food

The Western media’s propaganda campaign over Douma is falling appart

Who is James Le Mesurier?

A look at the Sandhurst educated founder of the Syrian White Helmets

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Syria – Who Is Stalling The OPCW Investigation In Douma?

The corporate pressitutes are now denying that claims made by the Douma hospital staff could be true.

First Joust

First Joust

Military experts in Moscow tell Israel Shamir that out of a hundred missiles fired by the US and its allies, only one or two were modern cruise missiles